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Wills and Model Goods

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John Emms 113/09/2017 16:27:09
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Given the average age around this forum, and the considerable bad news about at the moment, I remain unsure about the wisdom, or otherwise, of creating this post. I have been thinking about this for a number of months, and feel (on balance) that this needs to be aired.

As model dealers, Sandra and I were made very aware of the difficulties facing relatives trying to manage specialist models and model goods that were left for them to handle. I also met surviving relatives at the Nationals Swapmeet trying to find good homes for models and equipment that they really didn't understand.

My club is taking on the disposal of model goods, with trusted members handling the sale, either for the benefit of the remaining relatives, or charity, but I am sure this is quite an onerous task for those members taking on this task.

Sandra and I feel that we have come up with a very sensible solution for a problem that will almost inevitably arrive for Sandra at a very busy, challenging, and possibly even distressing, time. The first item in my will is that a friend takes all of my model flying models and equipment. This friend has been a massive help to Sandra and myself, and would appreciate many of my models. This friend also knows how to dispose of the remainder.

A recent discussion with this same friend resulted in a model exchange, so with some notable exceptions, each of our fleets of models are available to the other, both to help with storage, and also to widen the enjoyment - after all, they would ultimately be his anyway.

My mother is currently sorting out her affairs for me, and I think this is one of the most helpful things I can do for Sandra in the future.

I hope that this is read as the helpful piece of writing that it is intended to be.



ken anderson.13/09/2017 16:37:50
8502 forum posts
773 photos

hello john,you're right that it is a problem for whoever has to sort out the stuff.over the years I've seen one member and friend dispose of all of his stuff at bring and buy nights when he was told he didn't have long to easy answer/solution as we don't really like to think of the inevitable .........

ken the final journey dept.

Frank Skilbeck13/09/2017 17:09:16
4557 forum posts
101 photos

And of course the other issue is to make sure they get it's true value, not what you said you'd got it for wink 2 , Sandra is probably more aware than most.

Tom Sharp 213/09/2017 21:58:53
3595 forum posts
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I have told my relatives to bin the lot, the whole kit and caboodle. Model aircraft are such a specialist hobby that it would be an uphill task disposing of the stock.

However big your collection the value will be minimal compared with your house, car, jewellery, etc.

So how ever much you may love your models, they mean little or nothing to any one else, so it's not worth the stress it will cause to your nearest and dearest disposing of them.

So as I said above, Bin the Lot.

Braddock, VC13/09/2017 22:20:29
1638 forum posts
82 photos

Tom you hit the nail on the head.

I'm selling off as much as I can so that all that remains are the models I use most frequently.

More difficult are my firearms , youngest son is getting a shotgun and firearms cert so the rule of law isn't broken unless we croak together ie. Firearms official quite sympathetic so far.

I mean most of the clothes in my wardrobe will be dumped and they're probably more valuable than my models.

Edited By Braddock, VC on 13/09/2017 22:22:37

Edited By Braddock, VC on 13/09/2017 22:24:26

john stones 113/09/2017 22:30:19
10796 forum posts
1481 photos

My you're a cheerful lot. crook

Rich too14/09/2017 06:44:54
3057 forum posts
1070 photos
Posted by john stones 1 on 13/09/2017 22:30:19:

My you're a cheerful lot. crook

+1 sad

Stevem3akm14/09/2017 08:58:09
52 forum posts

Hi, instead of binning all your gear why not offer it to your local AFC groups, schools or colleges, local model clubs to be used to get interested people into modelling. Seems to much of a waste to become landfill. Regards Steve

Stevem3akm14/09/2017 08:59:19
52 forum posts

Sorry should read ATC groups

Tomtom3914/09/2017 09:04:36
686 forum posts
1 photos

Not sure whether to be buried or cremated with them all!

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator14/09/2017 09:08:54
15748 forum posts
1460 photos

I have my solution for this - and its a kind of middle road between the positions laid out here.

Mrs BEB will have a list of modelling friends of mine - they will be invited over en-mass one day, taken into the shed and told to take whatever they want. In return they make a donation to one of set of nominated charities. They set the size of the donation - I'll leave that to their sense of what's appropriate and fair!

What doesn't go at that event - goes to the skip.

This way: Mrs BEB and my kids are not left with a task they cannot perform, no one from my club inherits a job they feel obliged to do but which takes up huge amounts of their time and causes them all sorts of hassle with purchasers. Finally, everything is over in 24 hours! Simples!


Peter Miller14/09/2017 09:09:42
10417 forum posts
1232 photos
10 articles

I have a very simple answer. Not having any family in this world.

My entire estate goes to BMFA

kc14/09/2017 10:25:07
6165 forum posts
169 photos

Surely the saleable items should not be given away but sold to benefit your relatives! Instruct your executor how best to sell the saleable items ( a fancy Tx may not look worth much to some people but may be worth quite a lot. Engines and tools too especially vintage engines and tools) All that money you spend can be justified if it's seen as an asset. Think what your wife would think if you just let valuable items be given away - think what you would say if SHE left her jewellery etc to be claimed by her friends!

It's just the non saleable item like bare airframes that may need to be given away.

John Emms 114/09/2017 12:29:33
234 forum posts

I have some fairly nice toys, so the idea of them simply going to landfill does not appeal, and in practical terms, the access to our local recycling centre is guarded, so they simply would not allow that. I would rather everything go to people who would appreciate them, and with absolutely no hassle to Sandra. Quite often, I give things away rather than going through the hassle of trying to sell them - as I did with all my glow models and equipment.

In terms of value, Sandra does know how much new items cost, and is starting to get an idea of just how low value surplus model goods become. Clearly there are some relatives who will need to recover as much value as possible, but for the sake of the people selling the items, relatives really need to be given the "wake up call" over used values so that there is no lasting feeling of being cheated.

Not being miserable, just trying to be practical!

john stones 114/09/2017 14:31:00
10796 forum posts
1481 photos

Models appear at the field quite often that belonged to past members, i like to see it myself. My toys ? I hope the club has a good auction night, have a few laughs at the bidding wars n go home with bargains, it's just stuff and has no value unless someone gets enjoyment from it.

Club properties a different story i've a shed full of it, some sucker as daft as me will get lumbered with it (probably Gary) face 1

Stevo14/09/2017 15:27:31
2699 forum posts
419 photos

I can only hope that my Mrs doesn't sell them on for what I told her I'd paid for them ...

Sensitive subject people, but important and nicely handled.

Andy Meade14/09/2017 15:45:06
2700 forum posts
688 photos

I've told my better half to sell anything moulded, then rip the servos and batteries out of everything else with pliers, then burn the remains.

Of the aircraft, not of me.

Tom Sharp 214/09/2017 18:42:59
3595 forum posts
19 photos

Posted by Tomtom39 on 14/09/2017 09:04:36:

Not sure whether to be buried or cremated with them all!


Tom Sharp 214/09/2017 18:45:54
3595 forum posts
19 photos

Some people may not like the though of some other modeler enjoying himself at their expense

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator14/09/2017 22:04:55
15748 forum posts
1460 photos
Posted by kc on 14/09/2017 10:25:07:

Surely the saleable items should not be given away but sold to benefit your relatives!

Why? They never paid for them or did the work that earned the money that paid for them!

They'll get plenty from my share of the house, the car and other real assets without lumbering them with the tonnes of modelling paraphernalia and trivia (most of which is of extremely dubious value to anyone other than me!) that fills my shed! smile


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