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Ferocious Frankie- Brian Taylor P-51

Trying to make something that looks a bit like the picture and hopefully flies.

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Concorde Speedbird09/02/2018 20:51:38
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This could be a long one...

I've done a blindfold-scale Spitfire and I decided to do a Mustang next, preferably larger and more accurate. The Brian Taylor plan depicts a fairly complicated but very accurate model, and it is the latter that has drawn me to it. I got the plans (2 sets) and parts from Sarik.

Subject is Ferocious Frankie because I used to see it frequently when growing up in Suffolk (annoyingly the aeroplane has just moved to Turkey, would have liked to get more pictures of it). I'm going to do the best I can and see how much detail I can (or can be bothered) to add. If it goes really well, who knows, I may even enter some stand off competitions. But that is not the current plan.

I'm not starting until the Swift is done, but that won't be long and I thought an early open would stem some discussion.

Anyway, pictures:


Retracts are from the USA (rather apt) because Unitracts seem to have disappeared. Tested them and they work well. The legs sit in the scale position, but the mounts need to be redesigned to take these. Annoyingly the motors will be visible in the wheel wells, first scale blemish!


Looking forwards to getting this build underway, I shall start with the wing first. The main undercarriage with separately hinged doors and hiding the aileron actuators are the first couple of challenges!


Concorde Speedbird11/02/2018 20:58:03
2721 forum posts
632 photos

This post will be quite dull, it is mainly so I have it on record.

The first challenge I am investigating is the undercarriage. My retracts have the correct leg length and pintle angle, but the retraction angle looks like it is 90 degrees rather than the correct 86 degrees. However, I believe I can make it work without modifying the units.

The extra 4 degrees yields an extra 6.7mm arc length of retraction at the centre of the wheel. By retaining the correct angle with wheels down (perpendicular to the runway) this means the wheels go 6.7mm too far into the well when compared with what it should be. However, if this clashes with the well, I can lower the whole unit by 5 or 6mm and still remain completely in the wing when retracted, because the Mustang retract hinge line is set quite high in the wing. It's a cheat, but it would be nigh-on impossible to notice unless I was stupid and posted on the internet that I was going to cheat... I can still make the undercarriage leg doors work too because they are separately hinged and attached to the legs with sprung telescopic mounts, so the doors can sit flush despite the legs moving a tad more.

I'll make a test rig using scrap wood cut to the same dimensions as the wing to determine the best position I can put the bearers before building the wing. This way I will know what I am doing when building the wing. Hopefully I am correct and this will work!

Told you it would be boring... I'll start on the test rig and get some pictures tomorrow.

Jon - Laser Engines11/02/2018 22:06:01
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Sounds like a sensible fix. At the end of the day no one will notice and once retracted it wont show at all

Shane Sunday12/02/2018 22:05:32
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I've seen a couple of your models in your photos. Beautifully finished so I am book marking this build and will be following along. This isn't the same Brian Taylor mustang I built but I did attempt at a ferocious franky finish as well. I've built 2 Brian taylor models now and I'll say this, he takes a lot of the guess work out of it. Best of luck and keep us posted

Concorde Speedbird12/02/2018 22:17:57
2721 forum posts
632 photos

Thanks Jon, hopefully a nice Laser 120 comes in stock fairly soon!

That's very nice of you Shane, do you have any pictures of your Mustang to share? Hope you enjoy following along!

Started on the retract test rig. I only need the area from the centre to the outermost mount of the retract bearer in front of the spar, and only one side too. .

Firstly, an MDF board. The 'wing' will be attached to this upside down at the dihedral angle, so the leg can easily be mounted with the correct stance.


Some of the laser cut ribs can be used in the rig because they will need re-fabricating once I decide the new bearer position. Others are re-cut, as shown below. Not the finest cutting but it's fine for the rig (the laser cutting is beautiful).


The lower three will be used in the rig and modified for the actual wing.


What I have so far, not a lot done because the Swift is priority one currently.


I got one of the units out and in real life it looks better than I thought (woo!) to get them in the right place. Hopefully I will get some structure built tomorrow so we can start pondering what the situation is. I'm confident that with the rig I can devise a solution which looks like the real thing with both gear up and gear down. I can also test the doors when I get around to doing that with the rig too.


Jon - Laser Engines12/02/2018 22:29:10
5066 forum posts
217 photos

I'm afraid I probably wont have 120's until April. With our factory move things are going to be seriously disrupted for at least the whole of March.

