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My Spektrum DX9 transmitter has stopped working.

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David Ovenden20/10/2017 20:17:56
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I imagine David will not be alone in his decision to shop elsewhere. HH now seems to be providing a lamentable level of service to its customers.

Former Member20/10/2017 20:48:37

[This posting has been removed]

Don Fry20/10/2017 22:03:44
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Errrrr, I believe you are saying Horizon have dumped Europe. I believe David is a resident of France.

Tom Thomas21/10/2017 00:03:14
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I was going to buy another Spektrum, but after much thought I'm going Futaba.

David Davis21/10/2017 05:49:53
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Posted by Don Fry on 20/10/2017 22:03:44:

Errrrr, I believe you are saying Horizon have dumped Europe. I believe David is a resident of France.

Errrr, France is a part of Europe Don, and yes I do live in France but Spektrum closed their French office too. Check out this thread, "Horizon Hobbies," started by Ernie. **LINK**

Tom you're not the only one who has gone for another manufacturer rather than buy a Spektrum radio after my experience. Our club president was talking to a member of another club a few weeks ago. The other man was thinking of buying a Spektrum radio but when he told him of my experience with Horizon Hobbies, he decided to buy something else. I always had good service from Futaba in the past. Hmmm, I only hope that Horizon Hobbies haven't lost my DX9. They appear to have lost Ernie's transmitter.

Incidentally, I went onto Horizon Hobbies' website yesterday just to see what their stock levels were, not that I shall be giving them any more business if I ever get my transmitter back. Of 72 sports models displayed, only 43 were in stock. With warbirds it was 12 out of 29, and only 18 out of 32 beginners' models were available.

Percy Verance21/10/2017 09:08:05
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My Spektrum DX9 Transmitter Has Stopped Working?

It surely won't be long before people stop buying..........particularly when there are some other excellent radios out there with UK based service facilities.


I caught the tail end of the pathetic HH stock situation a while ago after ordering an Eflite Timber. It took months to arrive....... and I'm now a bit wary of flying it too much in case I damage something and need a replacement part. I'm completely aware the chances of obtaining a part are virtually nil........



Edited By Percy Verance on 21/10/2017 09:19:41

Denis Watkins21/10/2017 09:26:33
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We want reliability so it is our choice. Even with 35mhz, my JR suggested the onboard memory back up should be replaced at 5 years.

5 years would be great, and great value, Based on as little as 25 flying days each year, I believe it may cost us about

£1 each flying day? And if we get 5 years ! We pay 20p for our tranny for the day.

How long is a piece of string? We don't know how long our gear lasts

But for sure, gear now is less expensive than the 1960s for proportional control.

If you have no problems then radio gear is great value.

Even if you get one year I still see it as good value though very disappointing.

I for one, do not want a faulty tranny returned to me and would bite the bullet, and buy a new one.

It is unfair and disappointing, but all our gear "walks a tightrope" and in a blink of an eye, its gone.

Our gear has to be expendable, we may not bring it home in one piece !

Percy Verance21/10/2017 09:36:27
8108 forum posts
155 photos

Reliability is certainly key Denis. Without it you're stuffed. I still have a 26 year old transmitter here and it's working perfectly. I flew with it just 3 weeks or so ago. It's fully user convertible to 2.4ghz in minutes too, such is the the way my radio manufacturer does things. I'm still flying on 35mhz with it though, and see no reason to move to 2.4 with it.

I've certainly had my money's worth out of this tx, but it's still working just fine. I've replaced the battery a couple of times over the decades - a five minute job - but I can't recall it ever giving trouble.

Edited By Percy Verance on 21/10/2017 09:39:43

David Davis21/10/2017 09:38:43
3471 forum posts
622 photos

I had a problem with my DX6i a few years ago when I still lived in England. The throttle trim had failed, (Mode 2.) Apparently this wasa a common fault and I sent it off for repair. I got it back free of charge within a few days and I'm still using the same transmitter today.

However, if I get the DX9 back and if I have further problems with it, I will definitely look elsewhere. Multiplex are starting to look good.

Percy Verance21/10/2017 09:45:10
8108 forum posts
155 photos

There is actually a positive there David. If you don't get it back, it won't give you any more problems........

It is actually quite a dire situation. Someone else has seemingly lost his transmitter altogether in the post, courtesy of HH. That together with what appears to be nothing short of abysmal service too. Awful.



Edited By Percy Verance on 21/10/2017 09:51:01

David Davis02/11/2017 11:46:01
3471 forum posts
622 photos

I have just received an email with attachment from Horizon Hobbies in Barsbuttel telling me that my parcel is in some German sorting office.

David Davis03/11/2017 13:56:40
3471 forum posts
622 photos

During the three and a half months that my transmitter has been on its world tour, I have moved house. I now live in the next village.

