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'Bitty' multi purpose micro glider

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Richard Harris05/09/2016 14:57:55
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Me and my clubmates have been having a bit of cheap fun with a micro glider II have designed called Bitty. Built mostly from bits and pieces out of the scrap box and a few lengths of stock section.

My launch vehicle is a foamie wot 4 with a depron cradle banded to the top, the glider is held in place with a single rubber stretched over the front of the fuselage attached to a 9g servo.

Originally I used 2 bands but this was too unreliable bring down the WOT on several occasions! (with no damage may I add!).

A few photos of my efforts with a video of which I asked for a low release so I could capture at least something.


I have also had a few sessions on the slope in a 10-15mph wind and will get some footage when I am able to with some build photos.

All good fun with the added bonus of using up scraps of materials out of the shop.















Edited By Richard Harris on 05/09/2016 14:59:01

Andy Meade05/09/2016 15:06:38
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Looks like a lot of fun, well done Richard! yes

MattyB05/09/2016 18:33:31
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Looks like a Limit EX fuse with a poly wing on the top. ISA members built a whole load of them for the slope a few years ago - lots of fun, but a bit too "exciting" for some tastes!

Don't let it leave the mothership too high, or you might not get it back...

Richard Harris05/09/2016 19:17:43
2236 forum posts
2057 photos

Thanks gents, very reassuring thumbs up


The fuselage certainly does ressemble the Limit X but I have never seen it before knowing virtually nothing about gliders. I did however build a Hawker Headbutt back in the late 90's possibly early 00's, it was a freebie plan in a magazine but cant remember which. If memory serves me correct it was single channel with the release mechanism connected to the rudder.

I have drawn up an aileron wing which is of parallel cord, when get the time I will build but I would think I would need some sort of ballast in stronger winds as the model you see is pretty light?




Edited By Richard Harris on 05/09/2016 19:19:25

GeeW05/09/2016 19:18:12
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More like a 'Sixpence' to my eyes, but nice all the same.

Have had a couple of Limit EX's...... awesome little beasties on the slope!

Edited By GeeW on 05/09/2016 19:20:54

Stephen Jones06/09/2016 20:58:45
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Nice little Model Rich but the Name did make me Think,

Little Britain , Bitty LOL


Richard Harris22/11/2016 18:35:46
2236 forum posts
2057 photos

As most are probably aware Bitty is a freeibie plan in Decembers issue of RCM&E, I thought it would be a good idea to link the electrics that I am using in mine to help anyone who fancies a go at it.

The receiver is an Orange Micro RX3S and is DSMX /DSM2 compatible, though I don't have it switched on it has an inbuilt flight stabilizer. Being micro it uses Micro Molex 1.25mm connectors. It would be interesting to know if anyone tries the gyro stab out?

To suit the connectors the servos used are HK-5330

The battery used is a nano tech 300mah, 2 cell Lipo

To drop the voltage I cheated and used a 6A ESC cutting off and insulating the 3 motor wires using only the receiver voltage output. You will also need a JST connector to suit.

I will try and upload extra photos in the next few weeks as I took quite a number!

Have fun!


Phil Green23/11/2016 10:05:15
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349 photos

This looks fun! Have a word with Neil (iGull), if theres a minimum demand of say a dozen, and with RCM&E's permission, he'll very likely laser-cut a kit.

He's recently done this on request with the Sharkface:

APS 'Sharkface' Laser Cut Part Kit


Edited By Phil Green on 23/11/2016 10:06:29

Richard Harris13/12/2016 00:21:36
2236 forum posts
2057 photos


I have used Neil before and his work is spot on, for me its just easier to cut the parts out as there is very little.

As promised a few extra pictures that slipped through the editing net:





























Have fun!


Kester Paine18/12/2016 22:14:03
23 forum posts
14 photos


Have just seen the plans for Bitty in the December issue. I do fancy building this whilst I have some time off over Christmas, but as most of my flying is in the park, I'd need to add a motor.

I've done some preliminary calculations, and with a motor and 700mAh 3S pack (too big ?) I reckon the weight will come out at about 200g, with a wing-loading of 11.7oz/sq.ft. That's quite a bit more than your 7oz/sq.ft. I'm wondering about extending the centre section of the wing by one rib each way, and also an extra rib-width to each wing-tip. To keep the fuselage to scale, I'd need to extend that by about 13cm. This would give a wing-loading of about 9oz/sq.ft.

This is the first time that I've 'gone off the beaten track', like this (I've always followed plans directly). Do you think I need to extend the wings and fuselage to motorize the Bitty ?


Richard Harris20/12/2016 22:22:49
2236 forum posts
2057 photos


Its always good to see someone experimenting with a design so I will be very interested to how things turn out.

I see no reason for scaling Bitty up for electric, if the wing loading is the same it should fly just as well as my two prototypes. There may well be reduced control in yaw due to the extra span but if I'm honest the original is pretty manoeuvrable 'as is'.

