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Your Transmitter History

What Have You Used ?

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Devcon107/04/2018 09:25:53
1409 forum posts
493 photos

The latest talk regarding JR prompted me to reminisce about my transmitter history.

Oh how I wished I'd kept them all.

McGregor 1+1

McGregor 2 channel

Horizon 2 channel

Futaba 4 channel M Series

Skyleader Courier

Skyleader (the one with lots of switches) TX7 ?

Futaba Gold

Acomms 2 channel

Futaba Challenger (X3)

JR X347

Futaba Skysport (X2)

Spektrum DX6i

Spektrum DX8 G1

FrSky Taranis X9D+

FrSky Horus X10

Who knows what next....😁

Josip Vrandecic -Mes07/04/2018 09:54:22
2993 forum posts
260 photos

Hi Devcon1,I've seen your workshop , models and TX, me think you deserve a Futaba 18 SZ.... now....face 1

So far I have used three mpx and three Futaba.

Greetings from Adriatic Sea

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Alan Gorham_07/04/2018 09:55:32
1232 forum posts
138 photos

I've still got all of mine - not that they get much use!

Futaba Digimax 3

Sanwa Mini Custom 2 channel

Sanwa GC2200 2 Channel

All the above were 27MHz

DigiFleet Custom

Hitec Focus 6

Hitec Eclipse 7

Futaba 9CAP Super

Jeti DS-14


The older, simpler sets remind me of great days when I was a young child. Every flight was a hard fought success, but the sun always shone and ...etc etc! Great days.

Edited By Alan Gorham_ on 07/04/2018 09:55:47

J D 807/04/2018 10:04:51
1439 forum posts
84 photos

Getting bored are we ? What with all the rubbish weather. Still here are mine.

Futaba M series [Still works]

Futaba Gold

Futaba Skysport

Fleet XP/FM

Futaba FF6

Futaba FF7

Futaba T8j

And a few nondescript types that came with models.

Former Member07/04/2018 10:06:25

[This posting has been removed]

Former Member07/04/2018 10:12:06
3577 forum posts

[This posting has been removed]

Former Member07/04/2018 10:14:24

[This posting has been removed]

Kevin 21607/04/2018 10:28:54
223 forum posts

So far:

Spektrum Dx5

Spekrtum Dx6i

Spektrum Dx 6

Most recent Futaba T8J

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator07/04/2018 10:30:47
15748 forum posts
1460 photos

Well I'm obviously a bit of a tight wad when it comes to tranmitters - althoough flying for good while now I've not owned that many - I tend to pick one I like and keep it for ages! None of the thrill of the new for me; I seem to find moving Tranny second only to moving house for inducing stress!

So what have there been,....

Futaba Gold

Futaba Skysport

Futaba FF7

Futaba 8FG

Futaba 12FG

Spektrum DX6

Spectrum DX6i These 3 Speckkys were mainly for BNF indoor and the like.

Spektrum DXe

FrSky Taranis

Having tasted the freedom of OpenTx on the Taranis I find it inconceivable that I would go back to a conventionally "programmed" Tx now. My next Tx will probably be a Horus - running OpenTx. But TBH, while I really like the Horus, the Taranis (which is getting on for 3 years old) is still functioning fine, fully updated and hasn't once missed a beat. So I'll probably keep it, like I did with many of the others previously - like a comfortable pair of slippers with the latest refurb installed; it'll do me fine for a while yet.


Peter Christy07/04/2018 10:54:18
1773 forum posts

MacGregor single-channel (the old, big hammerite grey one - not the later blue one!)

Grundig Variophon-4 (later upgraded to 8 - still have it, still works!)

Bonner Diginite-8 (Still have it, still works!)

Simprop Digi-5 (absolute disaster!)

Sprengbrook 6 (original red box version. Still have it, still works!)

World Engines Talisman x 2 (I designed them! Still have both 27MHz AM and 35 MHz FM, both working)

World Engines Talisman 459 MHz (again, own design, still in use)

JR PCM-9 (still in use)

JR DSX-9 (still in use)

Ace MicroPro 8000 on 459 MHz (still in use)

Ace MicroPro 8000 single-stick with FrSky hack module (still very much in use!)

FrSky Taranis X9D (still in use)

Royal Classic (c.1969, but upgraded using Phil Green's Arduino encoder and FrSky hack module - still in use!)

The only ones I haven't kept are the Simprop, which was disastrously unreliable, and the original MacGregor, which I rebuilt as a home-made Galloping Ghost transmitter and donated to Shaun for the single-channel museum. The original case, which I kept for years, disappeared during a house move, alas, but I now have another, currently being renovated, and destined to become a 2.4 GHz single channel system!




David Davis07/04/2018 10:56:44
3671 forum posts
688 photos

Sanwa Conquest Six. I had three of those.

Futaba FF7 which I kept for twelve years.

Spektrum DX6i

Spektrum DX9

I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum compared with BEB, (pun intended!) but then he's an IT professional. Me, when I hear the words "programmable" and "transmitter" in the same sentence I run for the hills!

flight107/04/2018 11:05:29
721 forum posts
36 photos

well I don't change tx to often won't be caught up in the must have the latest bling my pockets won't alow me, just when i need a new feature

Multiplex Europa sprint

Multiplex Europa MC1020 (one of the first with model memory and i thought i was in the space age)

Graupner MC 10/20

Multiplex Royal Pro 12

Multiplex Royal Pro 12 converted to 2.4Ghz switchable and 16 channels (does this count a another tx?)

