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Radio systems

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Glenn Stevenson18/05/2018 23:07:46
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Hi, Had one or two mishaps when my spektrum equipment has appeared to lose control of my models for a few seconds. Many flying friends recommend ditching spektrum and indeed have swapped to Futaba themselves to rectify these problems. Anybody having radio glitches seems to be confined to spektrum users.

Any thoughts on this?



Former Member19/05/2018 01:23:47
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[This posting has been removed]

Tom Thomas19/05/2018 02:55:50
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Glenn, search this site, make sure you have a few days off work. wink

Piers Bowlan19/05/2018 06:16:08
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Oh dear, I predict it will degenerate into one of those threads. Hard hats on, TAKE COVER EVERYBODY!!

Former Member19/05/2018 06:33:11
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[This posting has been removed]

Former Member19/05/2018 06:33:13
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[This posting has been removed]

cymaz19/05/2018 06:40:15
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Keep all your Rx and Tx batteries in good condition. Install the radio gear as per manual. If you have the ability put the Tx aerial in the correct position. I think these tips will successful in any radio brand.

Former Member19/05/2018 06:42:51
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Glenn Stevenson19/05/2018 06:50:17
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The spektrum has many good features but if it cant be relied on in flight then it will need replacing. I like the look of the Hitec flash 8, Anybody use this?

Former Member19/05/2018 07:03:05
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Anthony Scott 219/05/2018 07:20:54
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My Flash 8 is telemetry capable as standard for Rx battery with Maxima & Optima Rxs. There are telemetry modules available for:-






Former Member19/05/2018 07:34:14
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[This posting has been removed]

Brian Cooper19/05/2018 07:48:16
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I have been in this hobby (flying R/C) for over 54 glorious years, and during that time I have witnessed any number of people crashing their aeroplanes left, right and centre.

Human nature dictates that as soon as a treasured model crashes, its proud owner declares "radio interference". Sometimes he is right and sometimes (mostly) it is "dumb thumbs". It isn't too difficult to tell them apart if witnessing a crash.

Spektrum is the radio which everyone loves to hate, and I guess no matter how many words are written in support of it, people will have their entrenched views whether they are right or wrong.

So when a model crashes and it has Spektrum radio equipment inside, it is a wonderful opportunity to add to the tales of woe for that marque. . . Strangely, when a model crashes and it has Multiplex or Futaba, or any other make of radio (and it happens a lot), people are reluctant to publicly slag-off their radio.

For example, I was at a site a while ago and three aircraft were flying. One had Multiplex, one had Futaba and one had Spektrum DSMX radio. Very suddenly, two of the models simultaneously locked out and fell out of the sky and were obliterated. Clearly it was interference but the one still flying had Spektrum radio. . The owners of the crashed models did not go public with their disasters, but I wouldn't mind betting they would have done so if they had crashed with Spektrum gear on-board. . . Of course, no-one would commit the heresy of daring to criticise Multiplex radio for fear of being publicly burnt at the stake, eh...!!


It can be a strange world at times.


Old Geezer19/05/2018 08:07:36
670 forum posts

Interestingly - although HK have produced a very well priced ( and specified ) weekend flier's Tx I have only ever seen one down at the field, it's owner was very pleased with his, not had any problems with it whatsoever. The latest iteration looks very tempting at the price - the biggest problem is the vile orange case. Anyone have hands on experience of HK Tx's ?

Peter Miller19/05/2018 08:37:31
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I have had one of the earliest DX7s ever since they arrived in the country many years ago. Never had a glitch.

Several others in our club, same story except for a DX8 which the owner has since sold.

flight119/05/2018 08:53:43
749 forum posts
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Radios become a personnel choice on whats you are happy with and you tend to be influenced on what you see around you. as far as the main brands they all perform well and quite often the choice is made by your budget and how it looks.

Now if It was me looking for a <£200 radio the Graupner mz 12 (12 channels) would be hight on the list with frsky then Multiplex and futaba further down as cost features come in play and rx's become quite dear .

and if budget was not a issue Jeti would be got, but even then I can duplex a transmission with my Taranis and a plug in module (FrSky R9M)

all you got to decide is what do you fancy

Cuban819/05/2018 09:22:17
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Posted by Percy Verance on 19/05/2018 06:42:51:

A further useful tip could be to follow his friend's advice.


I'd also recommend Glenn ensures he places his radio gear in the most suitable position. In this particular instance I'd suggest the box it came in.

Edited By Percy Verance on 19/05/2018 06:51:22

And I bet you hate Microsoft as well............................laugh

Ron Gray19/05/2018 09:28:19
2426 forum posts
965 photos

As mentioned above, take a look at the HK radio gear, it is cheap but in £p only, quality and performance is really good. My son-in-law bought one for quad flying about 18 months ago, not a single issue with it!

PS I'm a FrSky user but also don't like Microsoft but have to use it for work. Fortunately Windows runs ok on my Mac!

Edited By Ron Gray on 19/05/2018 09:30:24

Solly19/05/2018 09:41:47
266 forum posts
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Posted by Peter Miller on 19/05/2018 08:37:31:

I have had one of the earliest DX7s ever since they arrived in the country many years ago. Never had a glitch.

Several others in our club, same story except for a DX8 which the owner has since sold.

Same here. I still fly an original DX7 and also a new DX9. Both have been completely faultless.

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator19/05/2018 09:55:29
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Posted by cymaz on 19/05/2018 06:40:15:

Keep all your Rx and Tx batteries in good condition. Install the radio gear as per manual. If you have the ability put the Tx aerial in the correct position. I think these tips will successful in any radio brand.

Glen, above is the voice of wisdom and reason. Do that and any of the main brands will, in my opinion, perform well for you. I'm not saying your radio may not have a fault, but if it does its just down to that specific equipment I believe and not a generic fault with the brand. And in case anyone is wondering, no I am not Spektrum user, or even particularly a fan of the brand. But I don't believe it has some kind of inbuilt fault either. Take a look at our recent Tx poll, most crashes are in the hands of Spektrum users for the simple reason that they are the biggest selling brand!

Like Brian above I've seen a lot of crashes in my time (some of them at first hand!) and its not that common for a pilot to put his hand up and say "my fault - I screwed up". But the reality is, in my view, that is the number one reason for most crashes. Second would come dodgy installation; Rx's poorly installed, aerials badly positioned, using batteries that are on their last legs to save a few coppers etc. Third would come model failure - wing falls off etc. (don't laugh - think about it, its surprisingly common!) A very distant fourth these days, along with mid-air collisions etc., would come radio failure/fault - I believe its that rare.

So my advice would be: buy with confidence the brand that appeals to you and leave the conspiracy theorists to do their stuff. smile


Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 19/05/2018 09:58:11

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