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Who wants to share a new Flair Baronette build?

Iím going o build my Flair Baronette, probably electric and we havenít seen a completed thread for a few years with this kit; letís change that!

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Simon Knight03/09/2018 21:54:23
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Fitted the aileron servos and covered the upper wing today. Learning from the lower wing, I masked the area to be white with Solarfilm (black as I have more of this) and then sprayed it. For the Aileron themselves, they were already black so I added white Solarfilm; a day of negatives wink


Definitely happy with the progress and finish on this now.


Simon Knight08/09/2018 22:47:47
216 forum posts
404 photos

We are making slow progress but it is still an enjoyable task. I am very pleased with this kit so far and it is certainly proving to be a learning experience.

Fitted the push rods on the aileron servos, and have also fitted the snake guides in the fuselage along with the servos for rudder and elevator.52

Covered the fuselage in its entirety utilising cheap white covering from HK. I have been very pleased how well it sticks and how easily the creases and loose material tighten up under some heat from my Screwfix heatgun special. A little direct heat and it just tightens up very nicely; don't do it too long or it will pop! I know, it happened but easily fixed.


The thing I like about this covering methods is that you can go from a bare frame to coloured and decalled in less than 2 hours. Just need to get the more detailed decals made tomorrow and she will look the part with an added coat of satin varnish to blend it all in.


I must add that as long as you don't apply this Halfords Acrylic paint too closely, it has an excellent and smooth finish!

Simon Knight09/09/2018 20:30:22
216 forum posts
404 photos

Fettled the size and quality of the final decals last night and printed them off on white water slide decal paper:


Cut them out and stuck them in the frying pan for 2 minutes on both sides to get an even soaking then carefully applied to the fuselage. Note that the paint at the edges seeped unfortunately.


With a carefully applied bit of Lifecolor satin black, I have tidied the edges. Once fully dry, I will apply satin varnish to seal the decal and dull down the crosses too.


Edited By Simon Knight on 09/09/2018 20:31:41

eflightray09/09/2018 21:19:06
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It was so long ago, probably 30 year, and the last IC powered model I had before going electric only.


baronette (2).jpg


Simon Knight09/09/2018 22:32:09
216 forum posts
404 photos

A nice looking machine!

Paul james 809/09/2018 23:30:56
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I have a very tidy one of these that I bought recently, it needs an engine up front and I have a very strong OS 40 four stroke, OS 48 FS or a Saito 45 to choose from.

Mine has no hole in the wing for the pilot so I could do with any references to that on the plan if one of you has that detail, also the C go G if possible would be very much appreciated.

I've got a fair few of the flair scouts, they are great kits and the biplanes fly really well IMHO.

It would be fun to fly them together, I've just finished the second of my four pups, once they are all up together I plan to get them all in the air at the same time, with the help of some cub mates.

Simon Knight10/09/2018 07:20:28
216 forum posts
404 photos

Good morning Paul, please see the picture below of the plans for the detail you refer. Hope it helps. The hole for my pilot has been cut but may need expanding once he arrives as i used a trainee from my hangar to cut this first one. I haven’t cut the covering away just yet. wink I guess there doesn’t have to be one even this big, just as long as you can access the wing bolt. There is a clearer picture of this wing on page 2 of the thread and also photo 46 in my album for this model.



Edited By Simon Knight on 10/09/2018 07:47:09

Paul james 810/09/2018 08:25:19
163 forum posts
47 photos

Good morning Simon, Many thanks for the info, my middle wing has some sort of round bung in it to cover the screw hole so I guess I will just enlarge that hole and put an edging around the opening. That way I can add a pilot and blame him for the flying errors

C of G just ahead of the interplane strut so that should be fairly straightforward to get at.

Need to get a couple more pups finished first then on to the triplane, might sneak in the Nieuport ahead of it as I have the Flair one and Balsa USA version.thumbs up

Simon Knight10/09/2018 17:39:54
216 forum posts
404 photos

Got round to doing my first aluminium cowl today.

Marked it out:


Drilled out the holes and broke my drill bit:


Painted it:


Simon Knight17/09/2018 08:35:50
216 forum posts
404 photos

Weekly update!

So I have made some progress this week, but it is with tasks I have put off due to my lack of finesses particularly with soldering.

Mounted the motor so that I could see how the cowl would sit and also to see where the battery would fit best in the fuse and how the hatch wold be secured. Motor sits neatly on 4 bolts with nuts fixed to give the relevant angles off centre line. The ESC will be fitted under the cowl too for cooling purposes. The larger prop in use looks good and isn't too big that it will suffer ground strikes on our uneven runway surface/grass.



