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Life Today and Customer "Choice".

Am I just getting old, or is the world becoming truely annoying?

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Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator18/10/2016 23:45:46
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Here is an account of a incident that that happened to me tonight. I ended up very frustrated and annoyed - full of disbelief that the world can be such a difficult place in which to achieve what should be a very simple task! In places I find this story very funny, in other places I find it bewildering!

I had been travelling all day and had just got home. It was about 6:30 in the evening. I had to out for a club committee at about 7:30. So, in short, I'm tired and had just an hour to get something to eat - I'll get a take-away I think, a Pizza - I haven't had a pizza for ages.

So off I go to the local branch of Dominoes. I look at the "menu" - I like things like pepperoni etc. so a "Meatalious" sounded just the ticket. I order:

"Can I have a 7" Meatalious pizza please"

"Certainly. That's with a standard crust, is that OK?"

"Yes that's fine."

"Ok, and what else would you like?!

"Nothing thanks - just the pizza"

"Ah, but its two-for-one"

"Thanks but I just want the one pizza"

"You could put it in the fridge"

"No thanks, just the one pizza please."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure" (getting a little edgy now)

"Weeeelllll, that will be £13.99"

"WHAT!!!!!! £13.99 for a 7" pizza????"

"Well you see its two for one"

"Two for one?? That's two for the price of two! I just want one pizza"

"I could do you a 9" medium pizza for £5.99" (I swear, I'm not making this up!)

"So, a 7" pizza will cost me £13.99, but I can have a 9" for £5.99?"


"Are you having me on?"

"No, why would I do that?"

"OK - I'll have a 9" meat pizza"

"Great. So, that's a 9" pizza, that's with the standard crust is that OK?"

"Yes, yes, that's fine"

Pause,..."Ah, but you can only have 3 toppings on that"

"No problem - just give me 3 of the ones on the meatalious"

"Which three?"

"I don't know - you choose"

"I can't, you have to choose"


At this point - I had just had enough - my patience was exhausted, I walked out, pointing out to them that buying convenience food simply should not be that difficult!

Problem - its now 6:55 - I still have nothing to eat and I've had no lunch so I am hungry. I see the lights of the local Subway - Aha! Go there. In I go,....

"Can I have one of those please" (pointing at one the menu board pictures)

"Do you want 6" or 12"?"

"Oh 6" is fine thanks"

"The 12" is just £1 more?"

"No, thanks a 6" is fine"

"The 12" also comes with a drink?"

"No the 6" please"

"We have a special deal on, look at this leaflet. Any of those up there, 12" with a drink for £1 more"

"No thanks - just the 6" one"

"You could cut it in half and put half in the fridge..."

At this point there is a powerful image in my head - I have this poor woman by the throat and I am screaming into her face

"What the hell does it take to get you people to just give me what I ask for from your menu?" (Actually there were quite a few more adjectives in my thoughts - but I can't use them there!)

I was saved by the thought that this poor person doesn't know that this is the second time in 5 mins I have be "subjected to modern customer care" and she is probably just saying what her boss has told her to say. And doubtless in her mind why would anyone turn down the opportunity to have an extra 6" of delicious 'sub' for just £1?

So, I threw myself on her mercy!

"Look, I'm in a real hurry, I'd really just like one of those" (points again) " 6" long - PLEASEEEEEE!"

She served me, I took it home - it tasted awful and I could not finish it - I went to committee, and had some cheese and crackers when I got home - oh dear!

I'm puzzled. I'm I just "out of step" - is this what most customers want today? If so, is this the future of consumer experiences - you can't buy what's "On the list" that you have selected for yourself - no, you must have what they think is the best deal for you! regardless of your wishes!

