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Is it Murphy's law

Servo screws

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Glyn4402/04/2017 18:25:06
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is it just me? Quite few times I have lost the screw from the top of a servo shaft. The little blighter that fixes down the control arm. Now I have 20 to 30 servos, of various weights, I also have a comprehensive collection of little blighter screws. Some were even purchased as spare screws for servos.

But for some inexplicable reason I can never find a match. Do tell me if this is a problem that only I suffer from, surely not.

Solution received with pleasure.

Have fun, Glyn.

PS I know I shouldn't lose them in the first place, I try not to, but they have a mind of their own.

Martin Harris02/04/2017 18:42:47
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I have a personal rule that I never put them down anywhere - they are either in the servo or held between my lips. Apart from losing them it's just too easy to forget to put them back in (and often the same colour as the servo arm) - as I've found too many times on model checks at the club...

Plummet02/04/2017 19:08:53
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An interesting topic. I was reading in a scientific magazine (honest) that someone had a theory about the accumulation of unpaired socks in a sock drawer. They looked in their wardrobe, and came to the conclusion that socks must be the larval form of the coat-hanger.

So the question is, what do servo screws become after they pupate?


Don Fry02/04/2017 19:45:14
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I find that a huge intake of fine wines and food are necessary. It enables your gut to form a seat between bench and floor, keeping all little blighters on the bench.

Josip Vrandecic -Mes02/04/2017 20:53:38
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Hello Glyn44, the aforesaid phenomenon , the disappearance of small naughty stubborn and invisible screws falls more in SF than under Murphy. Although I know you're relatively young modeler , I can assure you that it's happens to all of us .... very often. A few years ago this small 'green' screws to started store in  transparent plastic box ....and now I expect a disappearance ,of course, plastic box . o


Pleasant evening I wish to everyone..

Edited By Josip Vrandecic -Mes on 02/04/2017 20:58:50

Nev02/04/2017 21:36:04
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Get a big magnet and sweep the carpet with it, it's my go to method for finding tiny screws.

If you've just forgotten wher you put it, then that's anther matter. No hope for you there I'm afraid, we're all in that boat.


cymaz02/04/2017 21:44:05
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I have a couple of magnetic trays. Excellent except for aluminium ,brass, gold etc. Also get some magnetic headed screwdrivers...very useful too.

Edited By cymaz on 02/04/2017 21:45:03

ASH.02/04/2017 23:03:27
337 forum posts

In a similar vein..

Why is it you can never find that one particular modelling item when you need it! You turn everthing upside down because you know you definately have it, somewhere - but it evades you, finally you give up. Then sometime later you come across it purely by chance looking for something else. One day I will suss out this modellers' enigma. At the moment my plug spanner and minature pliers are awol.

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator02/04/2017 23:26:33
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Oh its worse than that in my experience ASH!

How many of us have used a tool, or handled an item (screw etc.), then literally 2 minutes later can't find it!

Surely it must be on the bench - near the front - on top - for heavens sake its only moments since you had it!!! But can you find it? Can you hell!

The only solution is to completely tidy the bench. You will then find it - right in front of you, in the first place you looked for it - only, mysteriously, it wasn't there then?


ASH.03/04/2017 00:25:25
337 forum posts

BEB, I'm glad it's not only me.. It's like we modellers are jinxed when it comes to misplacing stuff. It drives me potty! I feel the Universe is conspiring against me at times and having a laugh at my expense. In the end I put my hands up and say 'I give up!' I'm learning to get some acceptance around it now and know when the games a foot.

Edited By ASH. on 03/04/2017 00:30:10

Geoff S03/04/2017 00:54:21
3895 forum posts
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I try to keep various leads (USB with numerous different connectors at the other end, charging leads etc) tidy by coiling them up but when I go to the drawer they're all tangled up together. I had thought they were having sex but they seem to get to be fewer rather than more of them - and the missing one is always the one I need.


