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Laser Engines - Technical questions

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Jon - Laser Engines07/01/2019 18:13:47
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Posted by John Stainforth on 07/01/2019 17:29:03:

I might just stockpile these for posterity and to counter the leccy revolution. Only (half) joking!

This is actually a real problem for us at the moment as some are buying engines they dont need just for 'stock'. While i shouldn't knock a sale, and its our own fault for being woefully slow at building engines, it means that customers who need an engine cannot get a hold of one as they are all sat in someones loft.

Its like when there is a whiff of a potential fuel shortage in the news, then everyone rushes out to fill their cars up and creates a shortage. We are currently in a similar position and with a growing 'hysteria' around the future availability of engines stockpiling is a growing problem and i have had to turn away some unreasonable requests.

If all of these stockpiled engines were on my shelf availability would be much better for everyone and might even give me a chance to get ahead of the game.

John Stainforth07/01/2019 18:31:10
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Rest assured I have not done this yet and I should have put a big emphasis on the *might* at the start of my first sentence. At the moment I have a several engines, which have been in other planes, that are awaiting new homes (airframes), and I have no immediate intention of adding to the collection. I posted this comment partly as a provocation to Laser Engines, and you have swallowed the bait!

But it is a bit of a grey area! Any customer is perfectly entitled to use or not use anything he/she buys. Most of us have some possessions that are surplus to requirement, and there are certainly people who collect things for the sake of it, such as vintage cars. Also most of our model planes and engines spend the vast majority of their lives lying idle.

(Do I hear the distant sound of lathes starting up?!)

Edited By John Stainforth on 07/01/2019 18:36:21

Jon - Laser Engines08/01/2019 08:51:26
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Dont provoke me, as i have no control over the supply of parts you are provoking the wrong guy.

You are right though, people can do as they wish with what they buy, but equally when someone with a shed load of money wants to buy literally everything we have and then likely stick it on ebay at an inflated price (its happened before) i am really not interested.

Its not about the money, the engines will sell, but its pointless selling everything to one guy and leaving nothing for anyone else.

Paul james 808/01/2019 09:34:52
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Having followed this recently I feel that I should confess to owning some engines that aren't in models. I have more than one motorcycle as well

It is interesting to hear that an in demand product such as the Laser V engines are out of production at the moment. Is it because they have technical issues or is there some sort of commercial reason I wonder? I demand is not met by supply the problem is that alternatives will be used by potential customers. (Not a dig at you Jon)

As an engineer myself I have to wonder if it might be a good time to consider manufacturing an alternative multi cylinder British made engine. Not all are looking to fly with electric power; I don't find it very enjoyable personally but that could partly be an age thing

Ron Gray08/01/2019 09:51:20
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@PaulJ - I think that it you go back through this thread you will see the reasons why the engines are temporarily not available.

Engine Doctor08/01/2019 10:02:31
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Don't let them get under your skin John. Keep plodding on and get there in the end. You can only do what you can do and a quality product will always be in demand.

Jon - Laser Engines08/01/2019 10:04:41
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Just to clarify the position and bring this to a close the current plan is as follows. Note that the items are to be completed in order.

Return all single cylinder engines to production
Return all single cylinder engines to stock
Maintain stocks
Finish petrol engine development and get them in production
Keep petrol engines in stock
Start phased return of V twins
Return all Twins to production
Return all Twins to stock
Start development of petrol twins

Piers Bowlan08/01/2019 10:32:54
2119 forum posts
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That should keep you busy for a while Jon, item five on the list has a particular interest for me. Is the GA30 ready for production?

Don Fry08/01/2019 10:40:19
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Lads, these posts are all off topic, not technical issues. Leave John alone, he is as frustrated at we are.

Chris Walby08/01/2019 12:35:36
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Off topic

Personally I have found Jon's support (both Laser engine and airframe/flying) to be excellent and although the web site has said "out of stock" following discussions with him we have come to suitable arrangements.

Laser engines are not the core business of AEG engineering and if anyone who thinks they could make a profit making quality engines is plane deluded. There are hundreds of thousands of pounds of CNC machines manufacturing various parts and Laser engines are fitted in as an when.

My point is that I have not yet finished a model and had to wait for a engine/engines and in fact the opposite.

