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Electric Cars.

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Ron Gray19/07/2019 19:20:44
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It’s all very well charging at home when all you need to do is short journeys, but when your journeys extend into 200 miles you have to plan for charging at your destination. I have checked all such journeys I have carried out over the last 6 months and find that there would have been no charging point located reasonably close to my hotels. This then leaves me with the prospect of charging en route so I would be sitting at a charging station for how long, 3, 4 hours? Not really practical. Fast charging points (of which there are even less) could give me 70 miles for a 10 minute charge, assuming no-one else is using the station but not really practical.

So, as I said previously, it’s a hybrid fir me but even getting that was not straightforward, I need a car that can carry some of my models (I’m resigned to the fact that the larger ones will have to go in the trailer) so it needs to be an estate. It can’t be too big otherwise my wife won’t drive it (a Mondeo is too big) (and we’re going to a 1 car household). I refuse to spend 50+K on it.

Former Member19/07/2019 19:24:23

[This posting has been removed]

Trevor Crook19/07/2019 20:25:54
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Percy, have you seen the new MG EZS? They are now taking orders, and if you are one of the first 1000 you can get one for £21500. MG are adding a £3500 discount to match the government grant for early buyers. They are also including a 7kW home charger.

It's quite a smart looking SUV, a bit bigger than a Kona, and comes with a 44kWh battery, which is good for 160-odd miles on the WLTP cycle, which seems realistic for EVs. They quote an "urban" range of over 200 miles - unlike IC cars, EVs are more economical around town. Warranty is 7 years, and equipment levels are good. The battery is liquid cooled, so it is happy with multiple 50kW charges (unlike the Leaf, apparently).

The only downside is that there aren't that many MG dealers, although I have one about 7 miles away.

Food for thought, and there will be plenty more to come.

Former Member19/07/2019 20:37:51

[This posting has been removed]

Keith Miles 219/07/2019 21:40:36
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With the greatest respect, you continually keep putting arguments and making predictions about the future whilst seemingly dodging around the harsh realities of the present and immediate future.

So, somebody says that EVs will be “mainstream” in two to three years.

Mainstream on the roads or in the showrooms?

Words are cheap and people say lots of things which turn out to be total cobblers.

Only the customer will ultimately determine when, or if, EVs become “mainstream”. Car manufacturers know this perfectly well and know that they have a challenge on their hands in convincing the “mainstream” to swap their existing IC for EV in order to maintain sales volumes.

Companies also know that development, especially speedy development, of new technology of this nature costs a lot of money, hence the emergence of partnerships, presumably marriages of convenience to avoid potential bankruptcy!

Oh, and where, in order to create this “mainstream”, are all these new EV customers going to come from because I would guess that the existing majority (i.e. the mainstream) of drivers currently on the road cannot afford to buy any car that is less than four or five years old, irrespective of all other considerations.

I would suggest that people who already buy, and can afford to buy, new or nearly new cars cannot be regarded as “mainstream” but rather a fortunate minority amongst a current “mainstream” of vehicle owners with lower budgets.

So, EVs will only become “mainstream” when they become widely available and widely affordable both new and second hand and that ain’t gonna’ happen in 2-3 years!



Edited By Keith Miles 2 on 19/07/2019 21:43:30

Edited By Keith Miles 2 on 19/07/2019 21:44:32

Rich too20/07/2019 07:36:29
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Posted by Percy Verance on 19/07/2019 14:36:13:

Then it's probably best you remain confused and observe progress as it happens......

I'd suggest looking in fairly regularly at It's a site co-sponsored by VW - soon to be one of the largest EV makers - and has regular news updates on various matters.

And as you were banging on about facts previously, I did note your link led to a site which was no more than opinion. In fact it was headed as such.

I can't understand why you seem to be implying that 80% (or more) of future EV drivers won't continue to charge at home? You seem to think that might change? Why?

Edited By Percy Verance on 19/07/2019 14:44:56

I wouldn’t want to tarnish this thread with actual facts Percy!wink

Rich too20/07/2019 07:44:38
3060 forum posts
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For the other side of the VW strategy **LINK**

IDD1520/07/2019 08:15:25
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Well after a week of "flouncing" around this thread is still driving me up the wall! laughdevillaugh


You gotta love the style.


IDD1520/07/2019 08:20:51
128 forum posts

Meanwhile the most important news item of the week, on the charging front at least.

