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DB Cirrus Moth build

Electric conversion.

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Dwain Dibley.17/03/2017 23:06:05
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I Played with the cowl and got it fitted and cut around the prop driver, this will need more fettling but it's ok for now until I finalize the position of the motor.




Geoff Sleath17/03/2017 23:28:42
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Posted by Dwain Dibley. on 17/03/2017 21:55:32:

I have to work on Saturday, it's my 1 in 4, So i thought i could take a few indoor models/helis and use up my dinner hour in a pleasant way.

Then we had to put this lot in there for an exam on Monday....DOH !!

Bonus is we have an astro turf field so I will take the webbit.



That's a terrifying sight I haven't had to witness for over 50 years or so!

"Now you may turn over your papers." crying


Edited By Geoff Sleath on 17/03/2017 23:29:10

Dwain Dibley.19/03/2017 18:24:01
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917 photos

A bit more studying and I took the plunge to fix the motor mount in place. Because I have lowered the motor, I have had to give access to the motor mount screws through the front of the formers. I am sure there is some scale like way of covering the holes.

I made some braces and a bracket for the top of the mount and set it at 3 deg right thrust, the option is there to go more by adding wedges or washers.

I got my model model today and the box art is a very good source of scale bits and bobs.

It looks like a good kit too, easily on a par with Airfix.

I got some copper wire and a few bits of sheet from work on Saturday, should be able to use those to good effect.


The box art.


The plastic bits.


Motor mount.



With the bracket made from ally strip.


cymaz19/03/2017 18:43:54
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Wow, two builds at once...biconstructional talent.

Edited By cymaz on 19/03/2017 18:44:10

Dwain Dibley.19/03/2017 18:50:36
921 forum posts
917 photos

Could be three Cymaz, just paid Richard Wills for a BF110..surprise


Dwain Dibley.20/03/2017 17:22:04
921 forum posts
917 photos

I have a conundrum Guys.....The plan shows the ailerons on the bottom wing extending to the wing tips, the DB Box art shows them extending to the last rib with tip intact, the photo on the mini-me box shows full length ones.

What would you Chaps do ???

Also, today I have been along to my L.M.S., as flying was rained off.

I have not been for ages and thought it might be nice to see the staff,

It was good and some banter was had, and I caught up with a lad from an old Heli club, smiley

But Blimey, the prices......But of course there was no postage....!!!

AnyHoo I bought some things as you can see, and when I got back the Posty had brought my Cockpit surround material. A test play found that it fits and fits quite well, so thanks to Geoff Sleath for the heads up. yes

I stuck my dummy instruments onto ply panels and let them dry out, before a test fit.

I painted the cockpit interiors, using Revell No 39 green.

I think I have decided on the light blue and black fuz with silver wings





I have dry built the port lower wing to get an idea of how the aileron build goes. i will need to strike 2 lines up from the plan and then cut the ribs and insert the new trailing edge on the wing and the new leading edge on the aileron.

Just need to decide on the length of the aileron itself Guys.........Guys ???? HELLO Guys ...???? indecision


cymaz20/03/2017 17:33:36
7594 forum posts
981 photos

Have a look at the short cut I posted a couple of days ago and see what info you can get from the pictures. You have made a beautiful job so far...shame to get the wings wrongblush

Dwain Dibley.20/03/2017 17:50:07
921 forum posts
917 photos

Yes Cymaz, I have Mate, and all the signs are that the full size had full length ( inc the tips ) ailerons.

The shorter ones would be easier to build as I could cut the ribs before gluing, the other way I would have to build the wing and then cut the aileron free including the tip.

The awkward part is that the tip is curved......I suppose I should do it the right way really..

I will need to make some riblets first, for the inner ends.


cymaz20/03/2017 17:58:54
7594 forum posts
981 photos

Just had a look at my big Gipsy Moth...ailerons to the tips and no mistake yes

McG 696920/03/2017 18:04:25
2076 forum posts
887 photos

Hi Dwain,

Regarding your aileron dilemma, have a look at this picture.


It seems that the ailerons are not " full length" (if you mean strip ailerons) but IMHO, start at the 5th rib up to - and including - the wing tips.



Edit > OOPS, sorry Cymaz, this foreigner remains too slow at typing...  blush

Edited By McG 6969 on 20/03/2017 18:06:50

cymaz20/03/2017 18:29:11
7594 forum posts
981 photos

I blew up the picture. If I'm not mistaken the ailerons can just be seen right to the tips. We are agreed!

Go for it DD ,,,

G-EBLV. She's a beaut.

Edited By cymaz on 20/03/2017 18:31:23

Chris Whalley20/03/2017 19:32:25
17 forum posts
1 photos

Ref your aileron conundrum, full size go all the way to the tips, that's the way I did my DB cyrus moth, they were fairly easy to do. Yours is looking good keep up the good work

Regards Chris Whalley

Dwain Dibley.20/03/2017 22:08:47
921 forum posts
917 photos

Cheers Chaps, it's decided then !!

