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Swift 82

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Piers Bowlan05/01/2018 05:52:12
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Excellent wing CS, looks very strong and well built. Hope your garage is heated!

Concorde Speedbird05/01/2018 16:41:58
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Thank you very much, that is nice of you to say. It isn't heated but I have a good coat! Once in my last workshop I was building and it was -12 degrees.

Concorde Speedbird05/01/2018 22:55:50
2708 forum posts
618 photos


I made the lip for the leading edge of the wing skin to sit on and glued it on.


Then I finished off the pitot attachment. I made this removable since it is quite susceptible (and to shape the leading edge).




Coincidentally the full size Giles 200 (on which my design is based) has the pitot in the same place as mine.

I think I will make a small shroud to make it look a bit less ungainly. My current train of thought is that the sensor can go next to the servo bay.


TX is a Taranis if you haven't guessed already. I'll also have a variometer on board to measure altitude, as well as the standard rx voltage and signal strength telemetry. I'm doing this to test if the telemetry has a use, so I will conduct some flight testing to see if I can use the airspeed sensor to set a usable stall warning on the transmitter. It adds something else of interest too.

Bets on a bit of grass from the runway block the pitot up after 2 seconds after this work?!

john stones 106/01/2018 00:23:48
9593 forum posts
1428 photos

Nice build CS, like your subject as well. yes

David Ovenden06/01/2018 10:02:26
316 forum posts
15 photos

"Bets on a bit of grass from the runway block the pitot up after 2 seconds after this work?!"


​Well I can't speak for the Taranis ASI unit, but my JR telemetry unit has worked pretty well and doesn't seem to block up. Provides useful info on relative airspeed. However, I feel that the "delay" in telemetry updates may mean you have to set the warning speed alarm a bit higher than the critical airspeed to allow time for the system to trigger and the pilot to respond?

Concorde Speedbird06/01/2018 12:35:45
2708 forum posts
618 photos

Thank you very much John. Quite possibly David, the instantaneous telemetry response on the ground seems quick but I have not tested it in flight yet. We shall have to see how it fares then.

I installed the rest of the airspeed sensor assembly- the pipes and the sensor. The sensor is mounted on foam for vibration protection. I then did a built in test to check that it was all working and happily it was.


The servo is sitting there to ensure nothing clashed.


A quick wiring check


The pipes and sensor are permanently in now and the tube will be removed for the rest of the wing build. Next is to sort out the aileron parts, then we can start to think about the top wing skin.

I must tidy my bench...

Concorde Speedbird06/01/2018 22:36:04
2708 forum posts
618 photos

Cutting the slots for the aileron servo horns.


Note the allen headed servo screws- I just discovered these from ModelFixings and I adore them, they make installing servos so much easier. No more rounded out servo screws!


I also trimmed down the false trailing edge.


And I still haven't tidied the bench...

I would have more but I nearly built myself into trouble by changing the ailerons in a manner that no material would be there to sand a bevel into (i.e. aileron travel would be precisely 0 degrees, 0 radians or 0 any unit of angle). I realised though and have now stopped trying to be clever and reverted to plan A.

Even on my own design I am trying to disobey the designer...

More tomorrow.

Tom Thomas06/01/2018 23:53:56
315 forum posts
207 photos

Looking very good yes

Concorde Speedbird07/01/2018 13:34:34
2708 forum posts
618 photos

Thank you very much Tom.

Aileron false leading edge on- note gap to wing false trailing edge where the aileron leading edge will go once the ailerons and wing have been separated.


And the other side (I have put the triangles on the corner on the other one too).51.jpg

These little ribs at the inner aileron have been added to fill what would have been a hole. Gap is to accomodate movement and covering thickness.


Just a couple of little jobs before skinning time. Might be able to skin this evening if I have time, if not then probably Tuesday.

Concorde Speedbird07/01/2018 23:11:41
2708 forum posts
618 photos

I did manage to get the top skin on.

Here is the skin:


And a couple of final pictures of the structure. Note the hinge blocks and string for servo wires.



I'll miss looking at the structure, it will look a bit boring with the top skin on. Might see it again one day in a crash I suppose.

I cleared the bench and chocked the wing accurately. Out come the plethora of aviation magazines once again for the top skin.


We shall see tomorrow afternoon how the wing has come out. Not long until some fuselage action now which is good.

John Privett07/01/2018 23:23:53
5702 forum posts
219 photos
Posted by Concorde Speedbird on 06/01/2018 22:36:04:

Note the allen headed servo screws- I just discovered these from ModelFixings and I adore them, they make installing servos so much easier. No more rounded out servo screws!

I thought everybody knew about those! I've been using them for years and wouldn't go back to ordinary ones. And if you think your bench needs tidying, you should see mine. No, I'm not going to post any pics! embarrassed

Keep up the good work!

