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Destroyed Drone

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ted hughes23/07/2017 00:41:35
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A few days ago, walking my dog in the local park in the evening, I came across an abandoned drone.It was quite big and upside down.

As it was raining, I picked it up and took it home.

I asked my wife what she thought was the best way to return it to it's owner. She said put it on Facebook- but under what heading? What chance the owner would stumble upon it?

The following morning, I took it to a residential area where it could have come from and asked a resident it they knew of a drone flyer nearby. No.

She suggested leaving it by the local school.

I did that, leaving in a bus shelter near the school where I knew youngsters "hung out" in the evenings. I was hoping they would know the owner and return it.

Tonight I saw the drone had been smashed to pieces in the shelter.

What should I have done?



Edited By ted hughes on 23/07/2017 00:42:12

Martin Harris23/07/2017 00:51:55
9263 forum posts
245 photos

Select return to home? wink

ted hughes23/07/2017 01:06:04
466 forum posts
Posted by Martin Harris on 23/07/2017 00:51:55:

Select return to home? wink

I checked, didn't have it.

cymaz23/07/2017 06:25:34
9196 forum posts
1186 photos

Sorry, it serves the owner right. And this is the problem we all face as law abiding modellers. While I understand all that's going on with EASA it won't stop this sort of thing. You did the right thing Ted by putting it on view. If the owner had been out looking for it then he could have found it by accident. It's not your fault it was destroyed

Braddock, VC23/07/2017 06:50:24
1647 forum posts
82 photos

Raises the query, "How many of us put contact details in or on our models?" As we used to yonks ago.

Denis Watkins23/07/2017 08:16:27
4334 forum posts
104 photos

The model may have flown miles Ted, to finish up where you found it.

At least you tried, with the best intentions.

Hindsight would be the addition of a postcode, or a BMFA number for more privacy.

There is no foolproof action that you could have taken, perhaps hang on to the model and try social media a suggested.

Devcon123/07/2017 09:07:23
1409 forum posts
493 photos

Maybe handed in to the police as lost property, if could have tied in with any reports of inappropriate use and given the police the opportunity of some advice should the owner have enquired.

If nothing untoward had happened it would have reunited a much loved bit of kit to a responsible flyer.

Although at the time it's always hard to decide what to do.

Peter Miller23/07/2017 09:21:21
10961 forum posts
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Perhaps getting in touch with the local radio station. I got a lost mdel back that way once.

gangster23/07/2017 09:31:27
1010 forum posts
17 photos

Sorry, it serves the owner right. And this is the problem we all face as law abiding That is a bit harsh methinks. I am sure many of us have lost a model from time to time if only for a few hours.

Jon - Laser Engines23/07/2017 09:31:56
5422 forum posts
263 photos

I am with Devcon on this one. If handed to the police then not only does it wash your hands of any involvement but it gives an easy to locate point of contact. As for the bus shelter....i see the types that loiter in the shelters near me and i dont like to drive past them let alone leave anything in one. Half the time the shelters themselves are in ruins. Apparently respect for someone elses property is very low these days and i am not quite sure why.

While i can see cymaz's point i think its probably unfair to assume the pilot was being stupid with it. He might have made a mistake, hit a tree, had a lipo cell go down...we dont know. A chap at my club has had a number of fixed wing flyaway models due to a tx fault so we shouldnt jump to conclusions. If we do we are just as bad as the media hyping the whole thing up.

In any event, you did your best to return the drone so i wouldnt be too concerned but i can see why you feel bad.

gangster23/07/2017 09:48:57
1010 forum posts
17 photos

Actually the Facebook idea would have been a good one if you have a local community pages most places do chances are it would have reunited the model with its owner particularly if it had also been handed into the police. They use face as well. What is really troubling me though is the "holier than though" attitude that is coming through from modellers some have even referred to themselves as legitimate modellers. Come on now probably only a fraction of a percent of those who fly a drone are doing anything stupid and illegal. As I have said before a toy aeroplane is a toy aeroplane whatever it is

John Robertson 323/07/2017 09:52:42
192 forum posts
5 photos

Ted - it's not YOUR fault there was no I/D markings on the machine. Nor is it YOUR fault that it was, presumably, lost in the first place. Everything else that follows is simply you trying to do the "right" thing and I see no reason for you to feel bad - although hindsight, as always, is a wonderful thing!

My models have telephone numbers (landline & mobile) and an email address on them. I would hope any finder would either contact me direct or hand it in to the polis station. Fingers crossed in anticipation that this would never be necessary.

Andrew Mawman23/07/2017 11:35:08
29 forum posts
2 photos

Make reasonable attempts to locate the owner and or take it to the local Police Station. if no one claims it after 3 months its yours, then eBay it!

Mowerman23/07/2017 11:44:12
1552 forum posts
105 photos

yesfor Andrew Mawman's post.

ted hughes23/07/2017 12:01:34
466 forum posts

I was a bit astounded it had been smashed. Stolen, yes, I could believe that.

But what was the point of it being ground to pieces? Some people may not like drones, but surely they accept other people do?

I don't know what motivates people to destroy things.

Andy4823/07/2017 12:09:40
1496 forum posts
8 photos

I think leaving it in a bus shelter was asking for the inevitable, sadly.

Why assume it belonged to kids, there are plenty of stupid/misguided adults around.

Martin Harris23/07/2017 12:45:49
9263 forum posts
245 photos

I hope this doesn't come over as being "holier than thou" but with the benefit of hindsight and detached thought, perhaps leaving it in the bus shelter wasn't a very responsible thing to do. A large drone will have a sizeable LiPo which could do some serious damage to a child that might abuse it.

Far better to hand it in to the police (with a warning of the possible dangers of storing the battery) or if that's inconvenient, at least notify them that you have it in safe keeping.

cymaz23/07/2017 13:14:51
9196 forum posts
1186 photos

Just had an it on a lost and found on Facebook/ similar

Martian23/07/2017 13:25:32
2485 forum posts
1163 photos

I don't think there is a right or wrong way to have dealt with each of us would come up with a decent solution, personally I would have taken it home for safe keeping but having said that I live in a small community and would have been able to ask around. Just a thought could it have been a lost Amazon delivery 😉

Mark a23/07/2017 14:04:26
321 forum posts
3 photos

On the plus side its one less to worry about.

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