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Build logs - a dying art?

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Stevo21/10/2017 16:11:37
2699 forum posts
419 photos

Hi All.

This is not intended as a moan, just for analysis really!

I've done a few build logs on here and elsewhere, and I have spoken to a couple of experienced builders not on this site, but have also posted logs elsewhere.

The pattern seems familiar; they seem to get off to good start, with good interest. After a while, the interest seems to wane, and we seem to question ourselves as to whether we should really continue (or even started!!)

I know you all fully appreciate what goes into a build and the time taken not only to build but to try and picture it and log it as well and any comments you have all made on mine and others is appreciated.

Have others found the same?

john stones 121/10/2017 16:29:15
11651 forum posts
1517 photos

Dying art ? No definitely not, learnt an awful lot reading them, same go's for artf assemblies.

Do you think sometimes "why am i doing this" yes you do, but then i have less to read. wink

Mike T21/10/2017 16:43:42
553 forum posts
35 photos

As an appreciative 'observer' of other people's builds, I try to give encouragement particularly to those that interest me, but after a while you can run out of platitudes (probably not the right word). We need a 'like' button to show the poster that we are still with him/her and following progress.

I'm trying to get into the habit of recording my own builds, not only for future reference, but with a view to publication, but I would never embark on a 'live' build, so perhaps the way forward is for pre-recorded builds, to be published after completion for 'binge' reading? Takes the pressure off the builder and the reader gets a big juicy build 'hit' all in one go. Just a thought...

Devcon121/10/2017 17:32:20
1420 forum posts
494 photos

I'm currently doing a plastic kit build on the partner forum (Military Modelling) and my motivation for doing so is I've benefited from the content/blogs that other people put online so it's just my way of giving a bit back.

Never been fussed about the level of interest.

ken anderson.21/10/2017 17:35:44
8752 forum posts
810 photos

slightly off topic...when you look around the pits area at our site...most of the models are ARTF jobs ..... suppose there is an interest to see how one go's together...but not a lot to them compared to a builder doing it from a plan..

ken dying art dept...

Rich too21/10/2017 18:11:04
3060 forum posts
1070 photos

I don’t mind, I like posting mine as I find it motivates me in the build process. Also, some threads might not get many responses, but they get lots of views.

RICHARD WILLS21/10/2017 18:23:12
567 forum posts
86 photos

Stevo , I do sympathise . The Warbirds Replicas bf110 thread has 50,000 viewings but as you say , the number of people actually commenting has dwindled to about 3 .

The reasons for this may be varied . On this forum people are quite respectful , but on some forums I have seen postings shot to pieces. Secondly , many are happy to just watch and not contribute .

I know this because when I turn up at an event related to modelling , people will walk up and comment on this or that thread , and yet I had no knowledge of their involvement .

I guess that we who post must accept this , but I would say to those silent watchers , that if some chaps are taking the time to photograph and explain what they are doing , please say a few words to keep us going .Otherwise we feel we are throwing coins into a bottomless well .crying

Peter Miller21/10/2017 18:44:25
11373 forum posts
1350 photos
10 articles

These days I tend to do a build blog with any new design. I have to take the pictures anyway and hopefully I will cover anything that doesn't get included in the final article.

The point is that there is a limit to how much cana fit into the pages of the magazine and any extra can help prospective builders.

Also, in the odd case we can document the failures. For example see my last posting in the Aviat 110 Special blog


Gary Manuel21/10/2017 18:59:38
2294 forum posts
1558 photos

My memory isn't what it used to be. If I don't take photographs and explain to myself what I'm doing, I'll have forgotten what I did by the time I've finished building.

In all honesty, I don't mind not getting the regular posts to remind me that people are reading. From my experience, they soon shout up and point me in the right direction when I start drifting into trouble.

dave parnham21/10/2017 19:09:05
190 forum posts
15 photos

I can see what your getting at Steve, you've had 4500 viewings on your Stuka project and 89 replies.

I for one love your builds, and have been silently watching like a favourite tv show, perhaps that is the problem and we should ask more questions?

I just had to go through 7 pages of the latest posts to find your thread, last reply 1/10/17 and I had missed at least the last page of building. It proves that the forum is alive with lots of chat out there.

I'm loving dibleys 110 build and will be glued to the 109 builds too....would love one but I have a BT plan pack in the shed somewhere.

Can we Bookmark these threads? I have never looked to see if that's possible.

