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Warbird Replicas Bf 110 club.

For those purchasing and those interested.

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gillyg125/02/2020 20:45:40
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Hi Graham, yes that's the RC Cornwall Flyers club, I'm a member of the Redruth and District Model Flying Club, Although some of the guy's are members of both clubs. Both good clubs, very helpful, Having said that "Cornwall Flyers are electric only due to there flying site. Where as RDMFC has an excellent site at the North Cliffs, Hayle to Portreath coast road.

Graham R25/02/2020 20:58:31
389 forum posts
28 photos

Hi Graham,

I'm down at Porthtowen again in the summer hols. Must try and pop in if that's allowed.

gillyg126/04/2020 16:16:54
145 forum posts
22 photos

Well got the retracts in their mountings, now to decide on position of mounts within the nacelle frown1587913784559663472955759268209.jpg

Ron Gray12/07/2020 17:16:16
2444 forum posts
980 photos

And so it begins, 2 years + after I bought the kit I've dusted the box off and I'm ready to go. It won't get off to a flying start as I'm working all week, but I will get chance to fiddle around in the evenings but the pressure is on as the new P51 is coming soon so I have to get this finished first. Not settled on a scheme,e for it yet but it will be a 'G' and it will be IC powered (2 x ASP 52s (I think - will have to check the boxes!!!))


Paul Johnson 414/07/2020 06:30:24
914 forum posts
637 photos

Hi Ron,

Nice to see you have made a start, enjoy the build.

Ron Gray14/07/2020 07:58:12
2444 forum posts
980 photos

Really looking forward to this Paul and will reference back to yours, Dwain's and Graham's builds for when I get stuck! I must say that the quality of laser cutting is excellent, haven't looked at the veneered foam bits yet as saving that delight for later. Hoping to start putting the tail together tomorrow (I'm out flying tonight) but have decided on a tail mounted servo for the rudders rather than the bell crank.

Not too sure about posting lots of build photos as you guys have already done that really well, maybe just for where I depart from the 'norm', plus as mine will be IC maybe some bits about that, we'll see. Have also toyed with the idea of vids of build bits rather than just still shots, again, its all up in the air (!!!) at the moment. I plan to photo it all anyway as it will be put on my club's website irrespective of what I do here.

Graham R14/07/2020 08:50:34
389 forum posts
28 photos

Ron, enjoy the build. It will be interesting to see how you build the tail with the servo at the back. It's a bit tight down there.

Paul Johnson 414/07/2020 09:11:17
914 forum posts
637 photos

As Graham says... there's not much room at the Inn back there. Also that's a looonnng tail! A 10g servo = 1/2lb fat pilot up front.

Edited By Paul Johnson 4 on 14/07/2020 09:11:58

Ron Gray14/07/2020 09:56:32
2444 forum posts
980 photos

Bellcrank, pivot bolt, nut and pushrod from servo = 13g, I have mini servos ranging from 5g to 13g including a rather nice Bluebird one (I use these in my DLG and F5J gliders) at 7.5g, so I think I should be OK????

Ron Gray26/07/2020 22:46:06
2444 forum posts
980 photos

So a slow start to the build due to pressures of work but I did manage to snatch some time and progress has been made. As promised won't upload loads of build photos as they have already been done by others but will do so where I've built mine differently.

I mentioned above that I would be using a rear mounted servo for the rudders and this is what the installation looks like'

Firstly the cut out in the balsa sheeting so that I can have an access panel to get at the servo. This replaces the ply bell crank mounting plate.


Now the servo installed in the ply crutch the height of which is conveniently just right for the servo arm to align with the rudder push rods (I've also replaced the supplied ones with smaller gauge ones).


A rough hole was cut in the tailplane underside sheeting and I've used a collet in the servo arm to connect the pushrods and to give adjustment for alignment (like Paul used on his). I've soldered the metal quick links (M2) to the other ends of the pushrods as they don't need to be adjustable.


All tested and working OK!