Its going to be a tricky few months.

Concorde Speedbird12/02/2018 22:47:07
2721 forum posts
632 photos

That suits me well anyway since I have the wing to build. Hope everything goes as smoothly as possible, my 80 has been perfect since you fixed the glider tow string ingestion, thank you very much!

Trevor Crook13/02/2018 08:15:12
902 forum posts
67 photos

Jacob, you probably know this, but for the proper scale retraction sequence you will need a sequencer for the inner doors - they close after the wheels come down and (obviously) open before they close. FMS do this on their foamy P51, I don't know if the sequencer is available as a spare. Others must be available, I think I've seen them from Hobbyking.

The retracts you've bought look really nice. I'm sure you will produce a model to match them.

Jon - Laser Engines13/02/2018 08:23:03
5066 forum posts
217 photos
Posted by Concorde Speedbird on 12/02/2018 22:47:07:

That suits me well anyway since I have the wing to build. Hope everything goes as smoothly as possible, my 80 has been perfect since you fixed the glider tow string ingestion, thank you very much!

Ok great i will see what i can do. Just stay away from tow line in future

Trevor is also right about the doors. HK do a sequencer that will work P51 style. they are only about 8 quid i think

Phil 913/02/2018 08:52:39
4287 forum posts
242 photos

who did you buy the retracts from

Danny Fenton13/02/2018 10:06:51
9311 forum posts
4125 photos

I look forward to following along, should be a lovely build



Martyn K13/02/2018 13:19:24
5041 forum posts
3677 photos

Following... another on my to-do list.


Is that the -B or -D variant CSB? 


Edited By Martyn K on 13/02/2018 13:22:08

Danny Fenton13/02/2018 13:50:45
9311 forum posts
4125 photos

On my "to finish" list Martyn. Mind you its only been about 11 years at this stage



Martian13/02/2018 13:57:10
2295 forum posts
1091 photos

Danny that's a serious number of garden books and no aircraft books ,

Jacob I'm following to love the Mustang

Danny Fenton13/02/2018 16:16:40
9311 forum posts
4125 photos

Hi Martian, guest bedroom, the friend that visits the most is into her gardening the Aeroplane reference library is in another room



Denis Watkins13/02/2018 16:33:56
4053 forum posts
75 photos

That fuselage would be best powered by a glow Rolls Royce Merlin Danny, imagine the sound!

But the Laser will do for now

Danny Fenton13/02/2018 16:43:36
9311 forum posts
4125 photos

Imagine? I have heard it

There is a Benedini sound system in there with a massive sound box and Blaupunkt speaker




Edited By Danny Fenton on 13/02/2018 16:44:00

Concorde Speedbird13/02/2018 17:13:39
2721 forum posts
632 photos

Sorry just got back from work.

Trevor- Yes I was aware- I may be able to do it through programming on my Taranis transmitter which could be interesting, if not then I will get a sequencer. Thanks a lot!

Cheers Jon!

Phil- They are from Century Jet in the States (got to have some American-ness in it I suppose!). Company doesn't have the best reputation but I am pleased with these retracts- I also had them custom modified for the leg position and pintle angle.

Danny- Great to have you on board, please point out all my errors so I can rectify them! Cheers

Martyn- thanks, it is a D so bubble canopy.

Thanks Martian!

Denis, he does do a good job doesn't he?! There are loads of videos on youtube of aeroplanes with sound systems to replicate the full size engine sound, it's worth a look!

I shall get some more done on the rig after dinner, back later.

Bob Cotsford13/02/2018 19:23:59
8146 forum posts
449 photos

Try this - put the inner doors on a mix tab channel with the same switch as retracts and use a 4 point top hat shaped curve with slow set long enough to allow for retract/extend time of the main leg.



At least it works in Companion simulation!

Edited By Bob Cotsford on 13/02/2018 19:26:36

Concorde Speedbird13/02/2018 21:29:05
2721 forum posts
632 photos

Thank you very much Bob, that is brilliant! I'll give that a go when I get onto the doors.

Rig building time. Note that the workmanship is not to usual standards because I used whatever scrap I could and it doesn't need to be for the purpose it is being built for.


Tracing of the plan:


And the build





It is too far to the right in this picture. Already it can be seen that rib 4 will need to be cut for the motor and rib 5 changed to mount the bearers in a better position, but it looks reasonable. Next is to mount the rig at the correct dihedral and incidence angle, but it was getting cold!

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