Yes, I suppose I am just becoming a miserable old you-know-what!.... but I suspect I'm not alone! wink 2


IanN19/10/2016 00:14:48
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I completely get your drift, and sympathise - we've all had tough days when all we want is the simple option

On the other hand, some may say that a professor who is a constant source of genuine education and clarification on all matters aerodynamic to us all, is surely capable of choosing three toppings for a 9" pizza? wink

Many offers are a con. Vote with your feet and go elsewhere next time. Most supermarkets are already dropping multibuys for this very reason

Geoff S19/10/2016 00:31:37
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When we were cycle touring in the USA I used to have a little bet with myself to see if I could buy something without getting a load of questions. I think I lost the bet every time. I mean I couldn't care less what salad dressing I had - I always chose the first option. We went into a donut place once and the guy took pity on us and just gave us a selection for next to nothing - good job we'd been cycling all day.

It's one reason I never go into Costa or Starbucks if I want a coffee - I wouldn't know what to ask for. The best coffee I drink is in French cafes. I ask for a grande creme and it's great.

I never understand the huge range of servos at HK. Why does there need to be such a variety? Mostly all you need is a servo and almost any would do the job. It was easier when I just bought Futaba 148s

I'm glad we don't eat convenience food except chips but that's becoming really expensive. You don't get many chips for 6d these days!


IanN19/10/2016 00:38:14
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Ah, six penn'orth of chips - now you're talking! smiley


That may be where BEB wen't wrong - surely he can't live in a place benighted enough not to have a decent chippie?

Edited By IanN on 19/10/2016 00:39:27

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator19/10/2016 00:44:45
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You know what? I feel better having told you that!

Choice, is one thing Geoff but here it's not choice I am being offered, it is an attempt to make me buy something I didn't want - a second pizza in the first case and an extra 6" of sub in the second example.
I had the very strong feeling that the staff were so wrapped up in delivering the patter they had been told to do that no one was actually listening to me - the customer!
Martin Harris19/10/2016 01:01:00
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Posted by Geoff Sleath on 19/10/2016 00:31:37:

It's one reason I never go into Costa or Starbucks if I want a coffee - I wouldn't know what to ask for. The best coffee I drink is in French cafes. I ask for a grande creme and it's great.

I refuse to ask for any fancy name (Costa actually do rather good coffee) - I simply ask for a black coffee. They sometimes appear to think I'm some sort of Latin American, enquiring as to whether I'm an Americano...but after reassuring the media studies or some-such graduate that I am indeed a true-bred Englishman they seem to decide that I'm worthy of purchasing such a beverage.

Edited By Martin Harris on 19/10/2016 01:03:32

Former Member19/10/2016 01:35:21
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[This posting has been removed]

Old Geezer19/10/2016 02:17:15
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It's called Upselling - the whole palaver is to extract just a little more than you actually wanted to spend whilst persuading you that you've gotten even better value for the money by spending that little extra. Don't forget there is a HUGE mark-up on the ingredients, so as you purchase more and more items at the counter their profit on the transaction increases exponentially.

Former Member19/10/2016 02:31:46
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[This posting has been removed]

Rich too19/10/2016 05:50:35
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according to my wife, yes, I am a grumpy old git!

However I totally agree, fast food should be just that! And dominoes is unbelievably expensive - I know because it's what my kids want every time they have friends around! And yes, there is far too much choice these days, in every area of our lives.


Edited By Rich2 on 19/10/2016 05:51:38

Stuart Z19/10/2016 06:06:54
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Oh - and I thought it was only me!

Why is it so complicated to buy anything these days? What with 2 for 1 and 3 for 2 it becomes so annoying ad often the "extra" isn't required and in the case of food stuff it's helping the obesity crisis or finishes up in the bin. All in the name of marketing!

I know I'm getting old, but this is not progress with the associated waste and health risks.

cymaz19/10/2016 06:25:40
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If I want a snack in town I go to the local bakers (either Warrens or Malcolm Barnecutts ) and utter only 4 words....

" large steak pasty please". Pay and leave. Easy.

BEB, you have my simpathy. We were in Faro Airport and went up to  Subway for something to eat. In the end I told the young chap " you choose ,just no cucumber or celery". He did us a brilliant sandwich.

On the subject of up selling, when the kids were young I took them to a Wimpey. The waitress gave me a nasty look when I ordered 1 milk shake and three straws....

