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Capt Kremen13/10/2017 14:14:47
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Hi MPX users.

Looking at 'returning' to MPX after a few years, (mostly trouble free), with Spekky. (You can guess why!!!)

The MPX web site used to have a little Union Jack to click on and avail English instructions and associated links. Is it just me but can't seem to find that or English versions of instructions etc. For example I'm looking at finding the oft mentioned 'Launcher'. Is there any English version?

I'm thinking of getting one of the Cockpit SX sets. For a general sports flier, (4 prime A/C functions plus occasional flaps and or retracts), is it worth the extra flexibility going for the SX12, 9 or is 7 quite adequate?

I've handled a set and like it but we couldn't set up a throttle safe switch. i.e. a definitive up/down switch, not just the side push button 'throttle cut'.

(As part of flight line safety, my club requires this be physically demonstrated on all new models before flight).

The instructions don't give much guidance on this either.

Thanks in advance for any help on these matters.

Denis Watkins13/10/2017 14:18:55
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It is online Captain, bring up the French and German and it continues further in English.

The Cockpits at my club do cut the motor, like your club it is mandatory.

I will ask the boys how they set it up.

Percy Verance13/10/2017 15:47:18
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Hi Capt

Take a look at Gordon Upton's site Gordon was the UK representaitve for Multiplex for quite a while, and now runs his own Mpx based site. He's the man if you need technical info.

I've had my Cockpit SX 9 for just over a year, and I like it a lot. I can confirm there is indeed a throttle cut switch. Being touch screen it's very different to all the Mpx sets before it, but once you've adjusted it works extremely well. I thought I'd find voice prompts extremely annoying, but I do actually like them now. They can be silenced if required.

I don't think I'd go for the 7. The 9 seems better value all round. LIkewise the 12 will offer even more flexibility if you feel you'd eventually need it, but for me personally the 9 does all I need.....

Airtek Hobbies have an English instruction download available on their site I think.

I'm curious. Why is a switch for throttle cut preferable over a button? Once the button's pressed, it's stopped, and if it's stopped it's stopped. Sorry, but curiosity got the better of me here!

If it absolutely has to be a two position switch, then you need to look at the Royal Sx or Profi. Both have full control assignability with stick/switch controls and receiver servo outputs. I have both, and either will do what you require re: a switched throttle cut facility. There isn't a huge price difference between the Cockpit Sx and the Royal, so maybe the Royal could be for you? The Royal has had an update in the past 18 months or so, but still runs a Nimh battery pack. The Cockpit has a Life battery and will run for about 25 hours on single charge. Useful if you like to fly most afternoons through the week, as I have been known to do.

So, you're switching brands to avoid the possibility of losing your model over the Horizon? wink





Edited By Percy Verance on 13/10/2017 16:17:56

Frank Skilbeck13/10/2017 18:22:02
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Capt, the website and technical forum are in German, but if you use the Google Chrome web browser they translate on the fly and are very usable. The manual for the Sx9 can be accessed through the launcher program which you can get here, (any problems PM me with your e-mail address and I will e-mail you the latest manual)

I don't have the Cockpit Sx but a friend does and I've helped him set up several models on it, including large scale gliders and power models with flaps and retracts and all went very smoothly and I find it very easy to program, and we only referred to the manual on the first model.

The switches are predefined and you can't change them, but it does mean they are all clearly labeled, and when you activate throttle cut it first off tells you on the screen and then if you clear the screen (to say reset a timer or enter programming mode) it has a symbol to show that the throttle cut is active.

Trevor Crook13/10/2017 19:38:48
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Capt Kremen, you have no doubt good reasons for favouring Multiplex, but at that price point have you had a look at the FrSky Horus X10? Looks a well made, extremely capable unit, and telemetry equipped receivers for less than £30.

Like you, I am a satisfied Spektrum user, but I wanted a cheap way of getting audible telemetry for fpv, and bought a QX7. Open Tx demands a bit of head scratching and research, but I was staggered at the capabilities of this £100 transmitter, and the built in signal strength telemetry feedback gives great confidence in the radio link.

Capt Kremen13/10/2017 19:44:27
240 forum posts
63 photos

Thanks for all your helpful info gentlemen.

The reason for preferring a switch to a button; an immediate visual cue.

If it's up or in position '1' for example, throttle is active, and down / position '0' = off (or vice versa if that's your preference). A button, is it on or off(?) Yes, I know I could look at the screen symbol but just (current) familiarity makes me look for a physical visual cue.

Stroking my rabbits foot, I've not had more, (than any other make observed), issues with the Spekky gear though when pots become worn etc. etc. and a little service is required even my friendly and superb local radio maintenance man, (I expect you know who), can't assist when he isn't allowed to access parts etc. etc.

I already have a MPX 35Mhz 'Cockpit', (now used for an R/C buggy in the back garden) and an early MPX Royal EVO - (35Mhz converted to 2.4 with the plug in module), so am conversant to a degree with the MPX gear and their quality.

Sheer practical economics of operating 50+ models, (without significant issues), made Spekky my first choice over expensive MPX receivers and associated items.

Ikura13/10/2017 20:43:10
272 forum posts

The Multiplex SX9 does have a facility to use a throttle cut if you use one of the 'controller mixes'.

Go to Controller Mix and select a free one, set 'Overide' on the left hand side of the screen, then select 'Throttle' on the menu just below, then select 'Throttle' again on the menu just like you have just done. On the screen drag each of the three pointers to the bottom of the grid and then select the Middle position on either the Aux 3 switch if you are left handed or Aux 4 switch if you are right handed. This is found in the drop down menu at the bottom right of the screen.

You can still use the Throttle cut press button but this switch overides it, which seems to be what you want.

I use this configuration for launching electric gliders with my left hand. I leave the switch in the middle position, which is the 'Throttle Kill'. Press the Throttle cut button to activate the throttle but it stays inactive. I advance the throttle to where I want it (usually half throttle) then launch the glider and flick the Aux 4 switch to position 1 (away from me) with my forefinger, which activates the throttle and away the glider goes.

It's even simpler if you don't activate the thrott;e cut when setting up a model but I have it active on all my models because it is a brilliant system and I don't need the Aux 4 switch for non glider stuff.

It sounds like a pain to set up but it's so simple and the Cockpit SX9 is an astonishingly capable TX and is good for 90% of the stuff I fly on a day to day basis.

Buy one, you certainly wn't regret it.

Edited By Ikura on 13/10/2017 20:44:15

Edited By Ikura on 13/10/2017 20:54:36

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