On topic !

Looks like my Acrowot issue was a combination of old/failing glow plug and changes in climatic conditions.. and a bit of poor tuning by me!

Martin McIntosh08/01/2019 14:09:26
3322 forum posts
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Regarding not wanting to sell everything to just one customer and leaving the rest frustrated, many years ago I bred tropical fish and would have a sale about every 6 months. On one occasion I had a queue of about a dozen people down the garden, headed by a lady dealer who wanted to buy the lot. I refused to sell her anything on the grounds that I would then have to placate the other eleven who may well go elsewhere next time.

Paul james 808/01/2019 15:02:38
167 forum posts
47 photos
Posted by Chris Walby on 08/01/2019 12:35:36:

Off topic

Laser engines are not the core business of AEG engineering and if anyone who thinks they could make a profit making quality engines is plane deluded. There are hundreds of thousands of pounds of CNC machines manufacturing various parts and Laser engines are fitted in as an when.

As it would appear that this might have been aimed at my comment relating to manufacturing engines I'll just respond to that.

I've been in the engineering business for a good while now having been involved in design, development and production. I've done quite well from being deluded along the way and have learned that actually making all the parts of ones own product isn't always the way to optimise production and profitability. The thing to be tightly in control of is the design of the product, ensuring that the specifications of each part means that they can be made by anyone with the appropriate equipment. Risking massive investment in owning the manufacturing equipment is not always the way forward on relatively low production rate products. Buying in machined parts and assembling them to arrive at the end product works well for my range of precision gas flow measuring equipment, the same concept could easily be applied to an engine, which is a relatively straightforward engineering product.

I won't bore you with any more of my thoughts as it isn't really truly on topic, merely relevant to your post.

Martin Harris08/01/2019 15:27:25
9262 forum posts
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I'm guessing (and Jon doesn't have to confirm or deny my speculation) that the business model allowing the production of these world class hand built engines at prices affordable to the ordinary modeller depends on using spare capacity of machines run by the parent company. With all the extra involvement of choosing a company with sufficient quality control and pricing of comparitively small production runs, the engines would end up a lot more expensive.

It might make for an interesting discussion with the boss though - put together a business case to move more items at a lower profit margin by going outside and it might help him find some spare production capacity! devil

Former Member08/01/2019 19:02:11

[This posting has been removed]

alan p08/01/2019 19:42:14
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Don Fry is correct leave Jon to get on with the job, jumping on his back with suggestions that have possibly already been considered will only result in a small business side line being abandoned as too much aggravation for the returns. Then we shall all be the poorer.

Jon - Laser Engines08/01/2019 20:45:17
5419 forum posts
263 photos

Gents we are quite off track now so if we can bring this discussion to a close it would be appreciated.

I know that all of the comments and suggestions come from wanting Laser engines to succeed and continue to grow. Believe me, i am all for that. Unfortunately things are never as simple as we would like but i will keep pushing to move things forward and, to be blunt, having to explain every move i make is not something i am interested in entertaining. I have neither the time nor the inclination. Suffices to say that Martin more or less has it right and i am the mushroom in the back shed (metaphorically speaking).

On a personal level things are stressful for me at the moment with the loss of my flying club last autumn and having to join somewhere new, I am also trying to get through the minefield that is buying my first house and trying to work out how to 'import' my girlfriend from the USA. Visa's are no fun let me tell you.

With all that lot in the background i will just walk away from posting here if i get too much flak, i just wont have the patience!

But that is a way off. For now i will just call time on this discussion and get back to technical issues.

Thanks all for your constructive input.

Former Member09/01/2019 12:15:32
724 forum posts

[This posting has been removed]

Jon - Laser Engines09/01/2019 12:51:31
5419 forum posts
263 photos

Early 2000's model, looks ok on the outside and still supported for spares/serivce.

Gary Spicer 115/01/2019 10:45:56
15 forum posts
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Just to follow up on Jon link a page back this is t he Fastrax remote glow fitted to my Laser 70, its a Precision fit and work well.


Tim Flyer17/01/2019 10:01:53
1272 forum posts
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Thanks Gary that’s useful. Some of the other remote glow leads with cranked plug covers don’t fit that well on Lasers. This looks a better design.

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