Of course I received a note in the post this morning to say that an attempt was made to deliver a parcel from Staufenbiel, presumably my transmitter, to my old address! With the help of a friend who is more computer literate than I we have managed to get the parcel redirected to my new address and it should be delivered on 6th November.

David Davis06/11/2017 11:33:46
3471 forum posts
622 photos

Well it finally turned up today!

Brief resume of my experience with Horizon Hobbies.

  1. My DX9 ceased to function in August and was delivered to Horizon Hobbies in Barsbuttel, Germany for repair on 21st August. (Signed for delivery.) Barsbuttel is the sole agency approved by Horizon Hobbies for the repair of Spektrum equipment in Europe. The agencies in France and Great Britain were closed down earlier in the year. I had previously recieved prompt and efficient service from the British branch when the throttle trim on my DX6i failed.
  2. On 29th September, more than five weeks after it had been delivered, I recieved an email from Barsbuttel stating that they had sent my transmitter to the American office in Champaign, Illinois. In the interim I had sent Barsbuttel several emails asking for information about my transmitter. Their email of 29th September was their sole response up to that date. I'd also tried phoning them, even left them messages in my rusty German, but again, no response.
  3. The transmitter arrived in the USA on 4th October and was repaired within two days. It required four hours labour, a new aerial cover and rear slider and a loose connector was reseated and secured. The Airware/Audio files were updated and the transmitter was tested for all functions and found to be working correctly. Thanks Rick!
  4. The transmitter was posted back to Barsbuttel on 6th October and an attempt was made to deliver it to my old address on 30th October.
  5. Between sending the transmitter to Germany and receiving it back I had moved house! I did not expect them to take so long to repair my transmitter so I did not think of giving them my current address. The Americans were able to repair my transmitter in a couple of days. Why not the Germans? As stated above with the help of a friend I was able to redirect the parcel.

For the last three months I have been using my DX6i so I will have to rebind the DX9 to my models. I have just rebound it to the club trainer and all seems well. Its battery was rather low following its world tour and it's now on charge.

So if it goes wrong again will I be sending it to Barsbuttel to see whether the service has improved?

If I need to replace my radio, will I consider other manufacturers' products?

As someone has previously posted, "Answers on a postcard please."

If someone could let me have Mike Ridley's contact details I will be grateful.

jrman06/11/2017 12:06:42
349 forum posts
3 photos

David, Mike Ridley's details:

Contact Details

Note: If you have a question for Mike please check the FAQ’s as you may find an answer there.

You can call Mike between 9.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday on:

07708 436163 – Please only ring this number in the normal work hours above

For all servicing and correspondence:

Mike Ridley
12 Quilter Close
SO19 0DW

Callers strictly by appointment only

To Contact Mike on email:

David Davis06/11/2017 12:20:31
3471 forum posts
622 photos

Thank you jrman.

PS I know of two people who were thinking of buying a Spektrum radio but who have chosen something else as a result of my experience.

ken anderson.06/11/2017 14:04:33
8481 forum posts
773 photos

hello David...your TX should be considered for the Guinness book of records...most travelled etc...

ken dept..

Percy Verance06/11/2017 17:44:01
8108 forum posts
155 photos

One thing is certain David. With customer service on this scale, it's unlikely Spektrum will retain it's lead in the UK market. Unless of course HH can bring about some monumental changes fairly quickly..........

One wonders how it might have turned out if they'd spoken to Mr. Ridley nicely, and offered to supply him with parts? Or perhaps nobody thought of that?


Edited By Percy Verance on 06/11/2017 17:47:40

Richard Harris06/11/2017 21:29:05
2063 forum posts
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Gents, Unfortantely after a couple of years trouble free use my DX6 (black edition) has developed a fault in that after maybe 2-3 minutes I loose signal. I have now lost 4 different models which 'freeze' on the inputs being used at the time until terra firma gets in the way. The transmitter (up until now) has been really good, so much so that I have got quite a number of spectrum receivers that I don't really want to get rid of. As its just a simple transmitter I am unsure whether the cost is worth sending it over to Germany as it may be  just as cheap to buy new. That said Percy mentions a Mr Riley a few posts up, is he able to repair Spektrum stuff or is there anywhere else within the UK that could help?










Edited By Richard Harris on 06/11/2017 21:30:24

David Davis06/11/2017 21:47:12
3471 forum posts
622 photos

Just for information Richard, my transmitter was repaired free of charge. I only had to pay for the cost of posting it to Germany but if it broke down tomorrow would I send it back to Germany?

What do you think?

Denis Watkins06/11/2017 21:47:49
3935 forum posts
63 photos

Just have look at the aerial, as these can become detached inside

Edited By Denis Watkins on 06/11/2017 21:48:09

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