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Am I drinking too much?

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ted hughes15/02/2017 06:42:04
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Not about models, but there is a lot of wisdom on this site.

I was wondering whether I might be drinking too much?

When I retired a couple of years ago, I would occasionally buy a half bottle of vodka, and drink it with lemonade in the evening.

These last few months, I have realized I have been buying a whole bottle each night (70cl bottle),drinking all but a half-inch or so, which I finish in the morning.

It doesn't really affect me, as I don't drive first thing, and I still do my chore like muck out the horses and take the dogs out in the day.

I do forget what I may have posted late at night though, it is sometimes a surprise to see what I have posted on various sites.

I also tend to think about doing things, rather than doing them.

What do people think,harmless, or should I knock it on the head?

Don Fry15/02/2017 06:55:15
4557 forum posts
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Ted, that is a lot, and too often.

Denis Watkins15/02/2017 07:09:21
4656 forum posts
132 photos

Ditto with Donald

You are a brave man Ted, and don't use that drink to quench your thirst

Water intake is very important for our wellbeing and clear thinking

Edited By Denis Watkins on 15/02/2017 07:18:48

David Davis15/02/2017 07:25:07
3851 forum posts
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As one who drinks at least half a bottle of wine a day, and a whole bottle last night, I'd say you and I are drinking too much Ted. Vodka contains much more alcohol than wine of course.

Bob Burton15/02/2017 07:36:33
186 forum posts

Ted - that is way too much. Get some help now.

Piers Bowlan15/02/2017 07:38:35
2233 forum posts
57 photos

Ted, there are 28 units of alcohol in a standard bottle of vodka (700ml and 40% proof). You are consuming a bottle a day if you are finishing it off AM and starting another PM. That is 28 units a day or 196 units a week if you do this every day. The government guidelines is 14 units a week (two a day) which research has shown is actually beneficial but a bottle a day or even half a bottle is unsustainable unfortunately, as it will not be good for your health. I am sure you appreciate this. It's also expensive, just think how many modelling goodies you could buy with all the dosh!

Trying to 'knock it on the head' is a good idea but more easier said than done, so you could consider making an appointment with your GP to get some blood tests done. This will provide information about your present liver function etc. and give you advise and encouragement as to how you can achieve this.

Jon Laughton15/02/2017 08:13:38
1228 forum posts
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I try not to judge others - it's a recipe for arguments that go nowhere

Please judge yourself- but not here

ted hughes15/02/2017 08:33:13
466 forum posts
Posted by Jon Laughton on 15/02/2017 08:13:38:

I try not to judge others - it's a recipe for arguments that go nowhere

Please judge yourself- but not here

Go elsewhere, why?

I said at the beginning it was not model related.

People often ask questions about planning consent, cars,occasionally health-related. etc.

I'll be even money I'm not the only person over-drinking here, it is so common!

I just wanted a few lay opinions- feel free to ignore this thread.

Peter Miller15/02/2017 08:38:29
11601 forum posts
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10 articles

Not good to put it mildly.

I speak as someone whose childhood and early life was spoiled by an alcoholic father I can say that you are in trouble.

Piers Bowlan15/02/2017 08:39:20
2233 forum posts
57 photos

I wasn't being judgemental Jon, just putting some numbers on the information supplied by Ted, I thought it might be helpful as Ted had been up-front enough to ask the question. I don't do arguments.

As Ted said, over imbibing by retirees is a common problem, just as youth drinking is nowadays. More open informed discussion is the way forward.

Good luck Ted. 



Edited By Piers Bowlan on 15/02/2017 08:49:56

alan p15/02/2017 08:54:56
319 forum posts
25 photos

You have politely asked for advise and it should be politely given.

As others have said best advise is to consult your GP, have known several people over the years that had a unacknowledged drink problem, its not harmless.

I was brought up in the pub trade and watching people from the other side of the bar encourages you to be careful of drink. Wishing you well Ted

ken anderson.15/02/2017 09:06:29
8793 forum posts
814 photos

hello ted...I know nothing about you apart from the fact you and I fly model aircraft've asked for opinions about your drinking go's...

