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Swift 82

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Concorde Speedbird14/01/2018 14:47:07
2712 forum posts
628 photos

Decided to do some wing work in the absence of the jig.

I cut the ailerons away and the slots for the aileron servo units (note- I located the string for the servo wires at both ends first).


Close up of the servo hatch:


Here are the ailerons:


And then I glued the leading edges on:


The tape crushing the trailing edge is not an issue because it isn't the final trailing edge.

Concorde Speedbird14/01/2018 21:54:13
2712 forum posts
628 photos

Final update from a productive weekend.

I found the original sketch I made from the Giles 3 views. This is what I drew the plan from.


I drilled and screwed the servo hatches on. The one on the right still needs some adjustment.


The trailing edges of the ailerons have been stuck on. Both leading and trailing edges will need a big planing/sanding session.


And I drilled out the undercarriage from the holes that were already there. I'm using nylon wing bolts to save the undercarriage mount in unfortunate circumstances. Previously I have used number plate bolts to the same effect.


Hopefully the fuselage bits arrive soon.

Tom Thomas14/01/2018 23:50:31
315 forum posts
207 photos

That wing looks very tidy!

Concorde Speedbird15/01/2018 22:50:15
2712 forum posts
628 photos

Thank you very much Tom.


Shaping the ailerons. They are still very rough- not sanded yet- so please be nice!

Decided to hinge them (no glue) to check the movement was sufficient. The full size Giles has an astounding roll rate (honestly watch a video of it), so I have large ailerons (not 3D large but this is not that sort of aeroplane) to replicate that performance. They look about the same size as the Giles ailerons.


The lighting in this picture makes the skin on the left look a bit 'ballooned'. It isn't- I just checked it (and I could see inside when the lower skin went on) so it is just a funny camera illusion. I was worried for a second...

I do like that wing planform. The wing tips are precisely cut now, obviously the central trailing edge is not on yet.



Available movement looks good.

Still no jig parts! I suppose I have a leading edge to plane next.

Martyn K16/01/2018 09:54:32
4611 forum posts
3217 photos

Just spotted this CSB. Nice to see that you are back in the land of the builders.

Following, it looks great


Concorde Speedbird16/01/2018 23:10:40
2712 forum posts
628 photos

Nice to hear from you again Martyn! Funnily enough I was re-reading your Astro Hog 25 build log the other day, that was a good one.

Planing and a bit of sanding on the wing makes it look slightly more aerodynamically pleasant. Still far from done, but I shall save that for just before covering so it is less critical if I ding the wing.


Thick! Note the drooped aileron on the right.


Fin and tailplane now. I then realised I never drew the tailplane plan! Not to worry, I got the three views and drew it out. Note elevator balance tabs at the tips, a la Giles.


Then I built the frame. I looked at my Domino build log from 5 years ago when I was 16 since those ones were like this. Blimey I talked a lot back then!


Every time I do the tail surfaces like this with a frame sheeted in thin balsa, I have reduced the frame size to save weight. It's so strong when the sheeting is on that this is okay- although I wouldn't go less than this one. Might put some little triangles on the very corners though.

Here is the fin. Spot the error and fix! I will neaten that up.


It got late so I couldn't sheet them today. Will do tomorrow. Also, the jig parts are arriving tomorrow so I can make that.

Concorde Speedbird17/01/2018 21:02:40
2712 forum posts
628 photos

Sheeting the tail surfaces. I decided to leave these overnight.


If Laser Jon peaks in, I have some Laser mix fuel on order I promise!

The jig parts arrived! Due to the tail surfaces the fuselage will have to wait until tomorrow, but I drilled the holes anyhow (I was lazy and only drilled the holes I need for this fuselage, I will do the rest afterwards).


I did some fleet maintenance after this since it was the evening and I didn't wish to disturb the neighbours by hammering in captive nuts. I am looking forwards to getting the fuselage in the jig, that should be tomorrow.

Concorde Speedbird18/01/2018 21:55:43
2712 forum posts
628 photos

Fuselage time. First I did the first two bulkheads with epoxy, and let that get strong enough so it won't dislodge when drawing in the fuselage sides at the tail. The cable ties are because the plastic right angles appeared to flex when screwed down. The sides are at right angles.


Then Gorilla PVA for the rest. The middle one is back to front (mistake) but it does not affect anything, it just annoys people with OCD (and annoys me!).



Here is how the tail surfaces came out.


Next is the undercarriage plate and rear lower decking- keeping it in the jig since these will improve the stiffness of the fuselage.

Concorde Speedbird19/01/2018 16:38:05
2712 forum posts
628 photos

Sorting out the undercarriage plate. I am still unsure whether this undercarriage is too large, but it can always be replaced if necessary.


And with glue


Martyn K19/01/2018 16:52:17
4611 forum posts
3217 photos

Very neat indeed. Nice work. I wish I could build as tidily as that


Concorde Speedbird19/01/2018 21:57:01
2712 forum posts
628 photos

Thank you very much Martyn. I always enjoy following your builds, if I zoomed in more on mine it would show more discrepancies I am sure!

