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Spring 2018 is here...been flying?

Rejoice ! warmer weather is on the way

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John Privett14/04/2018 21:20:42
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Not sure what happened to Spring. It seems like "summer" arrived (temporarily) today. Temperature up to 18C, flat calm at one point and people appeared at the club site that I hadn't seen for months...

Seems that 'normality' is restored for tomorrow (wet and windy) before something approaching summer arrives again next week.

Tom Sharp 214/04/2018 21:30:40
3018 forum posts
16 photos

I think I've got a Summer cold coming on.

cymaz14/04/2018 21:33:16
7686 forum posts
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Posted by cymaz on 13/04/2018 19:53:48:

More flying this weekend! That’s two in a row..laugh

Spoke to soon...only one flight. Cold and blowing a gale.

Martin Harris14/04/2018 21:52:43
7689 forum posts
191 photos

Cracking day - tee shirt and Nieuport (Legionnaire) weather!

Chris Barlow14/04/2018 21:57:20
1748 forum posts
1192 photos

Our field is still very wet but some good flying today including these 2 Ultimates. Little and large!


Peter Miller15/04/2018 08:16:09
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A perfect afternoon. Warm, sunny and almost flat calm.

A good turn out too with a couple of maiden flights. Best day for six months.

deacon 1.jpg

Edited By Peter Miller on 15/04/2018 08:26:50

Geoff Sleath15/04/2018 12:14:34
2711 forum posts
199 photos

Mixed day for me yesterday. I took for models the Riot, a DB Tiggie (as my logo), the Ballerina and the big Mew Gull (I thought if I didn't fly it in the conditions as they were I never would!)

I had a good flight with the Riot, which is the only one I have set up on my new Horus transmitter (I need to rewrite the firmware on my bigger receivers to EU LBT). Then the first of several lovely stooges with the Tiggie before the Ballerina.

The Ballerina seemed to out of trim and veering right so I kept applying left trim until it got so bad I decided to land. Unfortunately I couldn't keep the wing level and ended snapping the fuselage in half. Almost no other damage - even the prop is still intact. I realise now that because I have the whole top removable for battery access the fuselage is quite weak. The wing hit the ground first (fortunately the grass rather the the Tarmac) and inertia (motor and battery) sinply snapped the fuselage neatly. The wing itself is OK. I think will be an easy repair.

What happened? What I thought in my tiny brain was the model going right was my aileron input correcting LEFT out of trim, so my inputting more left simply made matters worse. What was I thinking?

Anyway, a few more flights with Tiggie and Riot meant it was Mew Gull time. It takes off beautifully on less than full throttle and flies well. I have current telemetry and the motor is drawing less than 20 amps (on 6S) most of the time. It went up the 65 amps on a rapid climb out from an aborted landing. So it flies well with good endurance but a real pig to land. I should have been warned when it nosed over when taxiing out to the take off point at low speed on the Tarmac. Both landings I did resulted in nose overs which didn't do a lot of damage except to the underside of the cowl. I think perhaps more elevator; rebend the legs to get them further forward and check to make sure the wheels really do run freely (there isn't much clearance between the tyres and the oleo legs so perhaps when they compress on landing they're rubbing). More investigation needed.

However, although a very mixed day for me, the Tiggie flights and the behaviour in the air of my Mew Gull made it worth the effort. As a very experienced modeller once said to me when I was starting out "It's hard game, sometimes"


Paul Marsh15/04/2018 13:13:47
3287 forum posts
916 photos

Flew yesterday. The Seagull Ultimate -120 size in the photo above. Not usual I take this model, as it stays whole, although not too bad to take apart - still a pain.

Flew the Ultimate, re-cycled Agritug, A .15 size Alley cat and Wot Wot ARTF.

The Ultimate had a dead-stick, quite nasty if you get it wrong, but landed ok. Was the poor glo-plug (not running totally right), but also found the tank was empty, which didn't help! Replaced said plug now...

AndyD15/04/2018 13:37:58
696 forum posts
503 photos

as of a lot of fields ours is much the same wet very wet so I'm still flying my foamys or is it foamies,i tend to fly them all year round especially as a back up whenthe big stuff lets me down.

AndyD15/04/2018 13:48:49
696 forum posts
503 photos

Paul Marsh15/04/2018 14:02:09
3287 forum posts
916 photos
AndyD15/04/2018 17:01:24
696 forum posts
503 photos

thx Paul for uploading my vid idid try but couldn't remember how to and gave up.

John Privett15/04/2018 18:54:01
5710 forum posts
222 photos

Today's weather was not so good - as was forecast! I went to our local slope to lob a couple of gliders into the air, but only got a 10-minute or so flight with each before the light drizzle started to become more persistent. At least I got to fly both - it was the first outing for them since I moved them from the Taranis onto my new Horus tx. All good!

Erfolg16/04/2018 20:51:38
10929 forum posts
1042 photos

Yep, Cymas, it was a me to.

I have mentioned that in the past i lived a mere mile from the flying field. In retrospect, the journey was boring, taking all of 4-5 minutes, nothing to moan about, nothing much to see.

Now, every journey is a potential adventure. This week, I was followed by a Police Patrol Car. It snuck up on a quite lane. Turned with me onto the road that passed the Frackers (protestors is anther name). I slowed to 30mph (as now sign posted, previously a 50 mph), on a road that is essentially the potential for 4 lanes, way out in the country side, i slowed to 20mph, as that how it is sign posted now as you approach the Frackers. The police car was tail gateing me now, tut, tut I thought, then the car dropped back. Having passed the Frackers I accelerated to 40mph, although 50 mph is permitted. This was to demonstrate how aware I was with regard to the road works of United Utilities. I obviously completely bored them, as he decided enough was enough, and sped up, probably to look for another bad boy.