As Danny did with his build, I have used the Spandaus to act as handle to remove the battery hatch more easily. It wasn't until fitting these that I realised how much longer the nose is on this kit than the real thing, but at least it gives me space to play with. Pilot has arrived but he is just waiting kitting hence his grey man appearance (just trying him out for size).


So had to solder the undercarriage. The bit I have been putting off. I have a 100W iron now and with a bit of patience and luck managed to get the u shaped wire held in place and secured by leaving a short cut of solder in the join heated the metal and as it started to melt, added additional solder to fill the gaps. Added some copper wire for extra restraint and it seems pretty robust now.

I didn't like the way the wing was too short unlike the real thing so decided to extend it with the hope that it would also hide the not so neat soldering. I know there has been discussion about fixed and rotating axles, but I have decided to go fixed as I have never really had any issue with wheels not rotating together, just give it more rudder and ease up the throttle gently.



Simon Knight18/09/2018 20:37:00
216 forum posts
404 photos

A day of fiddling and painting today after a day of worrying yesterday when setting the middle and upper wings. All seems to have gone ok and the useful card template as recommended in the instructions certainly made things a little easier.


Just put her together to see how the incidences look. By eye should be good but we'll find out once taking off.


So painting today, tidying up the cockpit area and hiding the aileron servo leads, blending them into the cabane struts. My pilot has also been kitted out and should be more comfortable with the cockpit padding.


Also added a couple of non scale details that the real aircraft had by way of ground handling points and a useful step up.


Simon Knight18/09/2018 20:40:12
216 forum posts
404 photos

Does anyone know where I can get the 3 cylinders that would be showing under the cowl? If not, any recommendations as alternatives. Thanks

Robert Parker18/09/2018 21:15:28
937 forum posts
1212 photos

Hi Simon,

Williams Bros make / used to them. I had them on my Magnatilla years ago.

Nothing on ebay at present, you could try Real Model Pilots they have some engines available, I would imagine that they could just do the three cylinders that you need.



jeff2wings18/09/2018 21:43:00
803 forum posts
1967 photos

I have some kicking about you can have for gratis,pm me and btw most excellent build ! yes

Simon Knight19/09/2018 19:55:10
216 forum posts
404 photos

So today I have connected the push rods for the rudder and elevator, tweaked the ailerons and test fitted the motor and ESC. Additionally, gave it a ground run to check to all worked. Very happy with the pull from the prop and I think it should cruise nicely at third throttle with plenty more to give judging by how much it was pulling when held in one place.

img_2529 (edited).jpg

I now need to tweak how the battery is secured and also make a better job of the hatch restraint (there isn't one yet). The aircraft is nose heavy but not ridiculously so may see if some weight a little way behind the CoG makes any difference. A little limited where to attach it that I can access.

img_2528 (edited).jpg

I'm happy with the size of prop and how it looks and I think the cylinders fitted will add that extra to its final look. A couple of pics from this evening but I will get some nicer ones outside as usual when she is ready to fly

img_2533 (edited).jpg

jeff2wings23/09/2018 12:21:22
803 forum posts
1967 photos

That looks superb yes ! cylinders are on there way and when you finish with them ,should look like this..................


full size replica btw

Simon Knight23/09/2018 13:16:57
216 forum posts
404 photos

Excellent thank you! Glad you clarified that is a full size replica wink

Simon Knight24/09/2018 18:49:27
216 forum posts
404 photos

A big thanks to Jeff2wings for the radial engine, I think it finishes the model off very nicely. All it needed was a touch of paint and affixing. Hasn't affected the trim too much and she still has a gentle nose down attitude if the plans CoG is correct and I measured it right of course. Only one way to find out now and that's go fly!! More to follow hopefully later this week.



Simon Knight28/09/2018 14:51:50
216 forum posts
404 photos

Well, the weather was lovely this morning, I had 90 minutes to myself and the flying site is only 15 away. So I packed the car and took the Baronette for her maiden. I am very pleased to say it went very well, 4 flights of just 3-4 minutes each with the current batteries but all was successful. She handled beautifully, take-offs need some refining but not too bad and the landings are steady as long as there is some power to the ground.

Thanks to all that have contributed and followed my build and I hope it has encouraged some of you with this kit to have a go. Last pictures and a video below:





Edited By Simon Knight on 28/09/2018 14:52:42

jeff2wings28/09/2018 17:27:23
803 forum posts
1967 photos

Well done Simon !yesbeer cracking job and love those low passes smiley .Think it's time for me to clear a space in my workshop and get building again.

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