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Geoff Peacock07/04/2018 00:29:02
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OK - we got moles at the patch.

The onset of spring seems to be encouraging them. The discussion at our recent club night started to get a little 'heated', ending up with an initial agreement to get a rake and simply flatten the molehills before each flying session. Not the best way of dealing with them, so - any advice would be welcome.

Robert Cracknell07/04/2018 01:21:40
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Might be old wives tales but I've heard many anecdotes about milk bottles buried near the runs about 2/3 in so that the wind passing over the open bottle top causes the whistling effect. Apparently they do not like this as one of their more acute senses is hearing. On a similar vein I have also head that the childrens windmills on a stick as sold at the seaside are also effective - again producing vibration/noise.

Also, if any of the members have golfing friends get them to ask the green keepers how they cope with the problem.

Failing that, dig up a run and put is a sign advertising moleskin trousers for sale - that will frighten the little b*****s..!!

Gary Manuel07/04/2018 01:46:48
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Ron Gray07/04/2018 07:43:09
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I’ve tried all sorts of ‘humane’ ways to get rid of them from my garden. Unfortunately none of them worked so I resorted to traps.

Andy G.07/04/2018 08:02:05
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One of our members regularly pours Dettol down the mole holes, I don't think it actually gets rid of the little varmints but at least they are nice and clean and well disinfected!!

stu knowles07/04/2018 08:54:23
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If you don't 'deal' with them the problem never goes away and not only are there mole hills to contend with but the runs collapse over time leaving holes in the surface.

Trapping moles is a bit of an art. I have had the most success with pincer type traps, 'Talpex' brand best of all.

As with all things, beware of cheap knock offs of proper brands.

If you want any further advice send a pm - some people are sensitive about killing moles - usually people who don't have them

gangster07/04/2018 09:18:27
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By its very nature a flying field is a large area of land and tricks that might work in a small garden will just move them elsewhere in the same field. After wasting a lot of time and money on ineffective measures we now have a contract with a professional company. For about £5 per member we have a totally mole free field. I know modellers hate spending money on something they need but hey that’s about the price of an average glow plug or a smallish prop

Tom Sharp 207/04/2018 09:31:10
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When setting mole traps always wear rubber gloves. Moles have a very sensitive sense of smell and will avoid traps smelling of humans. I had sixty years of meeting moles in the horticultural profession.

Edited By Tom Sharp 2 on 07/04/2018 09:32:12

Don Fry07/04/2018 09:37:59
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An old club of mine used to contract in a professional. Good service. He offered, and we took him up, to provide a course to three members to move the skills in house. About a thousand pounds as I recall, 15 years ago.

But, on a French campsite, I saw a bloke. He had a pole, with a pad of a dozen 200 mm spikes on the bottom. Also a sensitive microphone via a switch, to earphones. He slowly and carefully tracked along the runs, and drove the unit in when he though he was above a mole. He examined the unit for blood after every strike. He claimed it was only painful if you forgot to turn the microphone off. He earned his living of this machine. I would guess a model aircraft club would have the skills to make such a machine.

Please accept I am reporting what I saw. Direct animal welfare concerns to the spiker, not the witness.

J D 807/04/2018 09:47:23
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When moles invaded my garden I would stand quietly and wait until the hill was moving and then let them have it with the 12 gauge.devil

You don't have to hit them, the shock is enough to finish them off. Wife recons I made more mess than the moles though. wink

Denis Watkins07/04/2018 09:52:45
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Posted by Geoff Peacock on 07/04/2018 00:29:02:

OK - we got moles at the patch.

The onset of spring seems to be encouraging them. The discussion at our recent club night started to get a little 'heated', ending up with an initial agreement to get a rake and simply flatten the molehills before each flying session. Not the best way of dealing with them, so - any advice would be welcome.

Bare in mind that our field is not pristine and flat, in fact it is the opposite of a bowling green

And bare in mind that nothing can be done during a soggy winter

but when the field is available, the 1st 3 cars to arrive each session then run up and down the runway, a safe distance behind one another, and effectively run tyre tracks over the whole surface by following each other by one tyre width onto virgin grass

This takes 10 minutes

the action flattens the bumps, breaks taller weed stems and totally aggravates the moles in clearing off until quieter times

Ace07/04/2018 09:54:32
262 forum posts
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Moles have been steadily getting nearer our patch which is located in a large pasture field. When one actually made a home in the patch we set traps both pincer and tunnel observing to minimise scent the best we could. It took a number of repositionings (smart blighters back fill and go around) before success. We have now moved out to meet them and so far its TDMFC 3 - Moles 0.

Jury is out on whether pincer or tunnel work best (both have worked) although pincer are much easier to set.

I like the principle of the sound detection - anyone listened looked into it?

Glenn Philbrick07/04/2018 10:06:54
225 forum posts
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We have had limited success with moth balls which have the advantage of fitting in the hole quite nicely. As others have said moles do not like unknown smells and moth balls certainly smell. We got them from the local garden centre.

stevejet6607/04/2018 10:56:24
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You need one of these,,,

Edited By stevejet66 on 07/04/2018 10:57:16

Don Fry07/04/2018 11:54:55
3845 forum posts
42 photos

Hope he has a cricket box.

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator07/04/2018 12:02:53
15748 forum posts
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One of oue neighbouring clubs, which I flew at for a while as a guest while we were having our strip leveled and reseeded, had a gorgous strip - unfortunately they also had moles! They installed some sort of electrical device - about five in a row along the threshold - they were silver and stuck uo ike mushrooms about 6" above the surface and I would estimate that they were about 6" in diameter at the top. I have to say that from what I could see they seemed to work as I never saw a mole hill on the strip!

Steve Hargreaves would know more about this possibly as it was his club.


MaL07/04/2018 17:50:10
140 forum posts
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possibly solar powered sonic mole dissuaders.. quite popular in France with those who prefer not to kill the moles..


john stones 107/04/2018 18:25:35
10513 forum posts
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Lot of repressed anger on this thread, justice for Moles.


Don Fry07/04/2018 18:56:01
3845 forum posts
42 photos

Umm, now a ground penetrating radar uses about 400 MHz. I am no physicist but I don't see 400 htz, a tone in the range of the opening of God save the queen, either bothering a mole, or penetrating ground. Bit like those magical copper bracelets, or the magnetic water softeners, me thinks.

Funny one, I keep whippets. In this winter's floods they came across a field alive with flood displaced voles. So breakfast comes early. The more intelligent dog was seen to pin one down with a paw, while finishing the last victim.

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator07/04/2018 20:45:23
15748 forum posts
1460 photos
Posted by MaL on 07/04/2018 17:50:10:

possibly solar powered sonic mole dissuaders.. quite popular in France with those who prefer not to kill the moles..


Yes they look like them. Don, I too am a natural sceptic, but I can only say that everyone agreed "they had a mole problem" but during the 3 months or so I was flying there and these things were in place I never saw a mole hill passed them on the strip. I can only speak as I find.


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