Ah, yes, this is about model flying, hmm. I have pondered the obvious issues that have appeared in my flying. Thought about what my mentor/test pilot had mentioned, considered why i did not have any issues in the past.

I came to the conclusion there were a number of things. Firstly with respect to take offs, my new club has a field that is much wetter than my previous clubs. The second the ground is a little more fertile than the reclaimed rubbish dump, this results in faster growing grass. Thirdly, the damp ground results in the field often not being cut, as it just is not possible. All of this has resulted in me having full up in, when the throttle is opened, just to stop the model nosing over. That is OK, other than I have started not to let the elevator move towards neutral until of the ground. In the summer it did not really matter that much, as the models would quickly accelerate and be off the ground, climbing strongly. Now they are barely above stalling speed, and apparently not, in some instances.

So on both Saturday and Sunday, I concentrated on quickly letting the elevator returning to neutral, as the model accelerated along the strip. Result happiness, various models taking of in a shallow climb out, although initially still not far from the stall, even after a long run in some cases, Non the less happiness.

Now the landings are another issue, the problem at present is that more often than not the landing strip is pretty much at 90 degrees to the prevailing wind. Again at the previous club, the surrounding trees, although a real hazard, protected the landing strip from the wind. This meant that I could dive down, into the calm air, start pulling up, the model would get aerodynamically dirty, slow down and it would land without fuss. Now there are far fewer visual clues as to precisely the model is, with respect to the field. I have started to make long approaches at a shallow angle, never quite sure how fast the model is going, tending to keep the speed high. I have now shortened the approach, starts a little higher and it seems to work, although there is drift due to the cross wind, that has to be managed. The T67 is still an issue though, it really could do with flaps or an airbrake to steepen the approach, at a moderate forward speed.

The result is a lot more happiness, although well short of what I want. At the end of the day i had a lot more flights, with a degree of success, in that I enjoyed them, not requiring model rebuilds. Happiness.

Edited By Erfolg on 16/04/2018 20:53:20

Adrian Smith 120/04/2018 16:11:42
1932 forum posts
654 photos

Well a bit of a turn up - I have been able to fly three days in a row for the first time since last summer smile d.

Ahead of schedule I was able to maiden my latest creation.


It is a GoldWing Sbach 342 50cc, converted for electric use, liberated from the Rapid RC guys (great service by the lads by way). By today after two previous days I have fully wrung it out and it is a super aircraft to fly - no hitches no glitches, just simplicity itself.

I did take a load of photos of the build methods and specification to put on the forum here if there is an interest to see it. I also took a short video clip of it via a GoPro camera I just haven't got round to posting it all yet.

Tom Sharp 220/04/2018 18:30:27
3018 forum posts
16 photos

After the last two days flying it was go flying or cut the lawn (a two hour job) guess which won.

Geoff Sleath20/04/2018 22:40:10
2711 forum posts
199 photos

I missed yesterday because SWMBO had the car and we haven't de-SORNed the van yet but I think today may have been the better weather. Not as warm and with a pleasantly cool westerly breeze ideal for landing.

Flew the Riot first before getting a launch of my Phoenix 2k glider (I can't throw at the best of times and I have frozen shoulders right now). Actually hooked a bit of a thermal and climbed from about 120 metres to 180 (I have altitude telemetry) at one point but the 2 buzzards circling with me made a better job of climbing.

I had a good flight with my Dynam Hurricane on a 4S 3700 MaH but I'm always cautious with it because it's very sensitive to AoA and I try to keep the speed up in the turns with very gentle elevator use. In fact I executed an beautiful but unintentional flick roll when I was too elevator enthusiastic at the top of a loop. It looked really good. Unfortunately on it second flight it came in without the pilot, canopy or battery hatch which had parted company at some time totally unnoticed by me. I didn't notice the missing parts until after I'd started taxiing back.

I also took the Mew Gull with a modified undercarriage. It's set further forward and I've fitted bigger wheels in an attempt to make 3 point landings involve the wheels rather than the main wheels and the underside of the cowl. It was a lot better and probably just needs practice from the still nervous pilot. It is very good actually in the air and doesn't exhibit and bad tendencies (so far). Rolls are axial and loops as big as desired. It does occasionally draw 65 amps if I use full throttle briefly but flies quite fast straight and level on a modest 25/30 amps as befits a thoroughbred racing aeroplane. Unfortunately hatch problem plagued the Mew Gull, too and it came open in flight (though not lost) which didn't improve the aerodynamics at all because it's quite big. Some improvements needed.

A good day out. Lets hope for more.


Tom Sharp 221/04/2018 20:51:54
3018 forum posts
16 photos

lovely flying day today and the field is drying fast

Percy Verance22/04/2018 07:29:26
6730 forum posts
133 photos

Went out at about 6 o' clock yesterday evening. It was gorgeous, with not a breath of wind. Ideal for someone who is learning to fly, so I did my teaching bit for the best part of 2 hours. The Easystar was in it's element. NIce relaxing 20 minute flights from each pack, with four and a bit packs used. Luckily I'm able to make the most of such weather opportunities, as where I fly is literally about three minutes drive out of the village.

The timing was right, as it tried to rain just after I arrived home. The weather can be unpredictable here in the Lakes......

Edited By Percy Verance on 22/04/2018 07:30:03

Tom Sharp 222/04/2018 08:25:32
3018 forum posts
16 photos

I was out yesterday, perfect conditions, grass freshly mown, dry underfoot and only two of us there.

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