Card Payments at Rapids

And about time too. Grrrrrrr!


David Ashby - Moderator20/07/2019 11:12:26
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Folks. Could I ask that you refrain from altering other posts as a means of reply, it's not nice (and is now in the CoC). At the same time please also refrain from posting opinions as fact in a desire to have the last word. On any forum that's practically impossible. wink 2


Former Member20/07/2019 12:44:35

[This posting has been removed]

Keith Miles 220/07/2019 13:57:54
348 forum posts
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By way of a personal summary to this endless debate, I will just say this.

I am not anti-EV nor do I refuse to acknowledge advances in technology or necessarily object to them.

Like many others (I suspect) I am simply saying that, currently, unless one is a hard line environmentalist who only ever rides a bicycle, that there is a massive range of IC vehicles to suit anyone’s personal transport needs, lifestyle and budget due to the existing and long established infrastructure and market that currently supports them.

This did not happen overnight, nor will a similar volume change to EV even if the world’s oil were to run out next week and to suggest otherwise is totally unrealistic.

Indeed, it might seem more likely that we might experience a temporary or even permanent reduction in the number of private vehicles on the roads and a very different world and way of life than the one we have become accustomed to.

And there are some things that technology may never have a solution to, an ever increasing population for example, assuming one rules out a nuclear Armageddon.

So, on that cheerful note, I’m off to the workshop to continue with putting the final touches to a glo-powered Super Chipmunk!


Former Member21/07/2019 07:45:26

[This posting has been removed]

Don Fry21/07/2019 09:05:11
4557 forum posts
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Well done Percy. I hope you are happy with your purchase, and am glad we are on speaking terms.

Engine Doctor21/07/2019 09:42:36
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Percy can you remember all those prediction on the BBC prog " Tomorrow's World" in the dim and distant past ? all They were given credence by pundits with a vested interest at the time and so made it onto the programe ? Most were pie in the sky and looking back were total male bulls droppings. Today we have amongst others Mr Elon Musk making incredible predictions all the time bolstering his empire from his army of investors . A small part of these prediction will undoubtedly become a reality but don't get carried away , there will I believe always be a place for IC or other forms of power beside electric.

Good luck with your Kia and hope they have improved the quality of the dreadful plastic components like the dashboard, it marks if you stare at it too hard . Your a brave man putting down a grand on an unseen / tested vehicle hope there is an escape clause ?

Rich too21/07/2019 09:54:20
3060 forum posts
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Well done Percy, for putting your money where your mouth is. And I have to admit, it’s a good looking car.

However, that is a shed load of cash for a car that size, especially so that you can’t even chose the colour!

I have a question, what motivates the current EV buyers? What is your number one reason for buying one Percy? It can’t be cost savings, that’s obvious. I have various neighbors that have EVs. One of them also owns a large 4 x 4 so he’s clearly not intent on saving the planet. And his BMW i1 (?) was very expensive - I can only assume that it is a company car and he is taking advantage of the tax savings.

dont know

Martin Harris21/07/2019 11:25:42
9332 forum posts
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Posted by Engine Doctor on 21/07/2019 09:42:36:

and looking back were total male bulls droppings.

I wonder if female bulls' droppings are more or less common than the rocking horse equivalent? wink

Keith Miles 221/07/2019 12:52:30
348 forum posts
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Fair play to you Percy!

I do have an issue, however, with the concept of a company seemingly requesting a sum of money, for the purpose of allowing a mere registering of  “interest” in a product as opposed to the placing of an order.

Are they collecting sales deposits or investments?

It sounds more like the latter to me and on terms that are unclear.

Only two reasons that I can think of for any business to curtail orders.

A perceived, or actual, difficulty in meeting demand or quite the reverse!

So, please forgive me, but I’m wondering which applies in this case.






Edited By Keith Miles 2 on 21/07/2019 12:56:17

Doc Marten21/07/2019 13:01:01
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The question that gnaws at me with the ever accelerating push toward self sustaining EV's is how the oil producing, middle east countries that rely completely on oil exports will react in the coming years?

Keith Miles 221/07/2019 13:31:50
348 forum posts
6 photos
Posted by Doc Marten on 21/07/2019 13:01:01:

The question that gnaws at me with the ever accelerating push toward self sustaining EV's is how the oil producing, middle east countries that rely completely on oil exports will react in the coming years?


Mind you they, too, need to face up to the fact that nothing lasts forever.

Still a little worrying, though!

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