Edited By cymaz on 19/10/2016 06:29:13

Edited By cymaz on 19/10/2016 06:32:39

maurice northcott 219/10/2016 07:47:26
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Reminiscent of Michael Douglas in "Falling Down". Where he goes into various shops (including "WhammyBurger"  and gets a similar runaround. However, in his case it did go somewhere close to your vision BEB ...... Been there many times myself, so nice to see its not just me...... A sad reflection on life today, but sorry, still hilarious


Edited By maurice northcott 2 on 19/10/2016 07:48:07

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Barrie Dav 219/10/2016 07:51:31
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6p of chips and 1p of cracking - anyone remember that??

The Wright Stuff19/10/2016 08:11:25
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Posted by maurice northcott 2 on 19/10/2016 07:47:26:

Reminiscent of Michael Douglas in "Falling Down".

Absolutely, I love that film - most underrated!!!

Michael Ramsay-Fraser19/10/2016 08:17:08
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Come on, guys. This thread should be prefaced with an 'Old Man Alert'.

I, for one, appreciate the huge range of choice we get in almost every area these days and understand that 'up-selling' is a fact of life.

Look at the range of products and services available in our hobby. More choice in batteries and servos and just about everything else than you could shake a very large stick at. Most of the stores we use offer similar deals and 'bundles' designed to get us to spend more. Should we start complaining that we have too much choice? Perhaps we should go back to life in black and white and single channel?

Whilst I also find BEB's story amusing, I wouldn't want to use it as an excuse for reminiscing about 'the good old days' which, really, weren't that good.

And for anyone else finding themselves in the same dilemma, can I suggest going for the 9" pizza and giving a couple of slices to the nearest homeless person.

Just a thought.

Edited By Michael Ramsay-Fraser on 19/10/2016 08:18:56

Edited By Michael Ramsay-Fraser on 19/10/2016 08:20:07

Jon - Laser Engines19/10/2016 08:33:01
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if you want a pizza sharpish go to the hot food/fresh made pizza counter in Sainsburys as they usually have some. if not on the same counter get either their meat feast or hot n spicy (same thing but with chilli on it) and it will cost you less than 3 quid. Go home, turn the oven on to gas 9 and put the pizza in right away (who has time to pre heat ovens?). Depending on your taste it will be ready in 10-12 minutes.

I am very aware of this procedure as it is my friday night ritual and with the application of a pint of cider, a film, and a cornetto for desert its not a bad way to spend an evening.

In any case BEB i agree 100% All i want is a quick bite to eat not an hour long multiple choice test.

Peter Miller19/10/2016 08:35:46
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Ah Michael but model compnaies don't have that part that you like.

"I want some XX999 Servos"

"Yes Sir. Do you want them with delrin gears, metal gears, or simple plastic gears?."

"Metal Gears please"

"Do you want the 6 volt, 4.8 volt or some other volage?"

"4.8 volt please"

"Right, do you want Fleet plugs, or Sanwa , Multiplex,JR or Futaba."

I could go on.

Mind you I did know one model shop that you would have really loved.

If you asked for something their reply often was "You don't want that rubbish. You want XXXX"

This meant that A they didn't stock it and/or B it was cheaper than their alternative.

Mind you, from what others have been saying they were way ahead of their time. That was nearly 30 years ago.

I didn't shop there!!

Michael Ramsay-Fraser19/10/2016 08:41:15
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Posted by Peter Miller on 19/10/2016 08:35:46:

This meant that A they didn't stock it and/or B it was cheaper than their alternative.

Or C, they had a bigger mark up!

Devcon119/10/2016 09:01:32
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Thank goodness for that, I thought it was just me.

On the odd occasion when we have a Dominoes, because the kids like them, I make sure they study the menu before we go in analyse it for the best possible offer of the particular day, I tell them to consider it maths and English GCSE homework because I find their combination of different offers on different days unfathomable unless deciphered on a spreadsheet.

On a positive note our local fish and chip shop which does excellent Haddock is oh so simple...

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