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Building Jim Newberrys Puddleduck

From the free plan in RCM&E Jan 2018

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onetenor08/03/2018 22:12:19
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Verrrrrry nice sir

Dwain Dibley.08/03/2018 22:20:54
921 forum posts
917 photos

That's very nice of you to say so, old Bean...laugh

Geoff Sleath08/03/2018 23:07:28
2610 forum posts
198 photos

You're like greased lightning, Dwain! I wouldn't mind if it looked like it had been thrown together but it's immaculate. You'll have this flying before I get my Moth ready for covering!

Having struggled getting batteries out of models when I've used genuine Velcro I now tend to use a Velcro strap like yours but have the battery Velcro on top so the strap engages with it. I then make sure the battery can't slip around but is easily removed by peeling off the strap.


Dwain Dibley.08/03/2018 23:30:07
921 forum posts
917 photos

Thanks Geoff.....laugh

I love the building part, I spoil it for myself really, cos I finish too quickly. LOL.

Mind you, I have to cut all the ribs next, so that will slow me down a bit.

Regards the battery, I only put two small squares of velcro on the battery and a long bit on the tray, that way it's held well but is easy to peel off.


Dwain Dibley.09/03/2018 18:26:16
921 forum posts
917 photos

Ok. I needed the bench space so I had to get rid of the box the Boomerang kit came in.

The answer was to build the contents into a wing.

There were a few issues, the biggest being missing parts, second being broken parts, third, extremely bent parts.

Spot Seagulls deliberate mistake in the pics, and have a chuckle at my expense. laugh







Keeping it all square was a bit of a trial, but it all worked out. I added some individuality to the wing surface.


Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 09/03/2018 18:30:20

Dwain Dibley.10/03/2018 14:59:52
921 forum posts
917 photos

So, to get it out of the way for the PD wing build, the last few jobs on the Boomer were sorted today.

I had to make a new motor mount, as the motor rear mount was too big for the kit one.

I made two servo mounts, the servo will sit upright, as opposed to on it's side.

I changed the wing tips, but still used the parts, they should be enclosed but I made open braced ones.

The motors came from 4Max, ordered yesterday. Big shout out to George and the Team. Got a free keyring and a nice decal. Ta guys !! laugh



PD motor next to the Boomer motor, PD is the top one, in case you don't know. cheekylaugh


Dwain Dibley.10/03/2018 21:35:33
921 forum posts
917 photos

Finished the servo mountsBoomer, nice and sturdy. Also the wing tips.

Here is the little Motor in the front of the Puddle Duck... I have decided to make a new front piece so as to do it justice.







Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 10/03/2018 21:39:07

Dwain Dibley.11/03/2018 18:47:41
921 forum posts
917 photos

Boomer covering.. then it's finished bar the motor install. I can now get on to the rib cutting for the Main item of this thread.




Dwain Dibley.18/03/2018 15:53:28
921 forum posts
917 photos

As promised.....the Rib Cutting.........YAY !! laugh

first of all I made two ply templates, I used liteply because it was there, I know some guys use aluminium. I reckon you could get three sets out of ply ones, but obviously many more from aluminium or even 1mm ply.

After the ply ones are cut I made sure they were spot on the same by taping them together and running them on the sander.

I the cut 21 blanks from balsa sheet, just slightly bigger than the templates.

The next step was to tape 9 together (there are nine in each wing and 3 in the centre section) with the templates on each side, clamp them in a vice and go at it with the sanding block. After that I used various files to cut the slots for the spars. 2 X 1/4 sq and 4 X 1/8 sq.

Repeat with the next nine and finally the last 3. I figured this way each wing would be even if not 100% identical to the other. plus my vice would not hold 23 ribs...wink

I don't think it will take long to get two wings made now.


I use this stuff, it's great as it goes on blue, so you can see where you put it, and then turns clear.


Two lovely templates.


Blankety Blank.


Ribs. I made 3 extra, left as blanks just in case, these are the "spare ribs"...............Groan.........blush


Looking like a wing. I will build the port wing on the same bit of plan, just remembering to put the tip on the other end.....wink


Dwain Dibley.19/03/2018 21:08:54
921 forum posts
917 photos

Ok, so, got a load done today, and now have two wings and a centre section....just the tips to make.

Jims' method for making the bottom sheeting first works well and that is how I did it. Put down the sheeting and then the bottom main spar and two sub spars, and the . Then add the ribs, remembering to add the dihedral to the inner most rib.

Next add the top main spar and top sub spars, the sheer web pieces (grain vertical), and the false leading edge. Then the top sheeting goes on and once the glue dries the sheeting can be trimmed back to the false leading edge.

The last job is the leading edge which will be planed to profile before covering.

I made the second bottom sheet over the same bit of plan, and then flipped it over to make the port wing. This saved copying or oiling the plan. Obviously the ribs are all evenly spaced so this is possible, some wings have uneven spacing so watch out.

