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fav model of all time

can be anything, artf, kit, o/d etc

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Peter Miller30/06/2018 10:35:49
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Posted by Geoff Parkes on 30/06/2018 08:51:49:

from my c/l days only one stands a chance on being my favourite its a Peacemaker with Oliver Tiger engine, we used to fly these things in a local park, without silencers, the only complaint coming from the footballers who could not hear the refs. whistle ! how things have changed,

In Aden the control line circle was close to the football fields. WE had the same complaints from the referee.

He was told to get a bigger pea!!

Oh! And yes. The Peacemaker was a fantastic model

David Davis30/06/2018 12:30:22
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Apropos of Peacemakers, when I was a schoolboy our school model flying club was invited by Shrewsbury Town Football Club to put on a flying display with control-line models at half-time. In my half of the pitch we had four team racers and I was one of the pit men but in the other half, three Peacemakers performed aerobatics trailing streamers.

I don't know precisely how the incident started because I had my back to the Peacemakers, perhaps one of the boys decided that it was time to fly in combat mode but somebody had let go of the handle in those pre wrist strap, pre health and safety days. All I heard was an enormous ironic cheer and when I looked round, there was one of the Peacemakers flying free-flight! The ironic cheers soon changed into cries of panic as the Peacemaker zoomed and dived over one section of the terraces trailing its lines and handle. Everybody was pushing everybody else out of the way! Talk about the parting of the Red Sea!

Fortunately, the model flew over the stand, over the river and its bid for freedom was arrested by a large bush in the hospital grounds.

We were never asked back again. I wonder why.

Bob Cotsford30/06/2018 12:47:01
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Going back to schooldays and c/l, my favourite of all time would have to be a Mercury New Junior Monitor with an ED Hunter 3.49 flown from a small sports field embedded into the middle of a housing estate. People were much less noise sensitive back then, it wasn't as though we were anonymous kids as we all lived within hearing distance of the field. Admittedly 'hearing distance' covered quite an area with open exhausts and bendy nylon props!

Edited By Bob Cotsford on 30/06/2018 12:47:58

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator30/06/2018 13:08:34
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Posted by trebor on 29/06/2018 22:36:17:
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 29/06/2018 20:47:42:

Well, for me, that shouts "WOT4" - the ultimate reliable jack of all trades and master of quite a few too! I'm on number 3 in my flying career. I couldn't see me being without a WOTTY in the hangar.


What versions have you had ? I quite fancy version 3 build kit but cannot make my mind up. indecision

I've built two of what is now called the "classic" WOT4 over the years and today I have the balsa/ply EP/GP ARTF. They all fly very well and are amazingly versitile.

What happened to them? Well,....

WOTTY 1 just rotted away - I wasn't very good at the fuel proofing thing in those days!

WOTTY 2 was the victim of my only mid-air (so far! Touch wood!)

WOTTY 3 is still going strong.


Colin Leighfield30/06/2018 13:31:11
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I built the later Wot 4 with the tapered wing, I notice that the ARTFs all seem to use the original straight wing? Flew it with an Irvine 46, which seemed perfect for it. Flew very well and it’s pretty obvious why it is such a success. For some reason I never fell in love with it and gave it away, probably a dim thing to do, in hindsight!

My earliest recollection of control-line as a very small lad was when dad took us to Stratford on Avon with the motorbike and sidecar. When we got there a control-line event was being flown on the grass near to the Shakespeare Memorial! Imagine that these days. I’d already got an eye for planes because of dad’s involvement in the Parachute Regiment and an uncle in the RAF, based at Upper Heyford, where we had visited. My outstanding memory of that day in Stratford was goggling at a model parked on the grass and being amazed by the enormous cylinder barrel sticking up vertically behind the propeller and thinking that I’d never seen a real plane looking that. I only made one attempt with control line, a KeilKraft Marquis with AM15 that I didn’t complete one circuit with before piling it in. Funnily enough I picked up a nicely built Marquis, unflown but with torn tissue needing recovering years ago and managed to get the right canopy for it, the original was missing. Probably a candidate for conversion to r/c, a nice looking plane.

