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Whatever happened to..........

those models that seem to have disappeared....

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Eric Bray31/08/2008 18:51:00
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Message member - put your little arrow thingy (on the screen) on the person's name, (ie where it says Eric Bray says  left click it, and the screen goes to the person's profile. (In your case, its empty!)

At the bottom of the details that come up, is a little line that says message me.

Put the arrow on that, and left click, and a pre-made form comes on. Type in your message, and left click send. Done.

To receive one, you HAVE to left click the line by the silhouette pic, where it says my profile. When that new page opens, you can put in what details you want. Again at the bottom is a little box, which you put the arrow in, and left click, to enable private messages. It says tick here for messages, or something like that.

When someone sends you a pm, on the main screen, where the picture isn't, because you haven't sent one yet, where it says my messages, a number - 1,2,3 etc, appears, telling you there are 1,2,3, messages waiting. Put the arrow on, left click, and you can read them!

It takes longer to explain than it does to do!

Myron Beaumont31/08/2008 19:06:00
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Eric  Thanks

My profile isn't empty --Or is it ? --I can read it  'Just goes to show Eh ! I will read the info again later .Personally I think that someone  up there has denied me access to info .The good news is that I can type pretty well now with one finger as you can tell from this reply

Raining again

simon barr31/08/2008 19:16:00
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I have messaged you....go to "My Inbox" in your profile box at the top left of the screen....

David Ashby - Moderator01/09/2008 08:17:00
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SLEC are in the process of re-kitting the Limbo Dancer and may even be selling them now as we speak. They had a demo model in their tent at the Nats.  

Grant Darnley01/09/2008 12:10:00
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Any chance of them doing the same with the original Rapier kit?

David Ashby - Moderator01/09/2008 15:52:00
11018 forum posts
1723 photos
616 articles
It's worth giving them a call perhaps.........01953 885279
John Cole01/09/2008 17:23:00
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Eric: about the "Plus Three".  You are referring to the Plus-series of slope-soarers.  Plus 1 (well, +1 really) was the slightly-swept 72" foam wing 2-channel trainer. +3 was the aileron-equiped aerobat (60"?) and the +2 was sort-of in-between.  I've just been to look at my old +1 to see if the battered transfers say who it's from (Dave Worrall?) but no sign.  Bought mine in mid-seventies. Mine flew from Winter Hill too! 
Dennis Jones01/09/2008 19:43:00
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Talking of models you dont see anymore I learnt on a Cambria instructor, a 25 sized 4 channel trainer, after every hard landing you would have to reglue the tailplane back on, then it would be used as a dive bomber with two slec red flour bombs, then I got a Flair Hooigan as all my mates had Wot 4s this had balsa wrapped foam tail feathers and an anhedral wing fitted with a irvine 61 and pipe all the rage back then, it went like stink but could hover in a breeze, then theres the President Hi Fly a glider I used on the Dunstable downs all that needed was to double the size of the rudder, that lead me to th Flair Heron that took months of getting the tailplane to the right angle but was worth the trouble, that just leaves me with my radio Fleet FF7 heli and Omega that has just been replaced with your forum help a Futaba10c 2.4    
flytilbroke01/09/2008 20:09:00
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Thanks David, I believe they might be on a winner "Limbo dancer", unless so many guys just feel nostalgic.
Jeremy Stubbings01/09/2008 20:17:00
15 forum posts
has any one got a windbag or plans cos i want to reasurect my old one. she always made the lads at the field laugh as it took off in 5ft and climbed rapidly .ah they were the days.
Chris Bagley01/09/2008 21:59:00
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Skyleader Radio was founded and run by Stewart Uwins, who died recently. As far as I know in the late 70s or early 80s he went over to making RC systems for the military and stopped making civilian systems. When that creased I don't know. Stewart was a member of the 7 Oaks MFC as was I and I met him on many occiasions.  I was sad to hear of his passing.
Dennis Ainsworth02/09/2008 05:35:00
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Does anybody remember the Peacock Models Purple Haze and their biplane version the Lemon Twist, I always remember the last bit of the instructions for the Haze and it was "just think it has ailerons and go fly man" and by jove it did with a 19 in it or even a 10 with R,E,T controls, it just flew and flew for years till it fell to bits. There were many models years ago that would still hold their own today. There was a free plan either in the RCME or Radio Modeller for a scaled down version of the famous Radio Queen and it was called the Radio Princess, I fited a HP VT21 in mine, covered in neutral Solartex, flew quieter than an electric job and was a dream to fly. Someone mentioned the Kamko Cadet, what about the Kamko Cloudrider, flew in almost anything and again a dream to fly. I am sure if you had the time you could come up with many more. My first propo r/c model was a Jolly Roger, same school as the Executive, flew for many hundreds of hours over years untill that got worn out, oil soaked and fell to bits, think I still have the u/c in the garage somewhere. I think I enjoyed flying more in those days than now.
Yorkman02/09/2008 08:31:00
306 forum posts
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My Wik Salto desperately needs a new canopy....bought second hand in about,ooh '88, had to renew the solarfilm on one wing panel due to barbed wire damage,otherwise has been maintenance free for 20 years, has a mechanical mixer as so perfectly described by Eric earlier in this thread for rudder/elevator and is impossible to get back on the floor if there is any lift at all..
Trevor Smith02/09/2008 08:40:00
16 forum posts
Hi, anybody remember a 100s model called Aurora, it had an ABS fus and foam cored wings, used to fly this from an old airfield on surgical tubing, wore the bottom out landing on the concrete.
Theo Kirstein02/09/2008 09:14:00
3 forum posts

