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Transmitters for DSMX indoor receiver/servo modules

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John Emms 121/09/2017 19:44:40
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For my indoor models, I decided to standardise on the Spektrum system, so I have Vapor, Mini Vapor, 2 x Spacewalker, along with a Micro Aces Fokker D7 using the E-Flight module, and that will be joined by a DH2 using the same module.

For a transmitter, I have a DX5e DSMX, and I am looking for another DX5e because of it's simplicity for these models. There appear to be very few DX5e around (only one on e-bay right now).

I am looking for advice about which transmitters would be suitable for my receiver units. I know nothing of the Spektrum systems other that there has been a change in standard.

All advice welcome!



Denis Watkins21/09/2017 21:04:47
4310 forum posts
102 photos

Look for a DX6i John

It will fly all your models and has 10 model memory

onetenor21/09/2017 21:40:29
1901 forum posts

Have a Look on the BangGood site. Many Txs of various makes there.I know they have DSM2.DSMx types

John Emms 121/09/2017 21:53:53
237 forum posts

Thanks Both!

The DX5e worked well, trimming all models the old fashioned way, but the Micro Aces Fokker needs the elevator reversed - hence the additional Tx.

I am seeing DX6i advertised as DSMX and DSM2. Am I correct in thinking that I need to look for a DX6i Mode 2 that has DSMX printed on the front panel to the right of the screen, and all should then be well?

I have a friend who searches the swap meets for historic Futaba gear - I fear I will be doing the same for historic Spektrum gear!

Thanks in advance for your reply,


Edited By John Emms 1 on 21/09/2017 21:54:51

Mike Blandford21/09/2017 23:12:51
617 forum posts
25 photos

You might consider a Tx that supports a (JR style) module, then get one of the "4-in-1" modules that supports many protocols as well as DSM2 and DSMX.

Suitable, low cost, transmitters include the Turnigy 9XR-PRO and the FrSky QX7. You also then get the power of the open source firmware available, should you need it later.

You don't need to learn all about the open source firmware, when you create a model it starts as a simple, 4-channel setup ready to use.


Trevor Crook22/09/2017 08:07:51
934 forum posts
67 photos

John, the FrSky system will work - I've got a QX7 and obtained an Orange DSM2/DSMX module from Rapid RC in the UK. Works fine on bench tests, haven't flown it yet. Costs about £140 for the two.

Alternatively, you could try finding one of the original Spektrum DX7s, the one that uses the JR style case. DSM2 only, but Spektrum DSMX receivers work with both DSM2 and DSMX transmitters. I use one of these for my indoor stuff.

Denis Watkins22/09/2017 08:18:41
4310 forum posts
102 photos

The DX6i John, will acquire all your DSM2 receivers, and your DSMX gear

It is internally programmable to Mode 1,2,3, and 4

The sticks are easily set to the Chosen mode, without moving springs, and simply turning Philips screws

The DX6i will by buddy lead, join to another DX6i on any Mode !

A Mode 1 Instructor can buddy a Mode 2 novice, or vice versa.

Yes, John, select the Tx with the X in the bottom right of the screen


Edited By Denis Watkins on 22/09/2017 08:21:39

Gordon Tarling22/09/2017 10:48:08
237 forum posts
4 photos

John - why not make a 'bridge box', then you can use your Jeti tx for everything - that's what I've done.


Steve J22/09/2017 14:01:43
1819 forum posts
51 photos

A DX6e would be the obvious choice.

Any new EU spec. Spektrum transmitter will be DSMX only.


John Emms 122/09/2017 21:29:05
237 forum posts

Wow, I came to this not knowing the first thing about Spektrum, other than my DX5e works with my indoor models - thanks for all the advice and options.

Now that I know about the "bridge box", that is clearly a real possibility.

Knowing that Spektrum and JR were common (a friend is using Graupner JR to fly his Blade helis), I am thinking that the JR GX6 DMSS 6 channel must be the DX6i or DX6e, either DSMX or DSM2. There is no reason to expect Spektrum users to know, but would I be correct? There is a JR GX6 DMSS that appears to be a serious bargain.

Geoff S22/09/2017 21:46:29
3576 forum posts
14 photos

A club-mate has just bought an E-Flite Convergence VTOLfoamie and found it wouldn't bind to the Orange module he has in his Taranis and had to buy a new transmitter to use it. He got a DX6e which binds and flies it OK.

