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Powered by Laser, a gallery thread

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Chris Walby15/04/2018 07:08:39
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Thanks Tom, I needed them to achieve the ground clearance for the props and way the grass is growing/muddy runway it was the right decision wink.

After the taxi tests with one foray into the "infield" section I did notice that the last 2 inches of the props were rather green during the post run clean so it must be assisting with the grass cutting duties as well!

Gordon Whitehead 121/04/2018 22:33:35
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At last! Our field had become dry enough to drive on, and the grass runway firm enough to fly from, even though the grass was still 3in long. It's been quite a wait from last November when I finished the 65in span 11lb Krier Great Lakes until today when I finally maidened her. I'd checked the Laser 155 out on the bench on its APC 16x8 but it had never run in the model until today. So final throttle setting up was done this morning at the field.

No problem!

Once I'd adjusted the throttle servo travel to provide a nice idle, and set up a 2-position switch to fully close the throttle and stop the engine if required, there was nothing else to do but fly her, egged on with enthusiastic help, support and encouragement from clubmate Martyn K of these forums, the only other flier there despite the ideal flying conditions.

So off she went, the 155 running well and sounding utterly gorgeous. I'd set the control surface throws on the scaled-up bipe to the same angular movements as my original Enya .46FS - powered 47in span version which I'd designed built and published in RC Modeler and RCMW in 1989; it's a good job that I had noted these movements on the plan for future builders.

Well the first flight took me back 30 years. A bit of up trim and, a bit of right on the first circuit, and the plane felt so comfortable and dialled in that with the engine running so well it would have been remiss of me not to try a few aeros. Three 10-minute flights packed with loops, slow rolls, vertical rolls, stall turns, 8-point hesitation rolls, vertical 8, octagonal loop, flick rolls, spins, avalanches and on it went. The new 155 inspired complete confidence as it purred through that lot with all the appropriate throttle variations between idle and full chat without a hiccup. Looking back and thinking about it, I hadn't even flown any model since last November, so the 'Lakes played its part very well, too; it's a natural for performing airshow style aerobatics.


Thanks Jon. Your 155 is an absolutely superb engine.


krier gt lakes 001a.jpg

Jon - Laser Engines22/04/2018 08:34:08
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Great looking model Gordon. It really looks the part and its good to hear the 155 did the business.

Once its had 5 or 6 flights try an 17x8. You will loose a little straight line speed but will gain overall thrust and that should suit a draggy biplane.

Tom Sharp 222/04/2018 08:46:07
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Hi Gordon,

Great looking model, did you not have to blank off part of the cowling to aid cooling?

I have a Great Planes Super Stearman with a Laser 150 and the instructions said blank off cowling. It's always performed faultlessly so no probs, just wondering.

Still it's nice and dry in Sandbach this morning for the Transport Festival.

Steve Dunne22/04/2018 09:05:08
50 forum posts
14 photos

Hi Gordon,


Great model!

My (modified Seagull) Bucker Jungmeister is the same size, 65", 11lb, and flies on a Metz wooden 17x6 prop on the Laser 155.

Flew both Thursday and yesterday, first time out since the autumn, and a great pleasure it was!

The 155 was turning 8200-8400rpm on the 17x6 Metz.




Edited By Steve Dunne on 22/04/2018 09:06:09

bert baker22/04/2018 13:51:48
1173 forum posts
249 photos

Plane was a damaged and dumped in the club hut for a anyone with some glue to repair

I re built it on the cheap and have been using a Laser 150,, absolutely perfect match,,,


bert baker22/04/2018 13:55:50
1173 forum posts
249 photos

Deleted double posted 

Edited By bert baker on 22/04/2018 13:56:40

Gordon Whitehead 122/04/2018 16:25:19
238 forum posts
120 photos

Thanks for the kind comments guys. There's no doubt that a dummy radial as on the Stearman and Jungmeister with a slot to direct air through the 155's cylinder fins would greatly improve the looks, as well as providing the ideal cooling for the engine. In practice I've not had a problem with overheating in radial cowl installations like this so didn't worry much about it. There's a fair sized annular gap between the rear edge of the cowl and the fuz proper, which appears to be extracting hot air satisfactorily for now. One thing I did was incorporate a dummy air scoop to direct cool air to the carb

carb scoop.jpg

Made from litho plate the lower wall extends inside the rear cowling and up between the carb and silencer to help to isolate the carb intake from the hot air whizzing round the silencer. The scoop did end up smaller than I expected, especially when the carb needle ended up passing through the middle of it, but it might make a difference.

An excellent idea I pinched from the Great Planes bipe kits was the carry handle which fastens onto the centre-section struts and incorporates storage for the interplane struts and the inter-aileron link wires.

krier gt lakes 007.jpg

That's a lovely photo of your Jungmeister, Steve. Propwise I have a couple of 17x7's and a 17x8 waiting for trial next time out. The 17x7's are Turnigy wood. Dirt cheap, quite a thin aerofoil section, well finished and balanced, I don't know whether to expect great things at the price but worth a punt. One has a conventional blade shape, the other is scimitar-shaped so that's even more of an experiment. The 17x8 is an APC.

Regrettably it rained this morning Tom so spoilt the festival somewhat until the sun came out around midday. We went yesterday afternoon in blazing sunshine and had a proper ice cream from the card shop on the corner of Welles Street - I've never liked that Mr Whippy gloop sold at fairs etc.



Geoff Sleath22/04/2018 17:07:59
2708 forum posts
199 photos

That really is a lovely model, Gordon. I like bipes but yours is something special. I hope we see it at Ashborne in the autumn on our scale fly-in.