Many moons agp I had a Mini-Racer----given to me by a friend who was learning to slope-soar. He bought it 'because it looked as if it would bounce well on (crash) landing. He got fed up trying to keep it in the air for more than a few seconds.

I liked it because it was more aerobatic than anything that I had at the time., but the Fuz was like eggshell;; I gave up on it when a wing clipped a twig on take off, and it did a spin about its vertical axis, and pancaked. still rotating into some long grass. I thought it should have been OK with such a soft landing, but the nose had shattered and broken off, and the fuz was badly cracked. I was not prepared to put any more effort into such a fragile plane, and got a  Phase-6, later followed by a second one., which was much more robust, and flew even better.

I think I may still have the Mini racer in the roofspace, but I have not looked there for a long time.

Changing the subject..has anyone got an electric Alienator, in good condition that they wish to sell. I have got one, but it is getting a bit past its sellby date now. I have been looking for another to tidy up and keep in good condition.

Eric Bray02/09/2008 12:31:00
6600 forum posts
2 photos

John, we must have met, then! The 'plus' series was Dave Worrall, if I recall.

Dennis, Peacock models was a 'one-man-band', and Ian is still building and flying models! I met him last year, at his home.

John Cole02/09/2008 13:52:00
615 forum posts
24 photos

Eric: from the very battered transfer on my +1 looks like the kit was produced by Rojair.

00102/09/2008 14:14:00
2212 forum posts
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Theo, I was in Hereford model shop a few weeks ago and there was an Alienator box on their top shelf, I don't know what was in it-----------
Dennis Ainsworth02/09/2008 21:36:00
73 forum posts
2 photos

Hi Eric, if I remember right (was his name also Eric) Peacock, he was a wizard at airbrushing fancy pictures on his wings and he wrote a book or two about it.

Also again if I remember correctly The Jolly Roger and Executive were made by Rojair near Derby.

Somebody mentioned Cambria Executive, mine flew well untill it decided to clap its hands coming out of a rather a steep dive, they also did the old timer Pioneer and the Gruman Traveller. Its still a mystery to me how the Firms Veron and Keil Kraft had to pack up they did so many really good flying models which some are still favourites today like the 60.

Geoff Murray03/09/2008 00:42:00
14 forum posts

   Hi Simon,

     I vaguely recall mention of the Keil Kraft Gazelle in an Aeromodeller Magazine. Do you remember

    when it was released?  There is no mention of it in my copy of the Keil Kraft handbook of 1955.

    Turning to another subject, can anyone suggest where I could obtain a copy of the Aeromodeller

    Plan for  the Vic Smeed "Popsie",  No PET/460. Thanks.

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