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Laser Engines - Technical questions

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SR 7121/11/2019 15:45:26
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I thought 3 cylinder engines were the smoothest running,if so a nice 3 cylinder in line, can i order one now please 😊

Nigel Dell21/11/2019 15:50:01
448 forum posts
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Jon count me in for the in-line multi glow, I have only test run the 300 black at the moment as the model build has stalled for the time being until my parents are moved in and settled!


Ron Gray21/11/2019 15:58:04
2092 forum posts
906 photos

No1 choice for me would be petrol but I will buy what ever you come out with!

bert baker21/11/2019 17:24:20
1609 forum posts
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Bert. I think you are getting carried away with your reliability worries. If i understand you correctly the engine has not even been run yet so why are you worried? Ignore all the naysayers and give it a shot. Dont look for problems, just tune it up and fly. and £650 to convert?! ouch. Thats a 300v twin!

Edited By Jon - Laser Engines on 21/11/2019 14:53:14

Yep but I have flown it and first flight is normally ok,,,

second flight always looses cylinders.....

It has nearly lost me the airframe on to many occasions,,, the oleos are the other side of £300.00 air frame and radio

All adds up it’s a world away from Acrowot prices So pretty fed up...

Just warming the step

plus side is the conversion kit is available unlike some other products

bert baker21/11/2019 17:42:32
1609 forum posts
331 photos

Just popped on the laser web page and all are marked out of stock.

So is there much point

I know your in between a rock and hard place and you have my sympathy.

Laser engines are lucky to have a keen customer base

Ron Gray21/11/2019 18:05:09
2092 forum posts
906 photos

There were plenty there last week but all sold out within a few days.

John Stainforth21/11/2019 18:35:55
349 forum posts
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Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 21/11/2019 13:07:34:
Posted by John Stainforth on 21/11/2019 12:49:26:


I think there would be a significant demand for an inline 50cc glow engine amongst the scale fraternity.

Incidentally, what are the problems of using methylated spirits as a base? (Would the piridine coke the engine up?) Dirt cheap and readily available.

Meths is not likely to be very pure. My guess is it wouldnt be a very consistent fuel and im not sure how a gluwplug would take it. Its also more expensive than methanol from what i can see.

As a side note, its the oil and nitro which cranks up the price of glow fuel. Go skinny on both and you bring the cost down.

And i admit, this is only my opinion, but if you take a warbird like the ones being referenced here is fuel cost really an issue? Minimum 350 for the wood, perhaps the same again for retracts and oleos, another 200 at least for radio gear. An engine could be 300-700 depending on what you get, so call it 500 as a middle ground. Now we are up near £1500 and we could easily spend another 500 on bits, paint, a pilot, spinner, scale details..whatever. So, if we call it an 1800 - 2 grand model, does it really matter than you used 20 quids worth of glow fuel to fly it for a weekend? To me 20 quid for a fun weekend out in the sun (yea right) is cheap.

Jon, I totally agree with you re the cost of glow fuel. I think it's a vastly exaggerated issue. Most model flyers I know (including myself) spend far more on ethanol-containing beverages than on glow fuel - without batting an eyelid!

Don Fry21/11/2019 19:11:07
4557 forum posts
54 photos

Meths is,

about 90 odd percent industrial grade ethanol, 10 percent rough methanol, with a blue dye. If you burn it it stinks, so there is all sorts in there, or it would not stink. When you go to a stockist, it's stored in open tanks, so nobody is worried about it gaining water. That is before anyone starts to worry about quality control between batches.

It is expensive. No economic idea why.

Tim Flyer21/11/2019 19:38:54
1283 forum posts
234 photos

Totally agree with John Stainforth above . It’s almost a joke at our club how some members just have to have petrol due to the cost . The percentage of their modelling budget spent on fuel is absolutely minimal. It’s very hard to justify on cost unless you are making a vast number of flights. The “unavailability” in some countries is also exaggerated. If model fuel became unavailable there is plenty of methanol fuel available from motorsports suppliers.

Jon - Laser Engines21/11/2019 19:50:11
5476 forum posts
268 photos

Its not all bad. I have authorisation for 1 new product at least.

Get your name down for the official Laser glowplug spanner coming soon :D

I have been wanting to do one for ages as most of the commercial ones dont fit as they are cast out of round. If you then mod them so they do fit they crack eventually and are useless.

All i have to do is come up with a design he is happy with. Cant have anything too complicated


Bert, probably a topic for another thread but when does it loose cylinders? if you are just cruising at half throttle or so then it should not be dropping them. If it is then is likely out of tune somewhere along the line, or another fuel might help. One thing i found with my ASP radial was thermal management was a real problem as it would overheat at full power and then overcool at low power. I always had to balance the throttle to keep the temperatures up or down depending on what i was doing. My OS flat 4 behaved the same when out in the wind, now its in a cowling the temperature is more constant and it runs better. 

Edited By Jon - Laser Engines on 21/11/2019 19:55:42

Tim Flyer21/11/2019 20:04:21
1283 forum posts
234 photos

Put me down please 😊

maurice northcott21/11/2019 20:59:57
96 forum posts
63 photos

One for me please Jon (Laser Glow Plug Spanner). Thank you.

bert baker21/11/2019 21:08:37
1609 forum posts
331 photos

Jon i have been running on the recomended fuel,

First flight of the day would be great loads of power and good throttling,

Second flight 1 hour later and issues

I would like a spanner for the glow plugs,,,,will they be long short or just right

Ron Gray21/11/2019 22:03:20
2092 forum posts
906 photos

Jon, you need to make a Laser multi tool, spark plug spanner and prop nut driver.

cymaz21/11/2019 22:18:41
9245 forum posts
1194 photos
Posted by Ron Gray on 21/11/2019 22:03:20:

Jon, you need to make a Laser multi tool, spark plug spanner and prop nut driver.


And a pull out tappet feeler gauge from the handle

bert baker22/11/2019 00:15:43
1609 forum posts
331 photos

You’ll be wanting it left handed next

cymaz22/11/2019 06:07:32
9245 forum posts
1194 photos
Posted by bert baker on 22/11/2019 00:15:43:

You’ll be wanting it left handed next

No....just ambidextrous thumbs upthumbs downlaugh

Chris Walby22/11/2019 07:17:46
1228 forum posts
303 photos

That's the problem with VOC, ask five people and get six answers.

If I need a plug spanner then I have the time and skill to make/adapt one, if I want a glow engine then I look to a manufacturer for the same reasons.

There seems to be sufficient demand for glow engines (singles and vee's) as demonstrated in the speed that the recent ones sold. Might not be very exciting for Jon to produce more engines, but if the demand is there then why not meet it and go back to the boss for more resource to manufacture more. If inline or larger glow versions can come along based on existing designs then so be it.

As for the petrol if its impacting glow sales then follow the market, if not its a lot of effort for little gain.

I'll just shut up and go an bash some balsa in the garage as at this rate the model will be finished before the engines are available.

Edited By Chris Walby on 22/11/2019 07:40:25

Manish Chandrayan22/11/2019 07:30:03
637 forum posts
73 photos
Posted by bert baker on 22/11/2019 00:15:43:

You’ll be wanting it left handed next

Now that's an idea! How about a Laser single (155/180) rotating clockwise? Is that a possibility?

Paul james 822/11/2019 08:17:43
174 forum posts
48 photos

Looks like the information overload has sent the poor lad running for the hills! 😊😂

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