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Servo lugs

What do you do with a servo that has broken one or both its lugs

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Keith Evans 324/06/2016 17:14:43
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Some servos that I have ,have broken lugs .What should I do with them ?

Bin them , even if they seem to work well .

Use the innards for another servo that has stripped its gears (provided the gears are OK ) .

Glue them back on if you still have them . What glue would be suitable ?

Weld them back on with a soldering iron .

Wrap the servo in masking tape ,build a "new" balsa and hardwood frame to act as new lugs and use epoxy toglue this to the servo .

If fully tested would you be confident to use them , and in what function .

Dave Bran24/06/2016 17:36:30
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Since you don't say the size or thrust they are capable of its difficult to advise!


As a global blind suggestion:-

1. Put them on a servo tester running cycle for fifteen mins constant, ratlling them around occasionally to check for dry joints,etc.

2. Wrap them in reinforced tape .

3. Glue them in with hot glue.

Edited By Dave Bran on 24/06/2016 17:36:49

Peter Miller24/06/2016 18:12:40
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Buy a spare case set.

McG 696924/06/2016 18:42:34
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Hi Keith,

If the servo 'case' and the gears are BER (Beyond Economical Repair), just keep the small PCB. Replace the potentiometer by 2 resistors of half the value of the pot (mostly 1500 Ohm) with the legs soldered together becoming the 'new' +ve (positive). Keep the -ve (ground) from the PCB and you just created yourself a 'remote' switch controlled by any free channel of you Rx. Ideal for LED lights (nav, landing lights) or drop gear ( parachute or EU)...

Hakuna matata


BRU- BE / CTR Drop Control

Keith Evans 324/06/2016 19:15:17
366 forum posts
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Futaba 3003,s

Thanks Chris but all that is way beyond me

Pete , where can you buy these cases ?.


Allan Bennett24/06/2016 20:00:38
1503 forum posts
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I've bought spare cases for "standard" size Futaba servos in the past, from my local model shop -- presumably they got them from Ripmax. They only show a case for the S128 at the moment -- worth giving them a call to see if it'll suit the 3003, or if they have others in stock.

Percy Verance24/06/2016 20:43:24
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The 128 dates from the early/mid 80's, and was the forerunner of the current 148/3001. I still have some here.......they were supplied with my Futaba Gold set in 1983.

The case should be a fit on the current 148/3001, but I'm not sure about fitting the 3003/3004.

Edited By Percy Verance on 24/06/2016 20:44:43

Don Fry24/06/2016 20:45:10
3456 forum posts
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Keith, they are a few quid each, they have been stressed to case breaking time. They are proper servos, in I presume a 2 plus kilo model.

You do the maths.

Don Fry24/06/2016 20:56:56
3456 forum posts
40 photos

Persy, they will not, the 128 had a deeper case I recall, but they are so old had we joined the EU then?

Peter Miller24/06/2016 21:02:16
9850 forum posts
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10 articles

Order from your model shop is the best place.

John Tee24/06/2016 21:03:01
729 forum posts
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Steve Webbs do spare case sets for 148 if as Percy says they are the same as 3001. Cost £3.30 plus p&p presumeably, half the cost of a new servo!

On the Webby site go to spare shop (bottom of the list on the left of the screen) and scroll down to Futaba. Gear sets are under servos. Sorry can't do links, will have to read how.


Percy Verance24/06/2016 21:12:20
7918 forum posts
152 photos


I'm sure the 3001 is the ball-raced version of the 148........

It's been so long since I looked at my old 128's, I had no idea they were physically different from the newer 148's.

Rich too24/06/2016 21:33:26
2876 forum posts
1046 photos

If they are uneconomical to repair I would do as others suggested and glue them in place - depending on the application. Some foam jobs come with servos glued in.

PatMc24/06/2016 22:31:37
4128 forum posts
518 photos

Comparing Futaba servos that I have in my spares box the 128 has a deeper case is the same length & width as the 100, 148, 3001, 3003 & 3004 which share the same external case dimensions. However there may be some internal differences. IIRC most but not all have indirect drive any that don't have a different internal moulding for the potentiometer & there are some different bearing shaft spacings. Also the type of screws holding the case differ between some otherwise identical cases which might make them incompatible.

Like others, I'd also forget about messing about renewing cases & just glue them in place - if they passed a "soak" test.

PS also check for overshoot, they're prone to that if the pot's worn.

Edited By PatMc on 24/06/2016 22:34:50

Martin Harris24/06/2016 22:36:56
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I have some Corona metal geared high voltage digital servos which work very well but seem to have very brittle case lugs. I removed any remaining lugs, made aluminium plates with mounting holes drilled at their ends to suit the existing mountings and machined a hole for the servo body to be epoxied into.

Martin Harris24/06/2016 23:58:26
8478 forum posts
212 photos

Like this...


gangster25/06/2016 07:50:27
915 forum posts
16 photos

Keith how about using a standard Futaba servo trap

brfc725/06/2016 08:48:03
400 forum posts
140 photos

Buy a zagi flying wing for the slope, cut the remaining lug off incl the second servoands lugs and silicone them in. smiley


Keith Evans 325/06/2016 09:30:57
366 forum posts
48 photos

Lots to consider here .

Thanks Keith

Bob Cotsford25/06/2016 09:47:07
7788 forum posts
432 photos
Posted by Martin Harris on 24/06/2016 22:36:56:

I have some Corona metal geared high voltage digital servos which work very well but seem to have very brittle case lugs. I removed any remaining lugs, made aluminium plates with mounting holes drilled at their ends to suit the existing mountings and machined a hole for the servo body to be epoxied into.

Good idea Martin. I've got a few of these and had thought of doing something silly like using the amps to build digital 148s just to see if it would work but that is a better way of using them up on small models, preferably on throttle or rudder duty.

As for 148/3003s with broken lugs, I wouldn't try to glue them back together, not when they only cost £7-£8 new from Steve Webbs and the like. Definitely not for use on a control surface!

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