When I came to make the centre section, I spotted a little conundrum. The wing section drawing, which I had been working to, has the dihedral braces in front of the webbing, the centre section plan has them behind...Could have been interesting If I had not noticed.

Once all the sheeting was on I cut the slots for the ply braces, these slots will be sheeted in at the end.










img_20180319_195542.jpgMy reward for working hard and being a good boy......winklaugh


Chris North 319/03/2018 23:54:07
195 forum posts
299 photos

Hi DD. I am really enjoying your thread and the fact that it contains so much detail for each step - it will be very useful when I get back to building again once the new house is sorted. There are so many so called build threads that contain plenty of words and then a picture of the finished model - which is not always that helpful! - so thanks for the effort you are putting in.

Dwain Dibley.20/03/2018 16:37:22
921 forum posts
917 photos

Thanks for the kind words Chris, It's nice to know these blogs actually help people.. thumbs up


Dwain Dibley.22/03/2018 12:29:58
921 forum posts
917 photos

I spent a couple of hours before work this morning, I start a 14.00 hrs, getting the wings together.

Once they are glued with the Dihedral braces in place it is a simple case of filling in the cut outs top and bottom, with scrap balsa.

I then gave it all a good sanding. I also need to add a piece of balsa to the wing to stop it sliding rearwards under pressure from the rubber bands.

Jobs left to do are...

  • Finish off the Tips.
  • Reinforce the wing joints.
  • Put some magnets in the canopy.
  • Add the front cowl part.
  • Make the undercarriage, including rear skid.
  • Covering.
  • Fit the motor and radio.
  • Fit the dowels for the wing bands.

Not much now then, so a maiden will ensue quite soon, as long as the weather cooperates.frown





Dwain Dibley.24/03/2018 00:16:51
921 forum posts
917 photos

Now then,.... If you look at the last picture, you will see a patch on the SB wing leading edge sheet. I put my thumb through it and repaired it. Then I did it again in the next bay...............crying The balsa sheet was very brittle, which I didn't notice when I applied it. So now I have a wing with two ugly patches on it. There were two options....

  1. rip the sheet off and apply a new one, which I would have to travel 8 miles to buy, or
  2. Cover the leading edge sheet with something.

I did the latter, with brown paper, and now it's like a ply sheet. I also did the middle section, top and bottom.

It's a bit like Marmite, you will either love it or hate it....I will accept either opinion without retaliation. laugh




Piers Bowlan24/03/2018 06:41:18
1243 forum posts
36 photos

A neat solution Dwain, I'll have to try brown paper covering sometime. yes

Ron Gray24/03/2018 07:34:01
851 forum posts
213 photos

I like that DD, looks rather good imo.

Geoff Sleath24/03/2018 11:49:22
2610 forum posts
198 photos

Well, in a way it's good to know even the great DD can put his thumb through 1.5mm sheeting. At least our building skills (and, in my case, I use the term loosely) have a little in common. That's a great bodge, Dwain. One of these days I'll reveal all the neat escapes I've made (and hidden!). That's something I'm quite good at.

Looks like you're making excellent progress and I'm sure it will fly like a dream once the weather sorts itself out.


Dwain Dibley.24/03/2018 23:31:40
921 forum posts
917 photos

Thanks guys, It looks OK don't it..????laugh

Gut wrenching when the old thumb went in tho, but As you say Geoff, a good Bodge/Dodge/Codge, sorts it out. wink

I have now finished the tips and covered the wings, added the "Decals", and am ready to move back to the fuselage.


Tip pieces cut out X 2


All nice and square.


Decals added. laugh  Written on brown paper and covered with film. I tested this on scrap first in case of runs.




Homage to the Designer.


Finished. Still very light, but solid as a rock.


Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 24/03/2018 23:34:43

Dwain Dibley.25/03/2018 22:06:20
921 forum posts
917 photos

Most of the jobs in the list above are now complete.

I have installed the snakes and got all the surfaces working. I used spare ends with clevises to make the push rods up and secured the ends with CA and Heat shrink tube.

Dowels are in for the wing bands.

The fuselage is covered, the Brown paper theme carried through to the nose and tail. The tail is glued on

The magnets are in the hatch top and screws in the fuz to catch them.

I just have to bend up the undercarriage wires, fit the motor and front cowl.


Tail Skid and a bit of brown paper.


Top and Tailed.


Magnets and screws. I always seal the magnets in with whatever covering I have used.


Balsa pieces to hold in the snakes, i made 8 in total. You can also see the snake exits.


Bottom covered.


Snake holders.


Skid and snake ends, showing the fixing method.


See through.


The covered item. I plan on painting the front Black.


Dwain Dibley.26/03/2018 21:00:10
921 forum posts
917 photos

Today I made the undercarriage, front cowl piece, and painted the front end. I also fitted the motor and worked out where to to put the ESC. All that remains is to fit the Under carriage and Fly

I have thoroughly enjoyed this build, Kudos to Jim for a great design.


My trusty old undercarriage Jig.


I made a new front piece



Checking the clearance for the prop.



Easy access through the front to the motor screws.






And painted.


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