The servo is a Blue Bird BMS-A10H WV Servo ( 0.07s 7.4g) which is only 8mm thick and has an alloy casing. They are really nice servos, I use them in my F3K and F5J gliders and they come from Hyperflight

I've got to fit the control linkages for the elevators and for that I need to silver solder a horn onto the U wire joiner and run a lightweight snake through to a servo mounted 'up front'. The control horn and snake will have to be to one side to avoid the rudder servo.

Work completed so far, tailplane and elevators, fins and rudders, fuse sides and crutch, engines nacelles including sanding to profile. So I feel like a decent start has been made and with no work for the next week I? should hopefully get a lot more done (although I will be out flying on 2 days!).

Ron Gray27/07/2020 22:11:21
2444 forum posts
980 photos

Tail assembly is now finished, ready to be glued on to the fuse. I started off by silver soldering part of a quick link to etc U shaped elevator connection wire, this will act as the control arm which will be operated by a lightweight snake inside the fuse. This way both the rudder and elevator controls will all be hidden. But that then creates a bit of a logic puzzle as I need to assemble in each bit in the right order otherwise things will get hidden! As you will see in the following photos I have covered the tail pieces, Solartex for the rudders and elevators, and laminating film for the fins and tailplane. I did start out using parchment and diluted PVA (as per brown paper method) but I prefer laminating film. Why yellow 'tex, because I have some odd bits laying around waiting to be used on something and as it will be painted, why not?!!


Slot (it will be cleaned up!) cut in the crutch for the control arm



What the tail assembly looks like covered (elevators have not been glued on in this photo and U joiner isn't in place hence the different angles)


Still not sure if it's going to be a night fighter version, allthough the twin vertical guns look great!

vert guns 1.jpg

vert guns 2.jpg

Graham R27/07/2020 22:53:32
389 forum posts
28 photos

It's looking good Ron. Servo at the back is a great idea. Much less slop than using the bell crank, almost worth doing a retro fit.

Edited By Graham R on 27/07/2020 23:04:39

Ron Gray28/07/2020 06:26:34
2444 forum posts
980 photos

Thanks Graham, zero slop in the mechanism!

Ron Gray04/08/2020 09:05:49
2444 forum posts
980 photos

In case you were wondering, the build hasn't stopped but it is (as predicted) slow! Anyway I've just about finished the fuse now, the shaping of which took a long time and there is quite a bit of sanding involved plus there were some anomalies in the lining up of some of the veneered foam pieces and the balsa infills.

Some photos of where we are.

Tailwheel added, it is fixed as i wanted to keep it simple and I feel that any ground handling issues (taxiing) can be addressed with differential throttle controls on a rotary knob (switched off in flight!!)


Lightweight snake and servo extension lead fitted


Elevator servo fitted (cut hole on crutch so that it didn't conflict with wing mounting).


Servo base will be boxed in as part of the radio operator's dash / instruments.


Lots of planing and sanding




Ron Gray25/08/2020 09:17:26
2444 forum posts
980 photos

In case you're wondering, things haven't stopped on teh build, just taking a long time due to limited time to devote to the build!

After joining the wings and adding the LE and false TE I set about adding the concealed hinges 'cover strips'. To fit these to the wings I had to form a recess in etc false TE so made up this sanding block (as many other have done).



I was then able to fit the thin ply cover strips




The wing was then covered using laminating film. I decided to cover the wing before fitting the nacelles as I think it will be easier to cut out the film rather than have to cut up to the nacelles - time will tell.


I then made 2 'marker bolts' to make sure that the wing mounting bolt holes would be cut in the right place.



Graham R25/08/2020 17:19:50
389 forum posts
28 photos

Hi Ron, Wing is taking shape. Will paint adhere to laminating film? do you have to give it a light sanding with fine paper so that the paint will adhere ok?

Ron Gray25/08/2020 18:05:34
2444 forum posts
980 photos

Hi Graham. Yes, you lightly sand the lam film with very fine paper, I use well worn paper, until the gloss is gone then apply primer etc as per normal. I’ve used it on my LA-7 which is glow powered, for about 20 flights so far without any problem so hopefully the same will be true here.

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