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New Graphene Lipo Battery ?

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Rocker05/03/2018 21:08:36
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Anyone tried the new Graphene lipo battery that are coming on the market .They claim to last longer and do not puff up so quick but are they worth the extra money that they cost .Bit weary of claims they make just to get you to buy them

Former Member05/03/2018 21:16:26

[This posting has been removed]

john stones 105/03/2018 21:49:51
11517 forum posts
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Posted by Percy Verance on 05/03/2018 21:16:26:

I think I'd be inclined to let others try them first Rocker. It's usually Pioneers who end up with arrows in their posteriors........

They also claim the land, stake out their gold claims and get a nice tan. Clubmates who've bought them, reckon they're good Rocker.

Former Member06/03/2018 01:09:02
3577 forum posts

[This posting has been removed]

ASH.06/03/2018 01:48:54
334 forum posts
Posted by Percy Verance on 05/03/2018 21:16:26:
It's usually Pioneers who end up with arrows in their posteriors........

Good one Percy! smiley

I read somewhere of tests done on the nano tech Lipos. It seems they didn't perform as well as the ordinary ones. I don't know of the new Graphene type. It may just be some marketing ploy. Graphene is the new material known for its's super strenght to weight. How do they use that in a battery?

Saying the above I just bought a couple of Nano tech LiFe's.

Trevor Crook06/03/2018 07:13:24
966 forum posts
69 photos

I've got a couple, but only tiny 1s 500mAh ones for my Blade 120 heli. Noticeably better performance than the old packs, it will hover with the throttle stick in a lower position. Haven't used them enough to comment on any puffing issues.

Frank Skilbeck06/03/2018 08:22:04
4729 forum posts
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Posted by ASH. on 06/03/2018 01:48:54:
It may just be some marketing ploy. Graphene is the new material known for its's super strenght to weight.

And very low electrical resistance, the worlds most conductive material according to Manchester University

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 06/03/2018 08:23:54

Geoff S06/03/2018 10:59:01
3664 forum posts
26 photos

Thaose interested in batteries generally might like to listen to today's 'Life Scientific' programme on R4 via the iPlayer. I only understood about 10% of it but the woman interviewed by Jim Alkalili was heavily involved in the development of lithium batteries.

IMy experience of Graphene LiPos is a bit mixed. I bought one (3s2200) to try last year and used it for about 50 cycles and the performance was good, then it thought it was only a 2s! I got another 2 which were on offer a few weeks ago but haven't used them in anger yet. The jury certainly is still out as far as I'm concerned.


pete taylor06/03/2018 12:03:20
353 forum posts
164 photos

I've been using Turnigy Graphene packs since they arrived on the market with lots of claims and can only sing their praises.

The ones I have are mostly 4000mAh + and 4 or 6 cell packs, but they get used mainly for EDF models with the associated beasting they receive in that application and I've had absolutely nothing to complain about. No puffing, sagging voltage or any other malaise.

One feature they do have in common with other high performance Lipos with a very flat discharge curve is very little warning when they're about to expire. Not a problem, you just need to remember to set your flight timer, or have a reasonable glide!

Colin Carpenter06/03/2018 12:20:43
642 forum posts
35 photos

I'm using one Turningy Graphene . Only 5 flights so far but all ok. A little bit more push and duration and stays cold ! Colin

John Lee06/03/2018 13:49:13
744 forum posts
72 photos

I bought three Turnigy Graphene 3S 2200MAh last year for my Convergence VTOL and Multiplex Funjet, both of which are demanding on batteries.

The Graphines have worked well, comparable with or slightly better than other high C batteries and show a low IR. Only had about 20 cycles with them but they are holding up well with no puffing. The downside is the cost & the fact that they are about 10% bigger & heavier than 'standard' batteries, I will certainly get more if I see them on offer.

Dickw06/03/2018 14:34:25
717 forum posts
99 photos

The Graphene 1500 packs I was using all last year are still performing well and I have just bought some more. I have attached an extract from a recent in flight data log showing a pack still holding over 3.3v per cell at 180 amps - a bit extreme by most people's standards but it does show what they are capable of.

One of the reasons they are bigger and heavier than standard batteries is because the packs are reinforced with thin epoxy glass plates either side of the packs under the heatshrink - probably to stop them puffing. I removed these plates to save weight and space so my packs have puffed a bit, but it doesn't seem to have affected performance.


20180217 graphene 1500 10s.jpg

MattyB06/03/2018 14:38:13
2073 forum posts
32 photos

There is lots of test data out there on Graphenes if you look for it - this RCGroups thread for instance. Post 2 indexes a number of interesting topics within the thread which show how long lifed and resilient these packs are on average.

I have used them fairly extensively and there is no doubt in my mind that the low IR Turnigy Graphenes are the best I have used in terms of power density and cycle life (there are multiple reports of 1000+ cycles from a pack), but their higher weight and size means they lose out in terms of energy density. You pays your money and all that...

Shane Sunday06/03/2018 14:51:22
342 forum posts
160 photos

Hey guys. I've soent too much money on lipos and mostly been let down. I've tried Turnigy, NAno tech rhino gens ace. From 2s through to 6s and most likely thousands of pounds. Most of those brands have let me down with dead cells or just not enough grunt or life. The Graphene 4s ans 6s 5000 mah 65c lipos are brilliant. Yes they cost more but I feel they are reasonably priced for peice of mind knowing they actually do the job you put in front of them.

All of my Nano techs died. Absolute crap.

The plain Turnigy are ok for prop driven models but lack the grunt an EDF needs

The Gens ace are great wee batteries but overly expensive now.

Colin Bernard06/03/2018 15:48:26
502 forum posts
93 photos

Another vote for the HK Graphene batteries. I was using them in my Wot4 foam e and noticed a definite increase in performance with no sign of getting warm.

As others have said though, they are a tad bigger and find that unfortunately they are too big for my Acrowot foam e unless I do some drastic surgery/

Brian Hammond06/03/2018 22:15:18
349 forum posts got some 3000ma 3cell graphenesand as the previous members said they stay so cold you would not think they had been used and a marked increase in power. Worth the extra money.

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