They will go right to the end, just a bit of ferkeling to do with a bit of scrap and a razor saw.

Good pics there Cymaz, especially of the engine

McG, the plan shows where they begin, as you say, 4 or 5 ribs from the root, but the discrepancy was where they end, I think the model on the D.B. box was done the easy way, with the tips intact.

Thanks every one for your help and guidance. yescool

I have now built 2 port wings. I thought it was easier to do this than 2 lower and then 2 upper, as I don't have to swap the plan about too much.

Pics in a bit.


Dwain Dibley.20/03/2017 22:38:31
921 forum posts
917 photos

The bottom port wing, you can see a line where the wing will be trimmed on the trailing edge. I still have to add the strut fixing blocks and the servo boxes. you can also see the Shear webbing in alternate bays.


In this pic you can see where the tip will be cut so it will be part of the aileron, in between the tip brace and the T/E sheeting, just about where my index finger is.... I hope I move it in time....


These pieces were supplied to fit against the root rib to give a "ledge" to aid covering but they were too short.....good old scrap bin came to the rescue.


The tip braces, and the " under camber" of the wing tip.


The root reinforcement on the upper port wing, needed as the root rib is to be cut off at the line I have drawn.


Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 20/03/2017 22:43:07

Dwain Dibley.21/03/2017 23:35:06
921 forum posts
917 photos

I managed a bit more before I went to work, but ran out of posting time.

So here is the progress for today.

I now have two wings built bar the members for the struts and the servo boxes.

I have cut the wings to shape at the root, as per the plan, this I did by drawing a line freehand with the upper wing over the plan, then cutting outside the line and sanding back, the lower wing was a straight line cut, so a steel ruler and a knife sorted that. The tips are easier as they are both the same top and bottom.

I cut two riblets to make the aileron end nearest the root, I used a ply spacer, so that I have a space to cut into.

I will build the two starboard wings before I remove the ailerons, that way nothing will get lost or broken.

To be fair, the wings went together really quickly, and everything was a good fit. I noticed that the leading edge has to be left quite sharp, and not the usual rounded profile.

I have a major distraction now, in the form of a BF110 from you know who ? Must resist....MUST RESIST !! angel


the riblet and spacer


The upper wing cut to shape the other scrap piece if from the tip.


The lower wing cut.


Riblets. The top one is the correct length, plus a sanding margin of course.


Dwain Dibley.23/03/2017 11:25:16
921 forum posts
917 photos

After a visit to the blood Nurse, who insisted on emptying my right arm, to see if I am in good nick for my age, I managed to do a bit on the Moth.

I had already done a dry fit of the lower middle section, so I knew what was what. Before I could glue it up, I had to cut the fat slot for the under cart wire bearer.

I have done a loverly pictoral "how to" for you. laugh






I made sure everything was square. I left the undercart bearer very slightly proud so it can be sanded to the profile of the ribs.


There are some strengthening Trailing edge pieces in the... er....trailing edge..where the wing bolts will go through. I made sure these were flooded with Aliphatic so that when I pushed them in the glue flowed out, hopefully this has filled all the gaps and will be as solid as rock.

The pieces pre cut by me.




One complete lower mid section. Also, behind the shear web you can see, is a spar filler piece, this was not on the plan but was in the book of words. Piece No' 245. If you are wondering.

Last job will be to cut in the dihedral braces once the starboard wings are built. Oh and the dowells to locate the wing in the former.




Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 23/03/2017 11:27:39

cymaz23/03/2017 12:41:53
7594 forum posts
981 photos

Coming on leaps and bounds now !

thumbs up

Geoff Sleath23/03/2017 16:52:03
2608 forum posts
198 photos
Posted by cymaz on 23/03/2017 12:41:53:

Coming on leaps and bounds now !

thumbs up

... but hopefully not when landing

It's certainly coming together quickly and I'll be re-reading it all together with drawings when I get to building mine in the next month or two. My building progress (on the Mew Gull) has been slightly delayed by work on SWMBO's bike - new transmission components and electrification (she didn't fancy a glow engine ).


cymaz23/03/2017 16:59:28
7594 forum posts
981 photos
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 23/03/2017 16:52:03:
Posted by cymaz on 23/03/2017 12:41:53:

Coming on leaps and bounds now !

thumbs up

... but hopefully not when landing

It's certainly coming together quickly and I'll be re-reading it all together with drawings when I get to building mine in the next month or two. My building progress (on the Mew Gull) has been slightly delayed by work on SWMBO's bike - new transmission components and electrification (she didn't fancy a glow engine ).


You could take off the chain and pedals off, explain to her that it now a free flight waiting for the telling off!disgust

Robert Parker23/03/2017 18:17:04
773 forum posts
1047 photos

Good heavens D.D you've got a rib tickler I've not seen one of those in years.

Coming along beautifully.

I bet you have opened the box of your 110 just to have a peek inside, that's when they start calling you and before you know it the plans are out and the distraction starts.

You must resist be strong.



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