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Is this yet another scam

Strange call

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Peter Miller04/06/2018 10:09:49
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This morning I had a caller who claimed to be from Call Guardian . His English was pretty poor. He claimed that they were preventing cold calls coming through.

I have never asked for or subscribed to Call Guardian

He asked me for the month of expiry of my debit card. He gave the right year but wanted to know which of two months it expired in. in that year.

I told him that I did I knew nothing of Call Guardian and I certainly was not telling him ANY information about my debit card.

I also checked with my bank and checked my account on line. All is OK at the moment,

Anyone had a similar call?

Martyn K04/06/2018 10:21:07
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Right answer... It is likely they will get a 1 in 3 chance of getting the card expiry year correct

Certainly sounds like a scam


John Rudd04/06/2018 10:22:48
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I've never heard of the outfit you refer to, but I'd hasten to add, I'd have no qualms about reporting the call to the Fraud Squad..... This kind of scum wants putting down...

I've had several calls from the so-called Tech Support Group of BT....when queried with BT they say no such body exists but they aware....strange because I'm ex-directory and the calls started not long after I'd chosen BT as my isp....strange indeed.

Edited By John Rudd on 04/06/2018 10:23:25

Denis Watkins04/06/2018 11:18:49
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So BT are letting us down, then how about the NHS.?

Each year, 24 hours after my appointment, I get more than one cold call regarding health aid equipment for the home.

So one greedy receptionist is selling ex directory contact information to equipment sellers?

Not a scam, just out and out piracy

onetenor04/06/2018 13:45:13
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Yes I've had them making out my contract with them is about to expire and would I confirm the last 3 digits etc.I told him I never had a contract with them and the only nuisance calls I get are from people like them. He tried to talk over me to make some point or other. I told him to shut up and listen. T said I don't need them or anything like them and not to come back with a different name and was reporting them. He was but but butting as I blew my very very loud BR Guards whistle down the phone. I hung up. I bet his ear is sore. My LoTH says I'm vindictive. I say Im justified. Comments???

Mike T04/06/2018 14:17:55
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Posted by Denis Watkins on 04/06/2018 11:18:49:

So one greedy receptionist is selling ex directory contact information to equipment sellers?

LOL! Yeah - blame the poor sap on the front line. I don't suppose for one minute that it's the greedy bosses at your NHS Trust selling the data, do you?

Peter Miller04/06/2018 14:19:21
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Vengeance is sweet!!!

alex nicol04/06/2018 14:51:27
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All phones should come with a whistle.......good on you sir

sometimes I just ask them to hold on, 7 minutes is the best so far

Andy G.05/06/2018 08:14:05
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I used to get cold calls from Call Guardian, ( I now have a call blocker device integral with the phone ). I used to point the irony of getting a cold call about a service that would allegedly stop cold calls! I too used to like to keep them talking as long as possible to waste their time. Then report them to the ICO. Information Commissioners Office.

Phil Claridge05/06/2018 08:16:35
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vintage car bulb horn works well toodevil but made the missus jump a bitwink

Peter Miller16/05/2019 10:50:01
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The scammers are getting really stupid.

I had a phone call. An obviously oriental voice gave a very, very English name. He then said that he was calling from the Ministry of Justice and that they had decided that I was due some money.

They would send me £3000 with all the paper work. Would I prefer a cheque or have the money paid into my bank account.

At this point I told him that this was the most pathetic attempt at a scam that I had ever heard and I was actually laughing.

For some reason he did not persist in trying to persuade me that I was going to get some money.

Edited By Peter Miller on 16/05/2019 10:50:31

Denis Watkins16/05/2019 11:32:57
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Do you know Peter, he was just completing his info, he already had your name and phone number

And was attempting to add to his info

These people are despicable

Peter Miller16/05/2019 12:10:58
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Actually he did not have my name correctly, he quoted two initials and got them in the wrong order!

Doc Marten16/05/2019 17:10:10
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Definately a scam.

BTW, don't bother blasting whistles, horns, klaxons, trumpets etc, it does more harm to your own hearing than to the recipient.

Ron Gray16/05/2019 17:47:32
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Not if you don’t hold the ‘phone when you do it!

Former Member16/05/2019 18:43:46

[This posting has been removed]

cymaz16/05/2019 22:18:54
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If I think it’s a scam then I just go very very deaf..” eh.? Can you speak”. I  could make the Pope swear.

Edited By cymaz on 16/05/2019 22:19:49

kenking-King Design16/05/2019 22:35:37
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My latest was "I'm calling about the motor accident you had recently which wasn't your fault". Politely told the young lady she was a scammer and not to bother me again. I must have been in an exceptionally good mood - most such callers get much more of an earful, full of asterisks and exclamation marks. They really are pests of the lowest order.

Tony Richardson17/05/2019 04:33:23
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Same crap over here, I usually ask them to hold a moment then pick the phone up now and again informing them I wont be a moment, 16 minutes is the longest so far before it goes silent or they get really bolshie and they tell me I am wasting their time, my response is now you know what it feels like and hang up, sometimes if i'm not in the mood for games i'll put the phone down as soon as i know its a scam now with call display I don't bother picking it up.

Have fun all of you.


Alex Ferguson 217/05/2019 10:20:44
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A year or so ago I had a call from IRD (tax dept) from an Indian. Hmmm??? So I asked for his name and said I'd ring back. I rang IRD and told the girl who answered. She laughed, said it was actually genuine but she'd handle it. Yes, it was genuine and she knew why I was doing what I was doing but you can't be too careful.

If it might be genuine, look it up in the phone book and ring. A number from the caller might not be correct.

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