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When your lifestyle finally catches up with you.

I've always liked a glass of wine or three!

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David Davis01/07/2018 07:35:54
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I was starting the process of repainting the side of the house last Wednesday morning. I believe in washing and rinsing exterior paintwork before sanding. I was up the ladder 12-15 feet above the ground when I was suddenly aware of severe pains in my right knee!

There I was standing on my left foot grimacing with pain wondering how I was going to get down! Fortunately the pain relented and I was able to climb down. Needless to say none of the work I was planning to do got done! My knees haven't been up to much for years so next morning I hobbled round to the vets.

She diagnosed gout! Yes rich man's lifestyle disease! Me and Henry VIII! She gave me some pills and she's had me on the water wagon since Wednesday. I feel really well!

Shame though I was looking forward some lamb chops with a Cotes Du Rhone, I had already opened the bottle too! They weren't the same with a cup of tea! Good job it was a cheap and pretty indifferent wine. sad
spudsy01/07/2018 08:41:33
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Had something similar happen to me, I then decided that DIY was over. Gsi is now my choice.gsi? Get someone in.
Former Member01/07/2018 09:02:54

[This posting has been removed]

alex nicol01/07/2018 10:11:32
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Welcome to the club lol...........getting in and out of the sports car is a real bugger too

Bob Cotsford01/07/2018 10:51:17
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David, don't be too quick to blame the booze, I suffer with high uric acid and I haven't drunk alcohol in decades. Allopurinal is your friend, along with Spudsy's GSI. Feeling better for not drinking? That's another matter entirely wink

Levanter01/07/2018 11:03:22
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Here in Spain it is also called the Fisherman's Disease. Brought on by eating large amounts of shellfish. Some youngsters have also got gout due to trendy eating of too much Sushi!

I had an episode in February / March in the more traditional foot. Boy did it hurt! crying
Now under control with medication and more or less off the toot. Do I feel better? No crying but I do probably have a bit more energy.

Clearly it has different causes and effects people differently. At the time had I been feeling better, and had a knife to hand, I would have willingly cut my foot off.frown


Don Fry01/07/2018 11:10:39
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Posted by alex nicol on 01/07/2018 10:11:32:

Welcome to the club lol...........getting in and out of the sports car is a real bugger too

It's the blond wot came with the sports car is the real issue.

Bert01/07/2018 11:28:25
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The red wine thing is a bit of folk history really. I suffered for years until th doctor put me on Allopurinol which sorts it out completely. I used to get it in my knees, my feet and my back.

The things you should avoid are liver, kidneys, oily fish, peas, in fact any food rich in purines. Or you can do as I do, I take one pill a day and get on with my life.


Former Member01/07/2018 12:02:44

[This posting has been removed]

john stones 101/07/2018 12:44:13
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I did all the dumb things as a young un, great fun. Work wore me out. kulou

Mowerman01/07/2018 12:50:07
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Allopurinol (100mg) 2 per day sorted mine out, still get a slight touch of it occasionally but not a problem.Even as a youngster I occasionally got aches in my foot (classic big toe just like the kids comics used to show the wicked baron with heavily bandaged foot) so not booze.

Former Member01/07/2018 13:06:32

[This posting has been removed]

Bert01/07/2018 14:44:39
514 forum posts
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300mg is the dose we settled on after trying it out at first 100mg and 200mg.

And yes I eat all of those foods, though not every day.

I’m lucky in that respect although I have had both knees replaced.


Martin Harris01/07/2018 15:14:17
9262 forum posts
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I've had several bouts of gout over the last 15 years or so but am lucky enough to be able to control it with ibuprofen. I don't want to start a daily medication route if I can avoid it - and don't fancy the risks of side effects. I find that if I feel it coming on, taking a maximum dose of ibuprofen as soon as possible (maybe repeated a couple of times after the appropriate time) will stop it before it gets to the really painful stage - and if you've had it you'll know that you can't even bear the weight of a single sheet on your toe in bed...

Mine may relate to taking cod liver oil capsules regularly - 25 years or so ago my knees started getting rather painful - especially on stairs - but I tried taking cod liver oil. This "natural" remedy has made knee pain a distant memory. I did stop taking it a while back and along with a few knee twinges noticed increasing discomfort in my fingers...and worse still for my flying style in my thumbs...and went back onto it with good results.

Edited By Martin Harris on 01/07/2018 15:16:50

Bert01/07/2018 16:49:06
514 forum posts
10 photos

There are no side effects from allopurinol that I’ve noticed in the many years I have taken it. The problem with ibuprofen is that it affects the kidney function so that kind of medication is not good for regular long term use.


Martin Harris01/07/2018 17:02:34
9262 forum posts
245 photos

I'm talking about a couple of doses maybe 3 or 4 times a year - I wouldn't want to take ibuprofen as a treatment on a long term daily basis. It's worked for me so far but I do need to recognise the symptoms early as it took a week or more of regular ibuprofen to tame it before discovering the benefit of hitting it early.

iqon01/07/2018 17:21:16
1481 forum posts
239 photos

When I was a want to try standing on top rung of ladder with paint brush tied to broom handle on one leg painting apex........dont try this at home ........


Now I have problems climbing into bed

Edited By iqon on 01/07/2018 17:42:00

David Davis01/07/2018 17:46:45
3668 forum posts
688 photos

Thanks for the advice gentlemen, it appears that this gout thing is much more common than I thought.

She's got me on something called Kétoprofene and Omeprazole. Initially four tablets a day, now I'm down to two for the next fortnight. Apparently Kétoprofene deals with the gout and Omeprazole protects the stomach. I feel much better already. It is 18.44 local time and I've just returned from the flying field after being there since 10.00 teaching an English novice how to fly. I've been on my feet all day and am in no discomfort whatsoever.

It appears that lots of us have gout and that Allopurinal is a good medication. I will take my doctor's course of tablets and see what happens.

As for my drinking I used to drink on five days a week and stay off on two but in all honesty I frequently failed to reach that target. I haven't touched a drop since Tuesday night and I feel great. I'm not at the stage of giving the drink up for good, but I'm going to reverse my system; i.e, drink on the weekends and stay off during the week!

I'll keep you posted.

Happy Landings

onetenor02/07/2018 00:13:16
1901 forum posts

I too am on medication Zomorph and Pregabalin twice a day and an Omeprazole once in the morning.I rarely drink alcohol although I enjoy Good beers and lagers. plus some spirits but as I said only occasionally. My youngest bought me some nice whiskey for my birthday in March and all I have done is taste it. The box has a coating of dust on it LOL At least I can tell if someone nicks any Ho Ho HO Re using ladders I use one with a stand off which means you can safely stand higher without the wall pushing you off.If it had a handle sticking up you could literally stand on the top rung. DODGY but possible BTW my meds are for my arthritic hips not gout.LOL

Anyway can we get back to models please. Just for the sake of flying SOMETHING I made some paper planes and launched them through the patio window into the garden One pattern is a real floater. As it got over the stone circle we have it shot straight up and disappeared South quite quickly. The first time I've had an O.O.S. paper plane LOL smileyyes Obviously the stone circle had got hot and released a thermal just at the right ( wrong) ? moment. Pity it wasn't R/C

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