I think you know already that you are playing Russian roulette with your body.whats going to happen going forward? may get away with it but then again you may not you'll probably have major health possibly lose your sight, become immobile are lose your liver...and then it will be too late,if you have family you'll become a massive burden on them...and they'll finally lose the ted they knew.

my advice is play with the winning cards you have at the min and enjoy your self...... if you equate a bottle of Vodka a day with pleasure .... then bigger fool you..

I've seen people go down the swannee by abusing drink...and its not have a look in the mirror my old son and man up and knock it on the head...... have an occasional one but that's it..... you are worth more here than 6ft under!

and think of all the money that you're going to save for better things...let us know the outcome...good or bad please

ken good advice for Ted Hughes dept.

PS...your one bottle a day will turn to two etc..... kulou


Edited By ken anderson. on 15/02/2017 09:09:16

Paul Jefferies15/02/2017 09:13:55
254 forum posts
39 photos

I had a friend who died three years ago of liver failure and he drank much less than that...........

I am not being judgemental, there is no judgement to be made. If you are really drinking that much, you are way over the top and that's a fact! Take a look at this site and make up your own mind.......

If you choose to kill yourself, that is your decision but if you drive at all the next day you will still be way over the limit and a danger to others. Either admit that you are winding us up or get some help.

Sorry, but somebody had to say it!

Andy Palmer15/02/2017 09:43:02
265 forum posts
111 photos

I would think flying a model plane the following day is probably not a good idea...

Jonathan M15/02/2017 09:56:51
870 forum posts
335 photos

I don't tend to moralise about others (I drink regularly but moderately and used to love smoking).  But I learnt something from a close relative who had a drink problem in his 20's and has been dry for a quarter-century now: "Its not how much you drink, but how much you need it".

Although this should surely be in (or moved by a Mod to) 'Chit-Chat', we now live in a world where people feel more comfortable raising stuff publicly than they did before. If the responses to the OP suggest that he has a significant problem, then recognition of that is good thing.

His next step could be to say exactly the same thing to his GP.


PS - I considered whether this might be a wind-up, but, on reflection, I suspect it isn't - why damage one's reputation by wasting everyone's time?

Edited By Jonathan M on 15/02/2017 10:01:28

Mowerman15/02/2017 10:03:34
1565 forum posts
105 photos

I average about 14 pints of bitter each week, The doctor tells me that is too much !

Martin Harris15/02/2017 10:18:59
9596 forum posts
258 photos

It's easy for me to moralise - my body started rejecting alcohol some years ago and, from allergy symptoms, it progressed to making me violently sick a few days after drinking even a small amount so I'm now teetotal - but I agree that this sort of consumption cannot be healthy. The important thing is that you have realised that there is a problem and I'd guess that you're really looking for some encouragement.

I do agree that you're in danger of driving over the legal limit and I'm sure you wouldn't want to have an accident on your conscience. According to this site it takes, on average, one hour for a unit of alcohol to leave the body - which suggests that you will always have a significant amount of alcohol in your blood.

Have a chat with your GP - there are organisations ready to help and you should do well as you have already realised that you have a problem.

To those who have made light of this problem or been unsympathetic - I'm sorry, but I think you need to examine your own motives and morals.

Jon - Laser Engines15/02/2017 10:38:03
5674 forum posts
272 photos

My uncle went through a similar experience with gin. he is now a shadow of the man we all used to know and is more or less on deaths door with pretty much no liver left and other ailments related to it.

Without judgement i would echo the comments of the others and look for help and/or an alternative evening drink

Dai Fledermaus15/02/2017 11:06:45
1070 forum posts
55 photos

When I started to read your post Ted, I thought you were building up to a joke, but then I realised you were deadly serious. Wow! that's an awful lot of alcohol, but at least you can see you have a problem. That's the first step in trying to deal with it, and deal with you must before it's too late.

GONZO15/02/2017 11:14:41
1393 forum posts
14 photos

That amount of alcohol taken regularly will kill you in a few years. No way to put it gently, I'm being deadly serious, literally. Please get help immediately!

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