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Man on the moon. Really?

Quest 15/7/17 NASA`s unexplained files.

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Martin McIntosh16/07/2017 19:42:19
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This has nothing to do with model flying, or does it?

I watched one of the so called moon take offs again on the above program and there is a camera tilting upwards to follow the `space craft` at launch. Who stayed behind to operate it?

Flash Gordon was more realistic. I know that this is an old conspiracy theory subject but really, just how naive do the Americans think the rest of the world is?

Devcon116/07/2017 19:59:07
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Perhaps it was the Man on the Moon.

Denis Watkins16/07/2017 20:14:58
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I have embraced the " moon landings" all my life, like many others

And I stayed up to watch it live in 1969, despite my driving test the next day

It was imperative not to miss Neil Armstrong

But like you, I now believe that we were in fact " taken for a ride" at that time

Tony Bennett16/07/2017 20:30:57
5082 forum posts
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"shakes head sadly" wink

john stones 116/07/2017 20:34:33
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Flash Gordons not real ? ah c'mon you made that up. film

Phil 916/07/2017 20:36:45
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It is an interesting subject nonetheless w​hat ever your view point. There is strong evidence that photos. Released by nasa were doctored or enhanced but does that mean they are fake?

Piers Bowlan16/07/2017 20:40:12
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To quote John McEnroe 'You cannot be serious!'

Pete Collins16/07/2017 20:42:38
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Interestingly, I saw an interview on the TV with the guy that DID operate that camera - from Mission Control in Huston! He did it with a joystick and a stopwatch, having practiced using a simulation. The trick was that he knew the exact time of liftoff and had to anticipate, and pan the camera in advance, to allow for the signal transit time from here to the moon - tricky!

Dave Bran16/07/2017 20:49:25
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Now to a really important Boris Johnson a REAL person?

Don Fry16/07/2017 21:05:24
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No, he is an alien. It must be true. I read it in a newspaper.

John Privett16/07/2017 21:05:46
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Is it April 1st already?

All the "arguments" put forward by the conspiracy theorists can be easily refuted - and have been frequently. Not that the conspiracy theorists will listen - they just move on to the next question, state that "obviously" such-and-such is fake and then throw around a few personal insults before starting again with the original question and looping ad-infinitum.

If nothing else, consider how difficult/impossible it would have been with 1960's technology to fake not just Apollo 11 but the entire Apollo series - and to do it all without a single thing going wrong to expose the fraud. How many thousands of people would have to have been involved, yet none have come forward to confess in the 48 years since then. Let's face it, in that era, Nixon couldn't even keep secret a simple burglary involving 5 men!

I know what I saw live on TV in the early hours of 21st July 1969, and nothing I've seen since has convinced me otherwise, or even come close to doing so.

Martin McIntosh16/07/2017 21:10:01
3405 forum posts
1202 photos

Thought that this may stir some of you up a bit! I knew all along that it was the man in the moon.

Craig Carr16/07/2017 21:10:07
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Posted by Pete Collins on 16/07/2017 20:42:38:

Interestingly, I saw an interview on the TV with the guy that DID operate that camera - from Mission Control in Huston! He did it with a joystick and a stopwatch, having practiced using a simulation. The trick was that he knew the exact time of liftoff and had to anticipate, and pan the camera in advance, to allow for the signal transit time from here to the moon - tricky!

Yes I saw that one just the other day.../. I think the footage Martin refers to was apollo 17. The guy said it was his last chance to get it right and had to factor in the signal delay between earth and moon. He got it "just so "

Martin McIntosh16/07/2017 21:15:32
3405 forum posts
1202 photos

But it was the same thing on Apollo 11. I was watching it `live` and just fell about laughing, realising that we had all been duped.

Geoff S16/07/2017 21:23:14
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John Privett: Absolutely! We didn't have a TV at the time (nor since!) but I borrowed one from the family TV shop because I was determined to witness the moon landings in as near real time as possible. We didn't have a TV licence but we did have a radio-only one so - horror! - we broke the law for a whole evening.

It was a work day and Armstrong seemed to take forever to climb down that ladder and utter the famous (and at the time unintelligible) words "One small step for a man. One giant leap for mankind.". I think we got to bed about 4am!

There is no way it was faked. Forget all the analysis just think how many people would have to be in on the scam - 1000s. Then think how much money there is to be made if just one of them spilled the beans.


Gordon Whitehead 116/07/2017 21:24:05
344 forum posts
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If you want to know how ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING was worked out and achieved, then get a book entitled : How Apollo Flew to the Moon by W David Woods, Praxis Books, revised and enlarged second edition, 12 Aug 2011. My wife bought me it from Amazon for Christmas, and it's one of the most unputdownable books I've read in all my 72 3/4 years.


Peter Christy16/07/2017 21:24:43
1818 forum posts

I was working at TV Centre in the video tape department when that feed came in from NASA. It was all explained quite clearly at the time.

The camera was on the lunar rover, being remote controlled from earth - as it had been throughout the mission. The precise take-off time and upward acceleration of the lunar module were known - they had to be, or else the orbital rendez-vous would have failed. All that was needed was to allow for the speed-of-light delay between earth and moon (also well known) and to tell the camera to tilt up at the right moment.

Simples. Even with 1970s technology - though the imagery was breath taking when it came in.

I was going to say "it isn't rocket science" - but clearly it is!

Seriously, if the Americans had tried to fake it, the Russians - not to mention Kettering Grammar School - would have detected it immediately and shouted it from the roof tops.

Lew Grade and "Capricorn One" have a lot to answer for. The video slow motion machines of that era were clumsy erratic things that frequently broke down, produced noticeably noisy images, and could only store around 30 seconds of video. They were good for instant replays of a goal and that was about all.

They certainly weren't up to the kind of trickery attributed to them in "Capricorn One", and at the time, they were cutting edge technology. Trust me. I KNOW!



Trevor Crook16/07/2017 21:48:05
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Some conspiracy theorist confronted Buzz Aldrin a few years ago and got a punch in the face for his troubles. Quite right too.

Former Member16/07/2017 22:00:08
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[This posting has been removed]

KiwiKid16/07/2017 22:03:56
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Interesting post Peter. I didn't know that one Trevor - one thing that sticks in my mind was an interview with Buzz Aldrin where he was asked about the allegations of faking the landings and he said that if anyone had come to him and told him that they had to fake the landings he would have punched them in the face - what a guy. Quite interesting now seeing the shots of the landing sites with all the tracks and gear strewn around - unless they are fake too!!

Edited By KiwiKid on 16/07/2017 22:05:01

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