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Chris's Vicomte 1916

... aka the Baron 1914 or the Svenson Vicomte 1915

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David Davis12/06/2018 18:26:37
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Will you be using Linen or Antique Solartex Chris? Linen is opaque, Antique is translucent.

McG 696913/06/2018 08:21:33
2372 forum posts
974 photos

Thanks for jumping in, David.

I only have some 'Linen' (HK 2x5m) and 'Natural' (2x2m) at hand.

The days following Solarfilm's announcement, I tried to find some 'Antique' as well, but it was 'sold out' everywhere. I only could find 2 small rolls of 'Natural' from the UK and some 'Antique Yellow' from HK. sad

Also, I didn't realize that the Linen was opaque as I had never see it or use it. I thought it was just a matter of a slightly different color between the two. blush

Reading your post now, I guess I will have to use the 'Natural' if I want to obtain the type of contrast I would like.

Hakuna matata... well, some 'matata' here then... frown


BE - BRU / CTR Choice Control

McG 696913/06/2018 19:02:16
2372 forum posts
974 photos

Hello again,

While I was doing some research for Vicky, I came across a Dutch Antiques Gallery website showing some pics of a Svenson Vicomte.


Now, the first thing I hope is that Vicky’s flying wires will be a bit more ‘functional’… wink


But I like the contrast between the frame and the covering which I suppose is some Japanese paper. Regarding the elevator control horn, it just needs a tiny bit of attention. cool


The decals seem to be genuine Svenson ones, but the wheels were very probably abandoned by their previous owners during D-Day at Omaha Beach some time back. I prefer not to give inappropriate comments concerning the cowl. angel

Anyhow, the good news is that this ‘thingie’ is for sale at €475,-… surprise

Hakuna matata


BE - BRU / CTR Antiques Control

Paul C.13/06/2018 20:04:58
497 forum posts
115 photos

I wonder if the price is due to the antique Howitzer shell case cowl, must be a precious metal wink


McG 696914/06/2018 10:20:41
2372 forum posts
974 photos

Howitzer??? ... Didn't think about that one, Paul. surprise

You could be right if those old guns had some 120mm caliber as well?

I tend to believe it is just a tuna fish tin with a few layers of copper oil paint though... wink

Hakuna matata


BE - BRU / CTR Tin Control

McG 696914/06/2018 19:07:34
2372 forum posts
974 photos

Hello everybody,

I guess we’re now approaching the moment of truth regarding the covering test.

The first half of the test stab was covered with the ‘Linen’ Solartex. The result seems quite acceptable for my first try out with the product, but then it seems to work easily. Even easier than the HK ‘Bright Silver’ that I used on my former Bella Ballerina.


As David wrote earlier, the outcome is opaque and not really what I’m looking for.

The second half part got some ‘Natural’ applied the same easy way.


This seems a lot better and anyhow very close to my projected effect.

A later test of transparency with some backlight shining through finalized my decision to use the ‘Natural’ for Vicky’s ‘body’… surprise  wink


Quite pleased now to have made this test piece.

Hakuna matata


BE - BRU / CTR Transparency Control


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Colin Leighfield14/06/2018 21:39:54
5563 forum posts
2275 photos

Very good choice Chris.

McG 696915/06/2018 19:11:56
2372 forum posts
974 photos

Thank you for your input, Colin.

To be honest, for me it was the obvious choice regarding the 'contrast effect' that I wanted to obtain.

Once that decision made, I can now concentrate on finalizing the future decoration scheme for Vicky.

I think i must concentrate on the plane's vintage wheels next as well.

Hakuna matata


BE - BRU / CTR Deco Control

McG 696919/06/2018 17:52:17
2372 forum posts
974 photos

Hi again,

Not a great progression lately as The LotH’s new ‘career’ seems to incorporate quite a lot of ‘social’ duties. I believe I have been shaking more hands in the last week than in the last two years… surprise

Combined with some weather related gardening and household duties, this doesn’t allow me a lot of time in La Grotte.

But then, it seems to be a general trend around here as there isn’t a lot to read about ‘building’ at the moment.

Still, I managed to have a bit of progress to Vicky’s ‘vintage’ wheels with the reaming of the hubs allowing the insertion of some - 3mm ID - ABS tubing.


I’m using 12mm Neoprene cord for the tires and did some glue testing with a few short bits. Using Neoprene contact glue as well, I had a few ‘disasters’ at first with the glue joint sticking out of the tire. A really awful result… crying

I then tried with masking tape wrapped around both edges before cutting the cord to the right dimension, allowing the excess of glue removed together with both masking tape ’protections’. That worked (nearly) flawlessly. wink


Still one to go for, but this is the result so far. cool


The plan is to cover the wheels with Solartex, trying to imitate the fabric covering of the full size WW1 wheels. Not sure how I’ll manage that one. indecision

Hakuna matata


BE - BRU / CTR Neoprene Control

Iris Vlieghe25/06/2018 06:49:27
68 forum posts
3 photos

Wonderful work Chris! I am not a builder... I am not even the slightest bit technical. But I know quality when I see it! smiley I love your craftmanship and eye for detail! Keep on building...