If you get the time please post photos and your results thumbs up


Kester Paine21/02/2017 13:15:56
23 forum posts
14 photos

Rich et al,

Thanks for your advice. I've started building my electrified version of bitty. But I'm probably one of the slower builders, so I've only managed to build the centre section of the wing, wing tips and tailplane.

I’ve extended the centre section of the wing by two ribs each way, but left the wing-tips to-plan. According to my calculations (which make plenty of assumptions !), with the new 730mm wingspan (wing-area I should end up with a wing-loading of 7.6oz/sq.ft, which isn’t far off the original. This doesn’t take into account the extra weight of the materials needed to increase the size though. But you have to start somewhere !

Because the materials used for the wing are the same as the original, but the centre section is larger, I’ve added 1/32th balsa shear webbing across two-thirds of the centre section to add some strength.

I’ve redrawn the nose on the plan, to make space for the spinner, motor and battery. One of my biggest ‘unknowns’ the where the C.G will naturally fall, so I’ve moved the servos back to make space for a battery tray which will allow a fair degree of lateral movement to balance the plane. But this will mean that I have to change former F2, as the battery will need to be able to slide through this area.

I’ve also lengthen the tail slightly, and made the fin and tailplane a little bigger, mainly to maintain some kind of scale with the increased wingspan. You’ll notice that I’ve added a spruce strip to the front of the elevator. This was because I wasn’t sure that 1/16th balsa would be strong enough to support the two halves of the larger elevator. I know this adds weight, but I figure I’ve got a load extra up front with which to balance it, and I can always cut lightening holes if necessary.

I also need to work out how to cool the motor and ESC. The motor is a particular issue, as the spinner is wider than the motor and sat directly in front of it. So I reckon I’ll just have to leave as much of a gap around the motor as possible, but still allow the spinner to cover that gap. I’ll also put some holes in F1 (which will be ply) to allow some air to flow through. For the ESC I’ll have a hole in the underside of the nose, as the ESC is under the battery tray. I’ll have an exhaust hole in the rear of the fuselage.

I’m also toying with using snakes for the control-lines, rather than CF, mainly so I can keep the lines a bit cleaner (personal choice).

I’ll keep updating, but, as I said, I’m not a fast builder !

I can’t seem to add photos to the post at the moment (it doesn’t see my ‘album&rsquo, so will come back to that…



Kester Paine21/02/2017 21:04:29
23 forum posts
14 photos

Have worked out how to add photos. I thought I could add directly from my PC, but I see I need to add to an online album first. So here are my build photos so far...

wing centre with shear webbing.jpgwing centre & tips.jpgtailplane.jpg

fuselage plan.jpg

Richard Harris25/02/2017 10:50:41
2236 forum posts
2057 photos


Nice work, that little extra length on the nose should give you plenty of battery room.


Former Member25/02/2017 11:48:22
8085 forum posts

[This posting has been removed]

Simon Atkinson18/03/2017 15:54:17
9 forum posts

Hi Richard

In the RCM&E article you mention that you were considering developing an aileron wing. Are you still planning to do this? In addition, you indicated that you might look at adding a motor. Have you had any further thoughts?

...look forward to hearing back.

All the best


Kester Paine18/03/2017 22:26:20
23 forum posts
14 photos


You might be interested in my mods to Bitty then, or Bitt-E as I'm planning to call it. I now have the fuselage sides cut out, and servo tray built and glued to one side of the fuselage. Because of where the lipo needs to go (which of course is bigger than Richard's original), I've had to rework the position of F2 and build in a battery tray. Plus the nose of the model will be quite different to allow for the motor, spinner and cooling.

Next step is to draw out the battery tray, cut it out and glue it on place. Then onto the top and bottom. I'll have to mount the ESC and Rx onto those before I glue them on, as they'll be hidden under the battery tray and servo tray.



servo tray glued to fuselage side.jpg

lining up servo tray on plans.jpg

fuselage trial fit.jpg

Kester Paine06/06/2017 22:35:50
23 forum posts
14 photos

Hi folks,

Thought you might like to see my completed powered version of Bitty - I've named it 'Bitt-E' as a nod towards the original. bitt-e.jpg

It hasn't flown yet, as the wind is a bit high this week, but hope to perhaps next week. It came out a little heavier than I had hoped, I think mostly as I lengthened the fuselage and increased the tail & fin area to make them more in proportion to the increased wingspan. Then I had to add 15g of weight in the nose to get the C.G onto the wing spar.

Some stats:

Wingspan: 730mm

Weight: 212g (7.5oz)


Wing-loading: 9.5oz/sq.ft

With 60W of power from the motor, it should shift fairly well



Richard Harris08/06/2017 10:06:39
2236 forum posts
2057 photos


Very nicely finished adaption of 'Bitty' thumbs up, looking forward to a full flight report when the weather allows wink 2


Simon Atkinson08/06/2017 23:15:48
9 forum posts

Hi Kester

I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to your response to my original post... in March -- work has got in the way!

The conversion/adaptation looks great! I'm looking forward to hearing how well it flies! Incidentally, what motor are you using?

... and Richard any news on the development of the aileron wing?



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