I glued the balsa section in front of the undercarriage plate but forgot to take pictures (sorry!). More tomorrow.

Paul C.19/01/2018 22:02:31
448 forum posts
110 photos

Loads of room for the radio gear in that fus, have you decided what you are going to do with the cowl and canopy . (Or is that a secret to be revealed later) wink


Broken Prop20/01/2018 14:50:11
546 forum posts
1 photos

That's not messy, it is just been used properly......


Concorde Speedbird20/01/2018 17:08:03
2712 forum posts
628 photos

Yes quite right Paul. Cowl will be of wooden construction and canopy a bit of a lottery currently! I have some potential ones, but whether or not they will fit is a different matter.

Thanks BP!

Here's the bit I glued on last night.


I put in some braces just to help ensure the straightness remains.


The tailwheel mount:


The area at the wing leading edge former is a big stress point, so I am tempted to either put these triangles or some other means of reinforcement.


Then I did the underside decking formers. The angled one is so if the wing clips the ground and breaks off, less damage is likely to occur. These are to be sheeted rather than planked, presuming the curves are not too extreme for the balsa.



And then I did the inevitable.


Obviously the wing incidence is wrong and the fin and tailplane are on the wrong side.

Concorde Speedbird21/01/2018 21:24:27
2712 forum posts
628 photos

Rear underside deck sheeting. First I propped the central spar at the angled former so it doesn't break during construction and added something for the sheeting to sit against.


I attached the sheet at the bottom...


But of course I made a categorical error!


The end of the sheet is in front of the former. I decided to just do the sheet and I will sort it out when it has set, which won't be too difficult.

The first half was a bit of a faff, with the sheet splitting at the tail. But I managed to fix that and get it on in a reasonable state. Note kettle for steaming the wood.



The second half went a lot better at the tail thanks to more wetting of the wood, and perhaps a slightly bendier piece of wood.




So I will neaten up the tail section next, but other than that that is the underside of the fuselage. Next is to sort out the area behind, which includes the tail wheel mount, before turning it over and sorting the internals and top decking.

Concorde Speedbird22/01/2018 19:00:41
2712 forum posts
628 photos

I fixed up the error. It still needs work, but only once I have further strengthened the area with some Gorilla Glue.


Then I suppose I could have done something productive, but I saw an opportunity...




It is interesting to see it together for the first time. When drawing it, I had a reasonable idea what it would look like but to actually see it is interesting. Some points I took from this:

  • It looks like a Giles 200. I must have done something right!
  • Undercarriage is quite tall but I think will look fine when the rest of the fuselage shape is in.
  • WIDE fuselage! Perhaps could have had a tighter taper, but I think when the curved top decks go on it will look better (and it should help with knife edge).
  • Engine looks good, could fit entirely in the cowl if I wish (considering cooling options). The prop will be an inch larger in diameter than the one shown.
  • The roll rate off this thing will be... brisk! The Giles is famous for it's 500 degrees per second roll rate (watch here if you wish) and you can see why- fairly short tapered wings coupled with large straight chord ailerons. Rates will be important on the maiden flight.
  • Happy with the weight so far, and C of G should be easily achievable using tactical Rx battery placement.

I'll actually do something productive in a bit!

Concorde Speedbird22/01/2018 21:23:00
2712 forum posts
628 photos

I decided to plan the controls, since on a radio controlled aeroplane it is quite useful to have controls. I am using snakes, they get a lot of criticism but I've used them on every build and have had no issues with trim changing or anything.

The tailplane sits higher than the fuselage side (look at a Giles picture to see how high it is). Therefore it needs a block of balsa to sit on. I put these 1/4" square pieces in to increase gluing area.


Then Thunderbird 2 dropped off the Mole (I may be 21 but I still watched Thunderbirds!).


This is the elevator snake.


The rudder snake goes through the fuselage side lower down so it doesn't clash with the elevator. It was looking like the servos would breach the cockpit floor, but I think I can get them lower now. Obviously the snakes will need more supports.


I then glued the tailplane mount on.


That Gorilla wood glue sets incredibly hard- it was hard work to file it down with a new permagrit needle file!.

Paul C.22/01/2018 21:45:01
448 forum posts
110 photos

Spotted a complete DVD set of Thunderbirds episodes in sainsburys was tempted but resisted, might go back for another look though wink

Concorde Speedbird22/01/2018 22:28:46
2712 forum posts
628 photos

You should!

Got bored and roughly planned a potential colour scheme. I will probably make it more simple. Underneath the wing/tailplane will be red and white stripes in the direction of travel to provide easy orientation, especially important with a very manoeuvrable aeroplane.


Concorde Speedbird23/01/2018 22:14:40
2712 forum posts
628 photos

This arrived today!


Which gives me another incentive to crack on with the Swift.

Decided to sort out the top rear deck formers.



This canopy (actually from a Sukhoi, like the undercarriage) might actually fit and with a clean up, look reasonable. We shall have to see.

Here is everything glued in place. I think I will add a couple more stringers to support the sheeting.


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