Hakuna matata

Iris aka the LotH

BE - BRU / CTR Craftmanship Control

Paul C.25/06/2018 10:12:00
497 forum posts
115 photos

Flying weather over here in the UK that large yellow thing in the sky is shining brightly and the temperature could be as high as 30° later this week according to the BBC smile d. Running repairs and maintenance jobs for the moment building is going to have to wait until the weather changes. It seems a shame to cover up all of the good work you have put into the wheels with fabric covering, may be opt for a more see through one. Will be interesting to see how you cover wheels, that is going to be a bit of a challenge.


McG 696925/06/2018 21:46:58
2372 forum posts
974 photos

Thank you both for commenting, lad & laddie.

I guess that "eye for detail" must be the reason of my late surname 'McAutistic', dear Iris... cool

Same weather here, Paul. With even improving temps during the following days.

For a moment I imagined of covering the wheels in 'Natural' too, but I'm trying to give Vicky some kind of a realistic look as well.

So I thought that tooth picks would look a bit too 'woody' for wheel spokes. frown

Hence the projected idea to cover with 'Linen' and to have a WW1-ish paint job for finish.

As you wrote, I'm not really looking forward to cover those wheels. It looks like a rounded off wing tip with compound curves all around... indecision the main problem being that there is no wing attached to those tips. surprise

No idea thus where to manage to 'grab' the bit to handle the job...

Hakuna matata


BE - BRU / CTR Grab Control

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Andy G.26/06/2018 07:52:17
402 forum posts
215 photos

It's going to be tricky covering those wheels Chris! I can forsee a few burnt fingertips and a lot o swearing!

Andy. First Aid control.

McG 696926/06/2018 18:02:36
2372 forum posts
974 photos

Hi Andy,

You could be very right with both of your forecasts. blush

The first thing I did was cutting out a 14cm square piece of covering and piercing a hole in the middle. Then I secured the covering to the wheel centre with a bolt & screw through a wooden base. Perfect so far.

With the iron set at 110°C, I stuck the film to the thin edges of the wood in a crosswise clock pattern. Still OK.

But when I wanted to have another 4 glued points in between, it started to 'ondulate' that much at the edges that I nearly became seasick... When I wanted to correct that, the Solartex was already so flexible that it decided to stick to the flat part of the wood instead of to the edges only.

This was about the correct moment for Andy's predictions with a few French words of very uneducated swearing... frown

I decided to put the wheel aside and to use my not so valuable remaining time to prepare some bits for the second half-wing.

If I ever succeed of having some more or less acceptable covering, I'll post some pics, promised...

Anyhow, the good news of the day is 'no burnt fingers' at all (so far). angel

Hakuna matata


BE - BRU / CTR Swearing Control

john stones 126/06/2018 22:30:05
10038 forum posts
1472 photos

Nice work Chris. wink

I'm hoping our lads "ondulate or undulate" through the Belgium defence Thursday..soz Iris face 1

John...c'mon the lads control.

McG 696927/06/2018 11:57:24
2372 forum posts
974 photos

Thanks, John.

I guess you'll have some 'explanations' to provide if/when The LotH reads your words... surprise

No worries at all as tomorrow's match only counts for the Alphamen's Ego. So, I guess you could even be allowed to 'ondulate' through the Red Devils's defense if you really insist.

Nothing to loose, nothing to win here. which for sure will be entirely different at a later stage of the Cup if we both get there. cool

Good luck to you & the Lads, young man. yes

Hakuna matata


BE - BRU / CTR SOZ Control

McG 696903/07/2018 18:16:50
2372 forum posts
974 photos

Hello to the gents still out there,

As I wrote, I’m back with some results. I had another ‘failed’ try with the covering, but at least it allowed me to ponder about a different approach.

I started over with 6 glued points instead of 4 initially. As I realized my ‘ondulation’ could be originated by the presence of an excess of film - ie stiffness - at the corners of my square Solartex covering, I decided to cut it off leaving a roundel of around 6mm external to the wheel perimeter.

I then grabbed some pliers and ‘patiently’ formed the film around the ply thickness. Going on then with the other side the same way, a bit of shrinking to both sides… and done. Chuffed with the outcome and even a bit proud as well. yes


Vicky’s wheel is the same size as the commercial Williams Brothers 110mm (4-3/8" vintage wheels, but they weight 75g, while my homemade one is just over 46g, not bad for a first try, I guess. cool

I’ve found the Williams Bros sold at £26 (+p&p), but in BE they’re sold at €42. Can you believe mine are a lot cheaper?

Still the second one to cover, but I’m fairly confident now. Except that it’s still 29°C in La Grotte… sad

Hakuna matata


BE - BRU / CTR € Control

Paul C.03/07/2018 20:40:53
497 forum posts
115 photos

Always knew that you would find a solution eventually never let a few set banks put you off yes that looks a really good finish to the wheel you only need to do one more now wink. Great work Chris looking forward to the next installment yes.


Robert Parker04/07/2018 10:39:33
835 forum posts
1088 photos

Hi Chris,

I'm still, here in the background keeping an eye on the "apprentice".

Yet again you have done an excellent job on the wheels, try, try and try again until you reach your and you have certainly done that.

Well done.



McG 696904/07/2018 13:24:25
2372 forum posts
974 photos

Thank you both for your encouraging comments, gents.

As it will be very certainly more than 30°C in La Grotte today, I'll surely need that extra motivation boost... (puffing already, here). hot

Hakuna matata


BE - BRU / CTR Dehydratation Control

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