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My Spektrum DX9 transmitter has stopped working.

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David Davis14/08/2017 18:58:14
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Last week I took a model to the flying field and my previously 100% reliable Spektrum DX9 transmitter failed to work at all. The transmitter switched on alright and appeared to be perfectly normal but having switched on the receiver there was no response. I took everything home and tried operating the transmitter with other models with the same result. I even tried re-binding the transmitter to one model but the young lady who still warns me that I've got the throttle in a high position when switching on the transmitter, was silent during the binding process.

To my way of thinking, and I know nothing about electronics, this points to a fault with the transmitter. Fortunately I have a Spektrum DX6i which I can use.

Before I pack up the transmitter and send it away to Germany, is there anything else I can do?

flight114/08/2017 19:02:41
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Buy replacement Frsky, Hitec, multiplex, futaba insteaddevil angel

Colin Carpenter14/08/2017 19:10:22
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Are the orange bars alight on the face ? If not , the RF boards gone ! Only seen this on a Black DX6 so far , though ! Colin

Don Fry14/08/2017 19:12:34
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Serious question, serious answers, flight 1.

David, can't help. Sounds like it is a repair. Faster it's shot off to Spektrum, the faster its back.

kc14/08/2017 19:18:52
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I don't know much about the DX9 but my guess would be to check if it's set as the slave or something in the wireless trainer setting. Something that happened between the last flight and today...........a switch knocked perhaps?

In Britain taking back to the dealer would seem to be the correct procedure now, elewhere too perhaps.

Denis Watkins14/08/2017 19:31:51
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David, I always thought that the servo monitor screen was just "bling"" but it is not

Go to monitor, and watch for stick movements

That screen is a true monitor of out put

See if you have that much

Also, after switch on, hold in the roller for 5 seconds, and this is a reset

Also SD cards are notoriously unreliable and can become corrupt, or just loose

Clean the contacts on the SD card

Edited By Denis Watkins on 14/08/2017 19:35:45

Martin Harris14/08/2017 19:36:58
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I know very little about Spektrum but it might be worth disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it after a 30 second pause. There's nothing to lose by trying...

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator14/08/2017 20:02:57
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Again I'm not a Spektrum expert - but sonme basic checks that might help,...

1. Is there any sign of life - ie dores the screen come on, does any power-on light light up? If not could be battery or power supply duff.

2. As Denis asks above do the Orange lights come on - I understand that if not then as Denis says - RF not transmitting.

3. Check the channel monitors as suggested - nothing there again suggests no RF.

If it's anything more than item 1 - then it needs to go back unless you are really confident in your electronics skills!!

If it's 1. then it would be worth trying a new battery and/or just cycling the battery connection and then giving it a good "wiggle" with the Tx turned on - that may find any dodgy connection. Martin's suggestion about waiting 30-60 secs before reconnecting is also worth a try - sometimes this resets things.


Pete B - Moderator14/08/2017 21:18:48
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Many of the above suggestions are well worth trying. If tey fails to solve the problem, you could try posting a question over on RCG here.

Andy Kunz, the Spekky software guru, monitors the thread and he will quickly tell you whether you can solve it yourself or if it needs to be sent in.


Trevor Crook14/08/2017 22:12:03
934 forum posts
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David, some time ago my DX8 refused to "boot up" properly. I assumed it was a Tx fault but my son googled it and it transpired that the SD card that was in it had gone faulty. I removed the card and it has been fine since. Could it be a similar problem with yours?

If not, and you try the above suggestions, then it looks like you'll have to find out how well the new service regime works. Keep us posted.

David Davis15/08/2017 06:31:55
3666 forum posts
688 photos

Thanks for the advice gentlemen.

To deal with things in order, Colin the orange bars are not lighting up so it looks as if the RF board has gone.

KC the trainer setting on a DX9 has to be set up each time you want to use the transmitter for training so that is unlikely to be the problem.

Denis, I've gone to monitor but not sure what I'm supposed to be looking for. If I move the sticks the little squares move up and down their tracks except for the throttle channel, Mode 2, which is stationary and on full back trim. I have always used the transmitter without the SD card in place, is this wrong? I update it when necessary. I'm not very good with computers. blush

Martin, BEB, Pete and Trevor, thanks for the advice but it really does look as if the RF board's gone so it lokks like I'll have to send it to Germany. I'll try to post it today. I'll let you now how I get on.

Denis Watkins15/08/2017 07:21:34
4310 forum posts
102 photos

It doesn't matter now David, as the whole lot will be repaired, but there is an issue with the throttle pot not working, and it will take them minutes to replace that. If the gimbals were an issue, the monitor would display this, so its not a waste of time checking. I would mention the throttle in the note you send in your package.

Nigel R15/08/2017 08:48:00
3710 forum posts
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The stuck throttle pot might cause an internal self check to fail, and in turn prevent the TX from starting to send RF. It's the kind of thing us software types would do.

sharpy107115/08/2017 09:18:18
109 forum posts
36 photos

David, give Al's Hobbies a ring they repaired my mates Spectrum in less than two weeks by a qualified Spectrum Engineer. That was last month.

Piers Bowlan15/08/2017 09:27:26
2118 forum posts
53 photos

If you haven't sent it off to Germany already David you could contact this chap who has a very good reputation. Might be quicker than sending it to Horizon Hobby in Germany by all accounts. Alternatively PM Peter Christie on this forum as he may have some good advice. What he doesn't know about RC and electronics is probably not worth knowing!

David Davis15/08/2017 09:35:09
3666 forum posts
688 photos

I posted it to Germany this morning. As I live in France now I might get it back a bit more quickly than if I still lived in England. I can continue to use the DX6i in the meantime.

Ernie15/08/2017 09:38:26
2525 forum posts
21 photos

Hi David, beware..I sent a faulty TX to Germany around 6 months have ago.. It seems to have vanished without trace.

letters, emails etc have been unsuccesful..maybe I should send a gunboat up the Rhine


MattyB15/08/2017 10:52:41
2021 forum posts
31 photos

I do find it interesting that these Spektrum RF board failures continue to be reported regular basis - there have been at least 4 in total the 3 clubs of which I am a member. I have never seen a similar failure in any other brand (I did blow up my old 27MHz ACOMS 2ch back in the day, but that was user error with a soldering iron!). It seems to point to a design error, most probably in the way the RF circuit powers up and down, or (more worryingly) poor quality manufacturing. Why are HH unable to solve this problem at source? I would have thought their legal department would have given them the hurry up before they end up on the wrong end of a liability claim...

PS - This is not a Spektrum bash; I have been using a DSM2/X module in my Taranis for lightweight foamies with no issues for many years. I am genuinely interested in the answer to this question though.

David Davis16/08/2017 17:57:21
3666 forum posts
688 photos
Posted by Ernie on 15/08/2017 09:38:26:

Hi David, beware..I sent a faulty TX to Germany around 6 months have ago.. It seems to have vanished without trace.

letters, emails etc have been unsuccesful..maybe I should send a gunboat up the Rhine


Hi Ernie, I sent it via a signed-for service, "Colissimo International I Remise Contre Signature," so I should have some evidence that someone at their address, Hanskamring 9, 22885 Barsbuttel, Gertmany has received it.

I'll keep you all informed.

David Davis21/08/2017 16:30:11
3666 forum posts
688 photos

I have tracked my parcel on-line. It has been delivered to Horizon Hobbies.

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