FrSky Taranis ( because of fantastic program funcion and the rx, telemetry stuff and accessories very affordable)

The only down side of the Taranis is I keep breaking the antenna!! so the next one will probably be the Horus too as FrSky has been very reliable and it's antennas are not exposed

Gordon Whitehead 107/04/2018 11:07:02
344 forum posts
157 photos

Aeromodeller single channel valve Tx. Ground based, tank whip 8ft aerial, microswitch button switch on flylead

Terrytone (I think that was the kit, I built it in a plastic sandwich box as I couldn't source an Oxo tin ) transistor Tx with push button.

Radio Modeller single channel transistor Tx - home made case bent up from scrapyard bought aluminium sheet.

Open Tx?? Pah!!!!!! Who needs that when you can loop and roll your Mini Robot with just one-button controlling an Elmic Conquest escapement? wink

RCME Unijunction Pulse Proportional Tx for Galloping Ghost.

Futaba Digimax 4

RCME Propo Tx

Futaba 5-chan M-series

Fleet 6-chan

JR Unlimited 8 Multifunction Tx for 7 years or so

JR PCM-10 for 10 years or so

JR PCM-10X for another 10 years

Spektrum DX-8 for about a year

Spektrum DX-18 first generation since it came out





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Former Member07/04/2018 11:31:38

[This posting has been removed]

Peter Miller07/04/2018 11:34:17
10946 forum posts
1272 photos
10 articles

Not all in the right order

ECC Telecomander

ED Boomerang

Never got those two in the air.

RCS Guidance System (Great)

MacGregor two channel,

MacGregor 4 channel

Sanwa Excellence

Acoms 4 channel, several.

JR not sure of the model number but it was the very first 35 Mhz set.

Reftec UHF

Fleet in several versions including the last programmable one so called computer radio

Futaba FF6

Futaba FF8 (Love it still)

SPektrum DX7 (The very early one) Got a spare Tx just in case.

Hitec Aurora 9

Peter Christy07/04/2018 11:42:46
1773 forum posts
Posted by Percy Verance on 07/04/2018 11:31:38:


I almost went for a World Engines Talisman system back in the day. I was considering a Sprengbrook set too, although those were a bit pricey. The days of Harry Brooks eh?...............

Another one that impressed me with it's reliability was the Swan System 73. A new member turned up at my (then) club with one, and it never missed a beat in years. Almost all transmitters back then had folded metal cases. Most were aluminium but some (FLC Sovereign) were steel. Built to last.......

Just as a matter of interest Percy, what did you get instead of the Talisman?

The Sprengbrook was generally very reliable, other than not liking sub-zero temperatures (it used an SCS decoder, and SCS's were notoriously temperature sensitive!).

Back in those pre-VAT days, kits were exempt from purchase tax (the pre-EU equivalent of VAT), as they were deemed to be "educational". If you bought the Sprengbrook as a kit from our local dealer, he would build and test it for you at no extra cost! You got a very good outfit for a very reasonable price!

That dealer (now long retired) is still around, and a good friend. In fact, I'll probably be seeing him in a few days time as he has some vintage heli bits I'm after.....! wink



John Lee07/04/2018 11:45:45
716 forum posts
61 photos

RCS Guidance system

Remcon Versaplex

Waltron 4-5

Skyleader SLX

McGregor Digimac VI

Futaba FF

JR - Max, 347, 3810, PCM9X, DX9, DSX12

Spectrum - 6, 8, DX9

Jeti DS-16

Only ones I have now are the DSX12, DX9 & the Jeti.

Frank Skilbeck07/04/2018 11:52:47
4672 forum posts
101 photos

Futaba 4L 27 mhz FM

Digifleet Custom 3 6 channel 35 mhz

Digifleet PCM7 35 mhz (probably used this for more than 10 years!)

Futaba FF6 35 mhz

Multiplex Cockpit Sx 35 mhz

Spektrum Dx6i DSM2

Multiplex Royal Pro 9 M-Link

Multiplex Profi 16 M-Link

Multiplex 3030 (2nd hand converted back to 35 mhz)

The last 5 transmitters are all still in use, I also have a Multiplex Smart Sx small hand held that came with a ready to fly model.

Bob Cotsford07/04/2018 11:59:40
8382 forum posts
463 photos

I don't remember the names of the early ones, there were valve based single channel sets from Aeromodeller including a ground based one as per Gordon's list, transistor ditto (OC71 rings a bell), a commercial single channel set in a blue aluminium box, then came the propo sets

Horizon 8

Microtrol (? - published in a book that I still have somewhere)

RCME propo,

RM Digicon


FF7 later with a Corona 2.4module

FF8 with FrSky module

FF9 also with FrSky module

FrSky Taranis

FrSky Horus

 I still have the last 4 though the Horus gets used the most.


Edited By Bob Cotsford on 07/04/2018 12:01:19

Former Member07/04/2018 13:16:20

[This posting has been removed]

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