Concorde Speedbird08/01/2018 17:54:30
2708 forum posts
618 photos

Maybe I'm just late to the party regarding servo screws. I have 200 of them now! Thank you.

A wing!


See it looks boring now.



I think it is straight, it looks it but it is difficult to tell due to the geometrical complications of taper plus dihedral. I'll find out immediately after take off.

Because this aeroplane is designed by myself, I am trying to keep a closer eye on weight of components. I weighed the wing (minus servos, but there is still some material removal on the wing too) and it was pretty much 1 lb, or about 460 grammes. Pretty much the same weight as the engine interestingly. I don't know if that is good or not but it feels reasonable (for a 17% thick wing) in the hands and I think my target AUW of less than or equal to 5 1/2 lbs is achievable.

If I was building another I'd use balsa spars and do the root structure differently to make it lighter, because it is incredibly strong now. All part of learning I suppose.

Can't do any more today because I have work to do. Tomorrow I shall continue, maybe start on the fuselage.

Concorde Speedbird11/01/2018 22:08:52
2708 forum posts
618 photos

Not a lot to report. Decided to put the wing aside for now and start work on the fuselage.


This can't do, tidiness!


Better. It's difficult to see the actual drawing, but it looks like a Giles.


The fuselage side wood was not sufficiently wide, so it had to be doubled up.


I then marked out the port side- they are different lengths for side thrust, so it will be important to not get them the wrong way round.

Not decided if I will build a jig or not for the fuselage. My next project will be using a jig, so now may be a good time to make one.

More tomorrow.

Concorde Speedbird12/01/2018 20:24:00
2708 forum posts
618 photos

As if by magic:


Very pleased with these. Swann Morton with a new blade and taping the rule to the parts is the key.

So then I started on the ply doublers:


Decided to de-weight them a bit:


Note that material has been kept around that sharp stress point on the leading edge. A good weight saving.

Now to attach ply doublers I have used impact adhesive. I don't really like this stuff- it is messy, it smells horrible, and putting the two parts together with the instantaneous bond is stressful enough for sports psychologists could use it as a test for working under severe mental torture. But it works brilliantly for this application, and I have tried and failed to find an alternative method. Here is glue on:


And glued:


Woo I didn't make two left sides! I have decided to make a fuselage jig (using SLEC parts) so I will do what I can over the weekend and perhaps do some tail surfaces/wing stuff if I get stuck before the bits arrive next week.

I am really enjoying this build, and I have just ordered the plan and parts for my next project. You can try and guess what that is if that is remotely entertaining (clue: it is a scale model of a very famous aeroplane).

john stones 112/01/2018 20:40:17
9593 forum posts
1428 photos

Very nice C.S, yep contact adhesives stink but work well, O.D models are great enjoyment. yes

Paul C.12/01/2018 22:28:26
437 forum posts
110 photos

A Spitfire 😎

Concorde Speedbird12/01/2018 22:36:23
2708 forum posts
618 photos

Thanks a lot John!

Close Paul, on the right lines! I have done a Spitfire previously (pictured).

Paul C.13/01/2018 09:28:44
437 forum posts
110 photos

Hawker Hurricane ☺ next guess would be a Corsair 😆. Enjoying watching your build progress , keep up the good work 👍


Concorde Speedbird13/01/2018 17:25:10
2708 forum posts
618 photos

Thank you Paul, again close but no cigar! It will be a P-51D from the Brian Taylor plan.

Onward with the engine bulkhead. The fuselage is very wide- the Giles is small enough that at 55" this is still 1/4.3 scale. Curved sections will be built above and below this.


With the mount...


And because I am sad...


I then glued the mount bolts in.

Next the wing mounting plate.


Some holes make it considerably easier to put the dowels through.


I then slightly countersunk the holes and opened them a tad so it is possible to mount the wing on and off. I also removed some material in the name of weight saving, might take some more off.


Concorde Speedbird13/01/2018 22:09:35
2708 forum posts
618 photos

This evening's entertainment comprised of making the formers:

Testing this Gorilla wood glue as a faster setting alternative to my normal standard PVA. I wanted Titebond but I saw this at a shop. I like it, it appears to work very well and the part was strong after a short time for a cold day. Still eyeing this up for more lightening...


The rest were CA'd


The only qualm with a wide fuselage is that the engine bulkhead is large and quite heavy. I might cut some away at the lower end as a hot air duct like I have on my ARTF Wots Wot. I'm expecting a nose heavy aeroplane currently (I lengthened the nose slightly compared to the Giles) so servos and battery will be moved aft to counteract that.

Tomorrow I might get stuck because I will need the jig. I have the MDF board- awaiting delivery of the SLEC jig parts. I might do the ailerons and/or some fleet maintenance.

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