Edited By Colin Leighfield on 30/06/2018 13:32:29

Brian Hammond30/06/2018 14:13:00
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Bob mentioned the Mercury Monitor,I had one of those in 1953 with a n Elvin 2.49 it had a spindle cut fuz if I remember correctly so it was the beginning of rtf!

r6dan03/07/2018 20:22:53
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Mine was My acro wot, it had carbon wings and carbon re enforced fusalage and was pretty heavy but with a rather large motor up front it was great, being so well built i could fly it when everyone else went home with too much wind!

Ian Jones03/07/2018 20:57:53
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3rd model I ever bought, more than a few years ago now, a Ripmax Se5a. Flown it every year since just at the club or further af field, including a visit to (the 1st?) Delyn Scale Flying Competition, Greenacres and a BMFA scale day at RAF Shawbury.

I hold my breath every time I say the next bit for fear of tempting fate, it's had no crashes, no structural repairs just a new undercarraiage, still sports it's orpginal covering (though not for much longer TBH), the SC52FS purrs as happy as can be, it looks great and finally it's reasonabley aerobatic for what it is.

Club flying:

se5 1(2).jpg

Delyn Scale Flying Competition:

Delyn 2010

All these years it just keeps on going, what more could I want.

A close second would be my Sportster:

canon slr july selection 2012 022.jpg

What would I wish for? A twin turbine Sea Vixen, what else is there to wish for?wink 2

fly boy304/07/2018 15:34:42
3676 forum posts
22 photos

Slightly off thread, but I would like to ask Ian any Info. on the sportster. Thanks

Edited By fly boy3 on 04/07/2018 15:35:32

Tim Hooper04/07/2018 21:07:38
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Posted by fly boy3 on 04/07/2018 15:34:42:

Slightly off thread, but I would like to ask Ian any Info. on the sportster. Thanks

Edited By fly boy3 on 04/07/2018 15:35:32

Looks like a Geoff Northmore design, but I could be wrong.


OK. At the risk of sounding vain, I have to confess that my favourite model is still the Blackburn B2 that I designed and built some years ago. It's not fast or aerobatic, but it is very pretty and a gentle challenge to fly smoothly.

Based on the sole survivor at Shuttleworth.



Edited By Tim Hooper on 04/07/2018 21:08:21

fly boy304/07/2018 21:53:35
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Thanks Tim, you are correct, googled name and found plan available on line. Re being vain, I think your model is an exellent example, of model design and build. You should be proud of this achievement. Thanks

Ian Jones05/07/2018 12:12:04
3220 forum posts
1397 photos


Rather than go too far off thread I'll point you towards all the information you need:

Information 1

Information 2


Thanks for your interest, Ian

Edited By Ian Jones on 05/07/2018 12:22:40

fly boy305/07/2018 14:38:59
3676 forum posts
22 photos

Thanks Ian, will send you an email. Cheers FB3

Andrew Moore 713/07/2018 09:38:23
57 forum posts

1970's Gangster for me with an OS40, 2nd favourite my old Yamamoto trainer

RC Plane Flyer13/07/2018 15:10:08
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Mine was the Cougar with 46 ASP it was the only plane I got to fly ( float ) backwards

Stephen Jones15/07/2018 00:45:47
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Well not sure of all time. But certainly my favourite model for some time now and the one i always take with me.

It still turns heads and amazes people as to how fast it is.

Only the other week two guys watched me fly this at my clubs field, Now technically on paper his model should have been faster than mine as we both had the same power set up.Only he had a flying wing so less weight and less drag.

alas mine is ballistic where as his was not . i even shown him my motor is the exact same as his and so was my battery.

Lol, i just love it. They all seem to think it will just plod along which is how i tend to fly it while next to other fliers UN till i have the sky to my self then i go full throttle.

new depsipa.jpg

My Mk3 Sipa S-200 smiley

Love it...............


paul devereux15/07/2018 08:17:59
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Pilot QB15 with OS15.There were quite a few in the Croydon Club in the 80's, now nowhere to be found.

Piers Bowlan15/07/2018 18:58:11
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In case anyone wants to know what a QB15 is, here might be the answer?

Tony Richardson15/07/2018 20:20:14
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Sig Rascal 40 powered by OS52fs and 12x6 prop, do anything you want with that model even prop hang.


PS Great on floats to.

Edited By Tony Richardson on 15/07/2018 20:21:17

Former Member15/07/2018 20:58:09

[This posting has been removed]

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