Any way Don't give up posting build threads anyone, I'm certainly back in my shed after a long layoff thanks to many blogs on here, and I have to admit other forums too.

cheers dave p

chris meek 121/10/2017 19:13:28
150 forum posts
112 photos

I started my post on the mosquito as a way of documenting somewhere how I've gone about the build and solved any problems I've come across, helps me for future but also hopefully of use for others. I know I've been a secret observer of other blogs and they are a good way of getting tips from other builders that can help with my own building, I do understand the frustration though when not many comment on a blog that you're putting time into.

john stones 121/10/2017 19:21:01
11651 forum posts
1517 photos

Well comment when you see folk not getting much feedback. wink

You aught to try our club's like visiting a morgue. kulou unless you say something inaccurate then they'll stomp you. surprise

Stevo21/10/2017 19:23:08
2699 forum posts
419 photos

Thanks all for the positive comments. I know a 'like' button has been requested (or talked about) several times now, but seems to have gone unheeded.

Indeed Dave you can bookmark the thread (look right at the bottom, there's a bookmark link). Just for you sir I will update my Ju87 build shortly...

Also I'm not sure about documenting failures, Peter. I don't have any

DaveyP21/10/2017 19:24:14
239 forum posts
47 photos

I personally love all the build blogs, there is always something to learn from them, especially if you're like me and returning to the hobby after a break of many years.

The more the merrier as far as i'm concerned thumbs up

chris meek 121/10/2017 19:31:21
150 forum posts
112 photos

Yeah it's amazing how quickly a seemingly innocent comment on a blog can explode into some sort of digital feud! As with most digital communications it's all too easy at times to misunderstand the context/spirit that they're made in.


Scott Notman21/10/2017 19:37:34
66 forum posts
71 photos

Hi All

I really appreciate the build logs on the forums I have recently returned to the hobby after some years.

Back then there was only advice from a small group of clubs members and the builds in the mags.One of the first things I did was to join some forums to get a feel of the hobby now. This meant plenty of reading but little or no comments.

The build blogs are really useful they have helped me a lot, however having come back I sometimes feel apprehensive about posting comments on others hard and high quality work.

I have put a build blog up myself which was not a particularly complex build and I was heartened to receive positive feedback and encouragement.

This has boosted my confidence for future projects. I like to build from plans and kits. Please continue with the build logs as they are really helpful not only for practical advice but also to remind you that your not the only person doing this.



Mike T21/10/2017 19:40:59
553 forum posts
35 photos

In the absence of a 'like' button, I suppose we could all just post a yes.

(Or maybe an occasional no, just to keep you on your toes devil)

Russ P21/10/2017 20:00:35
150 forum posts
19 photos

I love the build blogs, and bookmark any that I think I'll need for future reference as it saves a lot of time searching the forum as the search function isn't that great.

Ron Gray21/10/2017 20:00:51
2326 forum posts
965 photos

@Stevo - some of the problem may be that a build is being repeated by someone else so would anyone be interested in another blog on the same model. I'm a bit in this camp myself, i've just recently completed a build of a Wots Wot XL and did think about recording what I'd done but as 2 or 3 others had done the same, thought better of it. The only things I have published are where I've done something different to the others. I also have 2 kits to build, both of which have already been splendidly covered by others so, as with the WWXL I intend only to publish the differences.

Personally I really enjoy reading build blogs, as others have said, its great to see the way others (with a lot more experience than me) tackle the various jobs.

What I would also like to see are blogs on repairs that have been made to 'broken' planes, from foam through to stick and tissue as I believe this is an area where individual ingenuity shines through!

@JohnS - never mind club forums our club meetings are just the same and you can often see the tumble weed rolling by during the course of one! With a club membership of over 100 we rarely see more than 10 non committee members show up!

Anyway, all this has jolted me into recording a build that I'm doing at the moment, a bit different as it's for an indoor 'plane as that season is nearly upon us.

Tim A21/10/2017 20:06:52
234 forum posts
13 photos

Stevo, I follow the build blogs on this forum but generally don't comment unless it is one I am building as well, which isn't often as I am a slow builder. Also I don't see the need to fill up the blog with too many comments unless I feel I am being constructive.

I do find the blogs on this forum interesting and informative and have picked up on quite a few tips especially when i get stuck on a particular problem.

The blogs on other sites annoy me as they tend to ramble off topic (pages and pages of rubbish from the uninformed full of criticism and off topic).

Have been following your Stuka build by the way, keep it up good work.

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