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New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018

Read and weep for aeromodelling

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MattyB15/06/2018 16:36:54
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Posted by Colin Leighfield on 15/06/2018 13:31:42:

It comes back to the point that it’s not about what a drone is, it is about the new risks and opportunities presented by FPV. It provides a considerable new opportunity to do harm and as such has got to be controlled. Codes of practice and gentle exhortation won’t influence those that deliberately act irresponsibly or possess anti-social or even phsycopathic tendencies, will they? Just get line of sight flying out of the equation.

Not really. If you read the various resources Steve J and I have linked to a number of times in this and other threads you will see this is primarily about opening up the airspace below 1000ft for commercial drone operations. It does not matter whether the machine is a recreational FPV or a LOS model aircraft, they are all perceived by the authorities as getting in the way of their ability to reap financial benefit and jobs, hence why they all remain within scope and we are crossing our fingers hoping the CAA will grant us a decent exemption. Improved safety for manned aircraft and regulating the "rogue drone flyer" out of existence is simply a convenient way to market this to the public to get their support.

Cuban815/06/2018 18:34:50
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When one considers the UK market's considerable and relatively uncontrolled recreational drone sales over the last decade, the actual number of serious safety related incidents that have been recorded have, thankfully, been very small. We are led to believe that the sales of recreational drones are set to increase as their capability and technology develops, so even the most foolish operator will eventually be limited in the scope of the havoc that they might inflict on others. So why the panic?

Whether or not commercial use of the lower airspace will be adversely affected by recreational users as described above, is an issue that I don't think has been satisfactorily answered on here or by the industry itself, yet on the back of a lot of ifs, maybes, projections of growth (guesses in other words) regulators around the world have set the cart before the horse and we are where we are.

Laughable examples like the drone grocery delivery service to the inhabitants of Reykjavik, of all places, and other absurd examples of companies that are obsessed with demonstrating their tech presence (actual pot hole repairs by drone) are clearly having an influence on somebody. Read Amazon Prime Air's blurb, "someday", "one day", "bringing us one step closer", are favourite terms and sounds like they're a decade at least away from even a limited gimmick service. When the regs are eventually in place and the air's clear for them, perhaps then we'll see what they can do and I predict a whole can of worms being opened that will be amusing to witness. Bring it on!

On the other hand, and in a more positive light, we already hear of emergency blood supplies and medicines being delivered to isolated places in Africa, environmental monitoring of crops and pollution, search and rescue to say nothing of the security and military advances of miniature and micro drones to combat the 'bad guys' - somewhat more believable I think, and not at any risk from recreational drones or anyone else come to that.

Devcon115/06/2018 19:46:33
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I consider myself a cynic but I have no doubt about the growth of "drones" as a viable commercial solution to many of the opportunities that exist.

Cuban8, not sure the "Laughable" example is fairly labelled if you have a look at it closely. There is money being spent on the development of these markets by some pretty serious organisations.

The more I research the subject the more I'm convinced we will see change and the rise of the drone..

Look how many autonomous car technologies are creeping onto our roads, payment by fingerprint and Iris recognition. The world is changing and I embrace it.

Don Fry15/06/2018 19:54:25
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"The world is changing and I embrace it."

Chinese curse, "may you live in interesting times "

Cuban815/06/2018 20:07:22
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I only found it laughable as Reykjavik is about the same size as my home town, so about 120,000 people, neither is hardly a huge conurbation and you could easily cycle across them in no time with your package to be delivered strapped to your back. Yet a drone service is taken seriously. As for serious organisations, you can't get much more serious than Ford Motor Company, yet I watched a fascinating programme about Fordlandia the other day........oh dear! a right Edsel.

Devcon, could you suggest a few existing 'viable commercial solutions' that could be seriously enhanced by drones and would not just be an advertising stunt subsidised by the main business? I must be missing something.

Edited By Cuban8 on 15/06/2018 20:13:48

Erfolg15/06/2018 20:12:23
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Cuban, I personally tend not to dismiss the most ridiculous scenarios or applications of many technologies. The reason being is that not everything is as it first appears. Some have ulterior motives in getting support for a concept, others are just trying to blind side us, to a similar real concept.

