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my new project

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Stephen Jones19/08/2008 22:52:00
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Hi all,

just thought i might share my photos of my latest project iam building a fantrainer , i built this one some years ago with a cox .049 for power it only just had enough power to fly , so now with smaller lighter radio gear and a brushless motor i have decided to give it a retry.heres some pics,

Tim Mackey20/08/2008 00:02:00
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Looking very nice  - keep us posted - what powertrain have you settled on ?
Ken Latam20/08/2008 04:11:00
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Are the plans available somewere?


David Ashby - Moderator20/08/2008 08:36:00
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I like that Stephen
birdy20/08/2008 11:09:00
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Good lookin' model you have there!

Alan Gorham_20/08/2008 14:00:00
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Plans used to be available from ASP/Nexus/Magicalia plans service, but I can't find them listed on the website.

The original design was done by Paul Willenborg for MAN magazine in the USA. Plans are definitely still available from this source as I ordered myself a set a couple of months ago.

Website is

Go to plans sections, then planes, then ducted fan and the plan is number FSP01901 X01901
price $14.95. Hope this helps.

 Stephen, lovely looking build. Have you seen the designers own conversion thread on RCGroups where he used a Mega 16/15/4 inrunner?

Stephen Jones20/08/2008 18:58:00
2885 forum posts
1657 photos

Hi ken ,

no i have not seen the designers own conversion thread on RCGroups i tried to find but no good .Would be nice to see though could you send link . the plan FSP01901 X01901  does seem to be the same although i got mine as a free plan in radio scale in 1991.
Steve Adams20/08/2008 19:08:00
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       Hi Ken,                                                                                                                                                         

       I have looked through my magazine archives,and can confirm there is a Fantrainer model

       done as a free plan in the October 1998 Electric Flight International magazine( now called

        Q&EFI) It should still be available as a back issue,as Traplet publications hold most issues

        the model is around 36ins for a speed 400 motor,if you cant get this issue,i beleive they

        have the plan at about £5 add p+p hope this helps you,model is coming along very

                                                 nicely by the way stephen!

Alan Gorham_21/08/2008 12:37:00
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 The thread on rcgroups is here:

The MAN plan I quoted IS the same plan that you are building from, except that it was originally published in MAN many years before it was published in RCSQ.

Another interesting point to note is that the Magicalia plans service still offer the clear plastic moulded canopy to fit the MAN/RCSQ plan you are building, even though they don't offer the plan anymore.

 Go to and search on  CANRC1664

CANRC1664 - £7.45 inc. 17.5% VAT

Note that the Traplet fantrainer is a different design completely and the canopy won't fit the model being discussed in this thread.

Stephen Jones21/08/2008 22:02:00
2885 forum posts
1657 photos

Thanks Alan,

I read that thread from start to finish a very interesting read and it looks as though ill be on to a winner with this model. 90 - 100mph he was getting from his setup and that suits my flying style too

PS i think that canopy may well be the same so i`m going to give it a go cheers Alan for that. 

Alan Gorham_22/08/2008 11:20:00
1321 forum posts
146 photos


 The canopy IS definitely the same. The mould for it was made by a British modeller called Alec Cornish-Trestrail so that the clear canopy could be offered as an accessory for the free plan.

Stephen Jones02/09/2008 21:17:00
2885 forum posts
1657 photos

Hi again ,

My fantrainer by Paul Willenborg has moved along the construction stage a bit further now all parts have been constructed. And the canopy from has arrived and is the correct size.

I have built it so light i have decided to glass the front fuselage and very nice it looks too for my 1st time ever glassing anything. I decided to glass it to give extra strength and so i can give it a nice paint job too.

Being electric i can go to town on the paint job as i never have before .Although i have not yet covered the main wings in tissue and dope yet i have weighed all the parts including radio gear and 1500ma lipo and a Kmax bl2210/30 motor and it only weighs 24oz that's 10oz less than paul willenborg`s electric conversion came to and 2oz heavier than his cox .049 powered model . So i guess i will need a 150 watt motor 

Hummm , now what color paint job should i chose silver wings may be hard to see in are gray Sky's

jan brilman17/09/2008 10:26:00
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Nice job!

I have the plan from Paul Willenborg.

That looks different from the plans that Stephen has on the table.

Paul says he's working on plans for a larger version, almost ready, but it is hard to get into contact withy him . . .

 jan brilman

Stephen Jones19/09/2008 18:51:00
2885 forum posts
1657 photos

Hi again,

my plane was a free plan from , i think radio scale . I am still waiting for a motor before i do any final assembly the one i ordered was an out-runner . As i am new to this i received an out-runner however it is meant to be fitted on the inside of the model . How confusing all i wanted was a motor to fit on the outside of the model and run in reverse as the prop i have is a tractor and will be pushing the model along . 

Foamie Dave21/09/2008 22:28:00
530 forum posts
866 photos

Hi Stephen,

Are you the chap from R/dale I was talking to today (Sunday) ??



Stephen Jones21/09/2008 23:21:00
2885 forum posts
1657 photos

hi Dave,


Foamie Dave21/09/2008 23:46:00
530 forum posts
866 photos



Let me know if your stuggling with the motor and ill see what might be upto the job. Dunno if you saw my liitle Su-27 later that day but that will get 100mph on a similar weight aiframe . I take it its not a "true EDF" ..its more of a small prop in a shroud kinda thing ??

The motor I had in mine was a grayson driving a 6x4 ..what size ducting is in the fantrainer ..I presume smaller tha 6" internal ??

Stephen Jones22/09/2008 22:32:00
2885 forum posts
1657 photos

Hi dave,

Yes its " more of a small prop in a shroud kinda thing ?? " the 3 bladed prop was a 6 x 4 now cut down to 104mm to fit into the 110mm duct nearly 4.5 "  . Paul used a mega  16/15/4 but aim not shure wot the spec is for that motor just that it costs £53 which is a bit pricey for me 

Foamie Dave23/09/2008 18:35:00
530 forum posts
866 photos

Never used one either but these are the Mega specs.

Weight: 76g
Dimensions: 28 x 36.4mm
Shaft Diameter: 3.2mm
No Load Speed: 2200rpm/1V
Maximum Current: 25A
Resistance of armature: 22.5 mohm
Number of Poles: 6
Number of Winds: 4

So basically you want a 2200kv-ish motor  that will happily spin  a 4in prop. First check your 1500 lipos are rated at 20c  which is about the norm these days so you can drag approx 30amps from them. If they're only rated at 10c you can only expect to see around 15amps max so you could damage them  if you push them further.

Even something like a  2212-06 (2200kv) runs better on a slighly bigger (6x4 or maybe 5x5) prop but when you're getting down to a 4" dia  youve not got much blade with a conventional prop. Might be ok with a 3 blader ??

How about putting an EDF (ducted fan) in there instead. You can get a basic one for half the price of the Mega motor and it'll save you the trouble of making a duct . Pretty shure you can get a complete 68mm EDF  for under £30 complete with motor that should give you ample thrust on around 20 - 25 amps.

Stephen Jones23/09/2008 23:06:00
2885 forum posts
1657 photos

Hi Dave,

Nar , don`t fancy putting a EDF unit in there seen it done and it looks crap and did not have a great performance either . Although i am looking at making my own 5 bladed fan to go in there  just like the real thing , i have made the blades i just need to set them   into a disc and test when i receive my motor . Not shure wot i am going to receive from go brushless yet as i sent back a motor which is ment to be fitted within the model. 

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