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Why do I now suddenly see my Facebook profile when visiting retail sites?!

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Jonathan M01/01/2018 21:28:11
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I was just on a RC retailer's website (looking at battery sizes or something but not purchasing) when a popup suddenly emerged with my Facebook name and picture on it! sad

I'm only on two (closed) groups for specific interests, never look at anything else, and I thought I had my preferences set for maximum privacy.

Is this scary 'innovation' something new and how can I stop it?

Paul C.01/01/2018 21:40:54
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No expert on Facebook in fact pretty useless but I know that sometimes what you see is your private details and are not visible to the rest of the world. My recommendation is that you contact a teenage family member and ask them what is going on, they are the experts 👍😉


Jonathan M01/01/2018 21:45:21
730 forum posts
289 photos

Cheers Paul

Yes, I'm aware that only I'm seeing my details not the public at large, but it really narks me that the retailer is in bed with Facebook and so knows that I've been there! Also that the retailer could feasibly be provided with a lot more information about me from Facebook that I'm completely unaware of.


Denis Watkins01/01/2018 21:57:16
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Jon, many organisations have access to the information we provide,

Private messaging and emails are almost an open book these days, besides Facebook

It is scary, very scary, but just provide as little as you can

Paul C.01/01/2018 22:09:49
646 forum posts
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I have also noticed that on some sites I get pop ups of other sites that I have previously searched. Wonder if this is my browser history or big brother peering down on us 😱. I never put any important details on the likes of Facebook or other sites and invest in a good mal ware software package McAfee at the moment, never 100% bulletproof but I think a good Investment keeps me away from dubious sites.


Wilco Wingco01/01/2018 22:20:16
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Dump Facebook and get a LIFE

Paul C.01/01/2018 22:28:19
646 forum posts
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I know what you mean wilco 😃 but I have recently got back in touch with a number of my old mates that I have not seen in over 40 years some even in Oz . So its not all bad 😉


ChrisB01/01/2018 22:31:29
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Its targeted marketing. If you visit retailer websites on a regular basis then the data is collected and used to target you on other sites, usually on banners either side or below the screen. It will soon be the same on TV.

The more a company pays, the more marketing they get.

Edited By ChrisB on 01/01/2018 22:32:15

Hamish01/01/2018 22:31:50
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You can learn and communicate a lot on Facebook exactly like this forum. One kart club I was associated with raised a considerable amount of cash through a Facebook appeal. So Wilco, get a LIFE.

Former Member02/01/2018 06:18:37

[This posting has been removed]

cymaz02/01/2018 06:38:16
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Tracking cookies, I believe, is what they are called. Most sites have a box that pops up ( no of us probably take no notice of them) about them saying “ by continuing to use this site you agree to cookies”.


It always amazes me about people getting cyber bullied. I had it only on one occasion. It was at work. A really nasty comment was posted about me on FB. I WENT STRAIGHT TO UPPER MANAGEMENT.. The post was deleted and the idiot left the firm in the end. I didn’t do anything with FB for months, I still don’t post that often and I ignore all the upgrade and improvement messages that FB send. If they want to chuck me off, fine. I really only use it for closed  family group messages between us and the kids. It’s more immediate and free.


Edited By cymaz on 02/01/2018 06:44:58

Don Fry02/01/2018 06:41:20
4557 forum posts
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Percy, I join you in mutual ignorance.

But a nice thought, if in a situation involving shopkeepers, you can't work out what is for sale, the answer is you. The likes of Facebook seek to own you. Nothing free in this life.

Frank Skilbeck02/01/2018 07:58:11
4729 forum posts
101 photos

I can understand peoples wariness of Facebook, but it has proved a really good medium for our club as an interactive page, much much easier to maintain than a web page. Plus I set up a radio users web page and that has now got worldwide members and works really well to exchange tips and information.

Peter Miller02/01/2018 08:50:41
11082 forum posts
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I refuse to go on any of those sort of sites.

The ONLY one that I go on is this one,

Jonathan M02/01/2018 09:11:37
730 forum posts
289 photos

Frank has hit the nail on the head. I managed to completely avoid FB for years, until a sailing club I belong to moved its communications forum on there, and at the same time the owners association did likewise. So it was a question of join FB or remain outside of the loop (for both organisations) from that point onwards!

Re LIFE - most of us have to use the technology (while trying to avoid it using us!) starting with flint and bone.

Engine Doctor02/01/2018 09:15:25
2508 forum posts
39 photos

FB is the scourge of our times.MO Why does everyone want to put their lives on view? Im  really not interested and  dont want to know what they did last night or other inane rubbish they post. I dont want to be friends with someone who i dont know from Adam ! FB has virtually killed our club forum where members used to post build blogs ,tips and club relevant news and photos etc. They moved to FB as its easier to upload stuff from a mobile but that's wained now. I was asked to open a FB account to moderate our site but now get FB pop ups on virtually every site I visit ! Yes it has its uses but its intrusive and dangerous for vulnerable members of society . Well said Wilco Wingco dump FB and get a life .

Edited By Engine Doctor on 02/01/2018 09:23:41

John Lee02/01/2018 09:46:32
744 forum posts
72 photos

If you don't pay for it you are the product & not the customer. If you don't want your personal details to be used/sold by Facebook or Google et al then don't use them. Get an unrelated second email address (plenty are available) & move your date of birth by a month & use these on FB where they won't be linked to the real you.

MaL02/01/2018 10:06:59
140 forum posts
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If you read the T&C's on Facebook you will find -


About Advertisements and Other Commercial Content Served or Enhanced by Facebook

Our goal is to deliver advertising and other commercial or sponsored content that is valuable to our users and advertisers. In order to help us do that, you agree to the following:

  1. You give us permission to use your name, profile picture, content, and information in connection with commercial, sponsored, or related content (such as a brand you like) served or enhanced by us. This means, for example, that you permit a business or other entity to pay us to display your name and/or profile picture with your content or information, without any compensation to you. If you have selected a specific audience for your content or information, we will respect your choice when we use it.
  2. We do not give your content or information to advertisers without your consent.
  3. You understand that we may not always identify paid services and communications as such

So item 1 allows Facebook to do whatever they like with the information you provide them with and item no.2 is superfluous as you gave them permission in item no.1.


I don't like Facebook so I so don't use it ..but I don't have any friends eithersmiley


Just noticed the advice in the post above... it is against the rules to give false information...although the only punishment appears to be disbarment..  (no great loss there then)

Edited By MaL on 02/01/2018 10:09:51

Don Fry02/01/2018 11:01:00
4557 forum posts
54 photos

In the same way a successful gambler is thrown out of the bookies.

Lima Hotel Foxtrot02/01/2018 11:27:27
387 forum posts
Posted by Peter Miller on 02/01/2018 08:50:41:

I refuse to go on any of those sort of sites.

The ONLY one that I go on is this one,

This site is nothing like face book. It operates in a totally different way by facilitating sharing and communications in a different methodology. There is no constantly updated timeline for example.

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