I have said it before, I am certain that to some extent that the willingness to accept drones having invaded the space on landing approaches was just about convenance. One pilot of full size commercial airline suggested that he was to busy on the approach to look for drones, yet another that I do not really know suggested that he could, and saw birds etc.

Not everything is as it seems. Some belief what ever is convenient. Others will not see anything if it is convenient.

Cuban815/06/2018 20:22:54
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Erflog, I agree with what you say and I'm really not a thoughtless technical reactionary in my views. But I view the current drone subject in a similar light to the 'Smart Meter' issue. i.e very clever but being pushed on a false premise with a sting in the tail. Another subject for another day, perhaps?laugh

Edited By Cuban8 on 15/06/2018 20:24:26

Devcon115/06/2018 20:35:31
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The Iceland example quotes this as a reason "AHA is now delivering goods between two parts of the city that are separated by a wide river, dramatically cutting delivery times and costs.

In terms of viable commercial solutions I would cast the net over many product movements that could be achieved by removing people,vehicles, roads, time and cost.

Who knows, time will tell..

Gary Manuel15/06/2018 20:58:06
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Theft of goods in transit might be an issue.......



,,,,,, it might improve with no humans involved surprise

Edited By Gary Manuel on 15/06/2018 20:58:41

Erfolg15/06/2018 21:25:54
11211 forum posts
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The concept of autonomous vehicles has now been mentioned.

I am amazed that the authorities are prepared to allow these vehicles on the road, with the myriad of issues with regard to hazards, that are not fixed, with many options as to where the vehicle should position itself and road side lights and so on that are not at present predictable. Yet we require train drivers, in a situation where the route is determined via the signal box. That the signals are fixed and already in many cases feed into the train control system.

On the other hand, I can also see why commercial operators of drones, would like us out of the way, and perhaps some parts of government may be helping?

Whatever the situation is, we need the BMFA to be effective in pursuing our interests.

john stones 115/06/2018 21:49:25
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Posted by Gary Manuel on 15/06/2018 20:58:06:

Theft of goods in transit might be an issue.......

,,,,,, it might improve with no humans involved surprise

Edited By Gary Manuel on 15/06/2018 20:58:41

Who/what would be the thief if no humans are involved ?

Keith Lomax15/06/2018 22:32:25
203 forum posts

Latest update ...

Gary Manuel15/06/2018 22:37:44
1816 forum posts
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Here's the text from the update.

Great news!

The latest meeting between the Department for Transport (DfT), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and representatives from the UK Model Flying Associations took place this afternoon (Friday 15th June) at the DfT offices in London.

The most urgent matter to address was the recent change to the Air Navigation Order (ANO) which introduced (in Article 94A) a 400ft height limit on the operation of all Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) which will come into effect on the 30th July 2018. Whilst the changes to the ANO are primarily aimed at regulating 'drones', the 400ft restriction will also apply to model aircraft below 7Kg.

However, we are pleased to report that agreement was reached that the Model Flying Associations will collectively apply for an exemption from Article 94A to allow their members to continue operating model aircraft below 7Kg above 400ft as they do under the current ANO. The DfT and CAA were supportive of this course of action and did not foresee any reason why the exemption would not be in place in time for the 30th July.

Negotiations on the other changes introduced in the ANO (operator registration and online testing for pilots) remain ongoing, but for now it is business as usual for members of the BMFA, LMA, SAA & FPVUK. Happy flying!

i12fly15/06/2018 22:46:33
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Well done BMFA! A very quick response too!

David Elam15/06/2018 23:06:22
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Excellent outcome. Well done and a huge thanks to the BMFA for resolving this matter.

Ray Dunn15/06/2018 23:14:19
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Erfolg15/06/2018 23:18:43
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Yes, that is really success.

I am very, very pleased. Dave Phelps team deserves recognition for a major achievement.

Just need to sort out the registration issue now.

Simon Chaddock15/06/2018 23:59:36
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Posted by Gary Manuel on 15/06/2018 22:37:44:

to allow their members to continue operating model aircraft below 7Kg above 400ft

It looks like you are going to be a member of one of the prescribed organisations for the exemption to apply. wink 2

Rich too16/06/2018 05:36:33
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That is good news yes

cymaz16/06/2018 07:38:09
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Good news then. Despite some fears ...the BMFA has been active and working on our behalf

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