I'm no expert on Spektrum but it seems the new indoor models and (at least) the VTOL foamie have a different protocol from the old DSMX and new transmitters are needed. I guess eventually Orange etc will reverse engineer it and produce plug-in modules for JR style carriers like the Taranis etc.

I stand to be corrected but that's what appeared to be the case.


Denis Watkins22/09/2017 22:00:50
4310 forum posts
102 photos

DSM2 is still claimed by E Flite on all their products

This is from The Convergence Manual

This product requires an approved Spektrum™ DSM2®/DSMX® compatible
transmitter. Visit www.bindnfl for a complete list of approved transmitters.

jrman22/09/2017 22:08:36
374 forum posts
3 photos

John, JR DMSS is totally different from DSM2 or DSMX and will not operate ANY Spektrum Rx.

Trevor Crook23/09/2017 07:31:44
934 forum posts
67 photos

JR and Spektrum were only compatible during the DSM2 era. JR then developed their own protocol, DMSS, which is not compatible with Spektrum. Legislation changes then forced Spektrum to change to DSMX. For a time, they made transmitters that would transmit using either protocol, until the legislation forced all their Tx's sold new to be DSMX.

Cleverly, Spektrum designed their DSMX Rx's to work with either protocol, so an old DSM2-only Tx will work with the latest DSMX Rx's or BNF models. DSMX-only Tx's will not work with DSM2 Rx's.

Hope this explains things, I think I've got everything above correct.

Mike Blandford23/09/2017 09:14:17
617 forum posts
25 photos
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 22/09/2017 21:46:29:

A club-mate has just bought an E-Flite Convergence VTOLfoamie and found it wouldn't bind to the Orange module he has in his Taranis and had to buy a new transmitter to use it. He got a DX6e which binds and flies it OK.

I ported the Multi (4-in-1) code to run on the Orange DSM modules. If the module is flashed with this, then it is very likely to then work with the Convergence. Many "bind'n'fly" models don't work with the Orange module as supplied but then are fine when the module is flashed with the Multi code.

Details on how to flash the module are on this thread: **LINK**.


John Emms 123/09/2017 12:47:50
237 forum posts

Reading all of the posts carefully, and doing a little more research, it appears that I may have a mix of DSMX and DSM2 receiver/servo units. So, as I understand this, I would need an older DSM2 compatible transmitter to operate both DSM2 and DSMX receivers, hence the very strong recommendation by Denis to look for a DX6i.

I have also checked a number of the new Ultra Micro series on the Horizon site, and the ones that I have checked have descriptions that say they will work with both DSM2 and DSMX transmitters.

I also see the advantage of going with DX6 or DX6e for anyone only flying the newer Horizon DSMX Ultra Micro and Park models.

The fact I am a Jeti user for my "real" models would have made the "bridge box" an attractive option, but it appears the DIY 2,4Ghz transmitter unit is no longer available.

So, I am looking for a DX6i DSM2 in good condition - as, it would appear, are many others!

Thanks for all contributions,


Mike Blandford23/09/2017 13:04:14
617 forum posts
25 photos

The Turnigy 9XR-PRO is only £44.21 from the Eu warehouse at present, with the iRangeX IRX4 module at £28.05 from Banggood.


Steve J23/09/2017 13:30:42
1819 forum posts
51 photos
Posted by John Emms 1 on 23/09/2017 12:47:50:

So, I am looking for a DX6i DSM2 in good condition

Any Spektrum transmitter imported before January '15 will be either DSM2 or dual protocol.

Some DX6i's are DSMX only.


John Emms 123/09/2017 20:47:24
237 forum posts

FAQ copied from the DX6e page on

Is DSM2™ and DSMX equipment compatible?

Yes. DSM2 transmitters are forward compatible with DSMX receivers and DSMX transmitters are backward compatible with DSM2 receivers. And because DSM2 and DSMX share the same wideband DSSS foundation, all Spektrum users will enjoy superior range, speed and precision whether they're using DSM2 equipment, DSMX equipment or a combination of both.

To me, that appears to say that any Spektrum Tx (DSM2 or DSMX) can be used with any Spektrum Rx (DSM2 or DSMX).

Curiouser and curiouser....

Denis Watkins23/09/2017 21:23:28
4310 forum posts
102 photos

The only thing I dislike about the DX6e is the lack of a buddy socket, so their is a FAFF making up a USB

Wireless connection to fly the Phoenix flight sim on your computer.

Telemetry is always good for flight the battery monitor alone, and wireless buddy to other specky Tx

Am still a fan of the no fuss useful DX6i

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