OZ e flyer03/04/2017 02:54:12
152 forum posts
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I've even taken to putting butchers paper on my bench so that the nice white paper shows up anything on it. Doesn't help!!

You know when you step in to an elevator there is a gap between the landing and elevator foot treads? I was an elevator technician and as an apprentice my trademan told me "See that gap? It's the worlds biggest magnet. If you drop anything it will go straight down that gap and YOU will have to find it somewhere down a 30 storey elevator shaft. " you have no idea how right he was or how many times it happened. I swear it used to suck the tiniest screws straight out of my hands. Lol.


bouncebounce crunch03/04/2017 05:34:40
1739 forum posts
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Murphy's law? don't be ridiculous. I had a door slam on my fingers on a windy day as an old guy, a horse kicked me on one side of my Head needing plenty of hospital care as a late teen, One got to get home quick driver hit me while on my bicycle when 12 and i flew over the windscreen but was only bruised..( they tried to sue for damages to their pewjow---failed), i have 8 children from hundreds of bedroom encounters.

Murphy who is he?

Peter Miller03/04/2017 08:22:02
11585 forum posts
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There was an explanation for the vanishing tools many, many years ago in a magazine.

IT was claimed that we can suffer from the "reverse illusion" syndrome.

An illusion is when we see something that isn't there. The reverse illusion is when we can't see something that is there.

It is a frequent complaint.

Bernard Koussoulos03/04/2017 09:35:05
64 forum posts
11 photos

I suffer the butter fingers cyndrum .any thing small ie servo screws etc will drop from my grip as if by magic ,once dropped on my work shop floor it will never be seen again ,i think the work shop gremlin must have tons of servo screws .it is a night mare to be sure.disgust

Josip Vrandecic -Mes03/04/2017 10:26:05
2993 forum posts
260 photos
Posted by Peter Miller on 03/04/2017 08:22:02:

There was an explanation for the vanishing tools many, many years ago in a magazine.

IT was claimed that we can suffer from the "reverse illusion" syndrome.

An illusion is when we see something that isn't there. The reverse illusion is when we can't see something that is there.

It is a frequent complaint.

Thanks indeed Peter , od sada ću to zvati Miller's syndrom thumbs up

Glyn4403/04/2017 10:38:53
734 forum posts
93 photos

This gets interesting. It also may explain the following. I had two razor planes, one of metal, one of plastic. They were different colours. A blue and a black. The black plastic one has been missing for 6 months. Maybe it's hiding and hoovering up all my lost screws eh. It's never been taken out of the workshop. I have searched and searched but II can't find it anywhere.

ASH, try this link to see how to keep cables tidy. I'm gonna do it myself soon as I have found my plane and have more time!


Is it possible to mislay a complete model? Surely not.


ASH.03/04/2017 12:02:00
337 forum posts
Thanks Glyn, I have the same problem as you.. and I'm very particular with my modelling stuff.
I just can't understand where my plug spanner could have got to.. it's always kept in a closed tool box.. and I refuse to buy a shiny new one!
David P Williams03/04/2017 12:14:00
926 forum posts
320 photos

We have been looking for one of my wife's pairs of spectacles for two days now. This morning I had a small DIY job to do and picked up one of my many pairs of ready readers from the workshop along with various tools. I don't remember putting them down, but I didn't have them when I went to start the job outside. Retraced steps, checked everywhere I thought I'd been, no sign.

My wife thinks the Borrowers are building a telescope.......

Glyn4403/04/2017 14:01:15
734 forum posts
93 photos

Oh David, I can match that. Awhile ago, I made my early morning cuppa, went to the back door, it's in the kitchen, let the dogs into the garden, turned around and my mug of tea had disappeared! Looked every where, gone.

Made my myself a second brew. Picked up the milk to return it to the fridge, opened the door, and there was my missing cuppa on a shelf! I could not remember putting it in there, try as I might.

Is there any hope for me at all?


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