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Are we sitting targets??

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Colin Bernard27/05/2017 11:41:58
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While reading another thread about fillers, reference was made to 'Red Devil' filler quoting a well known LMS as a supplier.

Looking on line they are currently quoting £4.45 for a 250ml tub. (This is £17.80/l). Yet at B&Q it is just £8.94 for a litre tub, and at Toolstation it is just £6.50/l.

Another LMS, which is one of my regular haunts, is quoting £3.69 (£14.76/l) for 250ml. Even comparing like for like, a quick search shows non model sites selling 250ml tubs at just £2.71.

I have noticed this before for example with fishing trace for closed loop, you are paying around £5 for 4m from an well known LMS, whilst an online fishing store will sell you a 10m reel complete with crimps for just £2.75.

And stick on weights are the same. JP weights are 2 strips for £3.15 - but online you can buy 100 strips for £16.75 (so 34p for 2!).

Why are LMSs so much more expensive? I realise they have to cater for small volume sales, but some of these variations are a bit extreme. Are we being ripped off here?

Matt Jones27/05/2017 11:43:47
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Denis Watkins27/05/2017 12:14:27
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Guys, a small shop on the outskirts of town costs £500 per week rent, plus rates at whatever they cook up.

The shopkeeper only needs £10 per week to keep their mortgage and family safe, and in town rents are £1500 per week, so its not so bad to sit there all week and wait for someone to buy

A packet of hinges and a tube of UHU Por.

Support your Local Model Shop, and not China

I am an idiot, and pay top dollar for my gear from the LMS, but he is still there when I go back.

Edited By Denis Watkins on 27/05/2017 12:15:13

iqon27/05/2017 12:30:43
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Support is one thing, being ripped off is another.

Colin Bernard27/05/2017 12:32:33
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The examples I quoted were from UK suppliers, not Chinese! I think B&Q and Toolstation will still be there next week.

Edited By Colin Bernard on 27/05/2017 12:33:47

jrman27/05/2017 12:47:30
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OS 120 Camshaft:

Ripmax (Ripoff) price, £59.99.

US Amazon price,( shipped from California), £34.90. No VAT levied but even it were it was still cheaper than UK purchase.

Will they justify the difference? Of course they won't. A lot of the blame lies at the importers door.

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator27/05/2017 13:02:20
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I think its the same in any spoecialised area.

Shops marking up is one factor - but how about products possibly being passed off to us as being more specialist than the really are and therefore commanding a premuim price? My favourite example is Balsaloc,...I really will take some convincing that this is not just thinned down PVA - and PVA is an awful lot cheaper!!


Denis Watkins27/05/2017 13:04:38
4334 forum posts
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You worked hard on your post Colin, thanks.

To help your original comments and post.

I am retired, but I often do one one day at the LMS to help him out with a break, and invariably, this is a Tuesday or a Friday. Usually the hours are 8.30am to 5pm, but this can be extended if a customer phones who cannot make that time.

Let's just take the last couple of years, and I can say hand on heart that half of the days that I was there,

Not one soul came into that shop

And if, on the other days, I served three customers, then I counted myself busy.

Eight customers on any day is counted as a good day by the boss and is uncommon.

Should the shop owner pay me? For nil returns? It is a difficult one.

With such a small turnover, this shops buying prices are dismal.

Colin Bernard27/05/2017 13:10:29
493 forum posts
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BEB - that is exactly my point. I don't mind paying realistic prices for specialist items where development and production costs have to be recouped from fairly small volumes, but the examples I quoted are generic not specialist.

Former Member27/05/2017 13:53:13

[This posting has been removed]

Stuphedd27/05/2017 14:17:23
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Nice little quality saw !Proxxon

I got mine from Screw fix , it was a tile cutter , for £25, special offer, about 6 months ago just needed a wood cutting blade rather than the diamond one supplied ,

and closed loop wire I have always used fishing trace nylon coated , cheap as chips , and also B&Q lite weight filler , and SOUDAL gorilla type glue for £7 for 750grm.

I think shopping around and thinking slightly out of the box ,is actually part of the hobby .

after 65 years I do think LMS have had their fair share from me !! But I do miss the friendly barter/banter .


Former Member27/05/2017 14:55:38

[This posting has been removed]

Dave Bran27/05/2017 17:08:37
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Two separate issues, being ripped off by model item oroducers, and being ripped off by Model Shops.

With regard producers, someone has presumably bothered to test, set up supply/production, put their name on something, package, label, arrange supply logistics, and support purchasers. Easy?

With regard Model Shops, product stocked is ageing as soon as stocked, this week's must have and why have you not got is next months been there, done that, no interest. Buy many, are able to offer e discount to buyers, but get stuck when its "over" Easy?

No way can they buy small quantities at the price to them that the B&Q's etc can!

Then again there's the pretty appalling things I have seen in Model Shops over the years, like a father asking for a chuck glider for his 6/7 year old son, and being sold a full on ribbed wing all balsa kit for a large RC glider and when asking how it will work without radio control being advised to "fix the surfaces with a pin".

Or the shop that sold an opened and part used threadlock without comment or discount, and when challenged stated "we didn't use much!"

Or the shop that bought four for a pound rechargables from a nearby £1 shop, opened the packs and sold them for a £1 each.

Easy to be critical I suppose....................................

Josip Vrandecic -Mes27/05/2017 18:48:03
2993 forum posts
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Hi Colin , If I can comfort you... everywhere is the same and somewhere harder ... ''Traders'' are robberies in fine black suits with colored wine ties and  with wolf smile on their faces... and Doc Holliday is so far away ...face 11

Edited By Josip Vrandecic -Mes on 27/05/2017 18:49:07

Edited By Josip Vrandecic -Mes on 27/05/2017 18:51:56

Former Member27/05/2017 19:36:13
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[This posting has been removed]

Andrew76727/05/2017 20:19:31
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Posted by Percy Verance on 27/05/2017 13:53:13:

Some of the *specialist* glues and adhesives are a case in point, as is balsa and plywood. I almost always buy larger sizes/sections than I actually require, with the intention of cutting them down to my own requirements as and when. Undoubtedly there is a mark-up on smaller sections of balsa, because the importer has had to cut them down himself from larger sections......

I reckon one of these could well pay for itself over a few years......


Edited By Percy Verance on 27/05/2017 13:58:26

Percy.....I know we've had this discussion before but you are quite correct. The price tag seems quite high but it doesn't take long to make it back.


Former Member27/05/2017 20:53:14

[This posting has been removed]

Stuphedd27/05/2017 22:06:50
700 forum posts
369 photos

I have said it many times before ______

But for wing spars I always use double glazing bar , stronger and lighter and cheaper than balsa and comes in 4 metre lenghts in lots of different sizes. and it does not warp ,

Just finished a Twister con liner wing using it!

It works !

Cliff 195927/05/2017 22:52:56
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Posted by Pete Willbourn on 27/05/2017 22:06:50:

But for wing spars I always use double glazing bar , stronger and lighter and cheaper than balsa and comes in 4 metre lenghts in lots of different sizes. and it does not warp ,

Hi Pete, can you elaborate?

Andrew76727/05/2017 23:51:25
809 forum posts
4 photos
Posted by Percy Verance on 27/05/2017 20:53:14:

Absolutely Andrew. I go for the rock hard sheets of balsa you always find at model shops. It's too heavy for most people's tastes, but it's superb for wing spars and longerons after a few minutes with the Proxxon.......

....and by the time we've cut it down,it's so much cheaper than spruce.......Proxxon wins every time!!


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