My own modest bipe build (DB Cirrus/Gypsy Moth) is continuing and will sport your sprung undercarriage design.


Gordon Whitehead 122/04/2018 22:51:39
238 forum posts
120 photos

I'll definitely attend the Ashbourne event Geoff. I read your u/c thread, and immediately surfed Ebay for springs suitable for u/c's; there seemed to be an abundance, so thanks for that tip!


Gordon Whitehead 123/04/2018 07:29:17
238 forum posts
120 photos
Posted by Chris Walby on 14/04/2018 21:26:36:

Seagull Dual Ace with twin Laser 70's,

Major result for me, comes in just under weight and no added lead ballast (RX batteries are behind the canopy).

Taxi tests complete, minor work on throttle linkage and then it will be maiden time!


Heck! I've just googled the kit and if yours has come in at under the stated 11lb auw you'll surely have a rocket ship there, Chris, it's so sleek. The spec quotes a pair of .46's!


Chris Walby23/04/2018 08:49:06
534 forum posts
93 photos


There are a couple of reasons for picking the Dual Ace, one its a relatively cheap airframe and secondly I need experience of flying twins before the engines move on....So when I saw people were putting lead in the nose of the Dual Ace, I thought it could stand a couple of nice Lasers!

I as am relatively new to the hobby and thus seek the advice of those that have the knowledge, expertise and support to help me avoid mistakes. Jon at Laser engines has spent far more time than he needed to discussing engine installation etc to make this a pain free install and hopefully I'll be able to do it justice.

I am slowly coming to the conclusion that "excessive" weight from 200g to 6Kg (the Vulcan) models just makes life more difficult in every respect! Worth having a read of David Mellor's thread on Model Vulcan Design, but to say with twin 70's the Dual Ace will never be light, although should penetrate the sky!

PS, for those with a need for speed they could go to another flying site that does not have the 82dB limit....and run it in the unrestricted settings, but for me its flight time for me and the Lasers (can you wear them out?)

extra slim08/05/2018 09:13:36
410 forum posts
47 photos

With the lovey weather this weekend, it saw a somewhat emotional outing of my DB Bi Stormer, bequeathed to me after the recent passing of one of mine and my dads dear friends, who tolerated me when I was a cocky teenager, down at the flying field. It originally flew with a merco 61, but I dropped in a laser 75, and my clubmates all agreed, a perfect match, and a lovely combination. I think our friend would approve.. lovely.

Pete Willbourn08/05/2018 12:01:19
567 forum posts
300 photos

Hi Extra Slim ,

I recon that airframe must be in the region of 35 years old at least ! And I am sure its previous owner and builder would be very pleased to see it flying once more !


Ron Gray14/05/2018 18:08:25
916 forum posts
231 photos

A Great Planes U Can Do, heavily modified to lower the fuel tank so that it is in line with the carb inlet. I had planned to use a Laser 100, and still will when they are back in stock (Jon!!!) but in the meantime it's a second hand 80 that's in there. Hoping to maiden it tomorrow.




Chris Walby14/05/2018 18:58:39
534 forum posts
93 photos

Ron, That looks superb!

Do let us know how what the build was like, was there a need to move the bulkhead back etc and is the AUW as spec?

And of course how the maiden goes.....

Ron Gray14/05/2018 21:52:47
916 forum posts
231 photos

Build was fairly straightforward apart from the tank location. As designed / sold, the fuz has a sloping ‘exhaust tunnel’ from the bulkhead back to the u/c mount and the fuel tank is designed to be mounted above this in the top half of the fuz. This is no good for an inverted Laser as the tank outlet is about 40mm too high so I had to remove the ‘tunnel’, infill the bulkhead, cut out a fuz former and brace it higher up, cut out a new fuel tank neck support hole, add the fuz bottom cover plate and whilst I was there I also added strengthening to the u/c mounting former plus the metal strap you can see in the photos. I also replaced the aileron metal pushrods with carbon ones. One of the biggest headaches was the throttle control, due to the position of the carb throttle arm and the throttle servo there is about a 60mm difference in height, I did think about trying to mount the servo closer to the carb but there wasn’t the space so in the end I used a heavy duty snake which seems to work ok. I did also toy with using a rudder pull / pull system but reverted to the designed rear mounted servo.

The bulkhead’s position did not need changing only had to add the infill piece as mentioned above. I changed the spinner from the supplied plastic one to an alloy job.

I didn’t weigh it before I loaded it into the ‘van for tomorrow’s flying session so will have to do that when I get back. On the subject of weight, I thought that it might be tail heavy with 3 x full size servos mounted under the tailplane together with the long moment arm the fuz design gives so I installed a 3000mha 2s LiFe battery hard up against the rear of the bulkhead (mounted horizontally). But when I checked it out it was actually a bit nose heavy so I’ve moved the battery back by about 30mm. We shall see how it handles with that configuration tomorrow.

Chris Walby14/05/2018 22:04:09
534 forum posts
93 photos

Thanks Ron for the info as my two laser planes needed next to nothing (15g on the tail) or no weight to get C of G, the other interesting thing is that the first (BH Speed IMHO flies "better" with IC than when it was electric).

Once again thanks for your information and best of luck tomorrow.

Ron Gray14/05/2018 22:21:04
916 forum posts
231 photos

Just took it out of the 'van to weigh it (it was nagging me!), AUW 3.5Kg so slightly heavier than designed weight. I could possibly shave some of that off by reducing the size of battery and looking for lighter servos but I'll see how she goes tomorrow before deciding on what to do.

Jon - Laser Engines14/05/2018 23:35:55
3914 forum posts
151 photos

An unusual subject for a Laser but looks good. As for the 100, I cant build without parts. Alas its out of my hands.

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