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Sheep and black cars!

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Peter Christy05/08/2018 11:45:06
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Can someone please explain to me why sheep only seem to be attracted to black cars?

When I arrived at the field yesterday morning (centre black car), both the other cars had been there a while. The sheep were all gathered around the black one!

As soon as I left my car, some of the sheep migrated over to my car - completely ignoring the silver one!





Broken Prop05/08/2018 11:51:40
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I read the other day that flies and bugs are attracted to dark colours, hence we should wear light coloured clothing in the country .

Perhaps the sheep are using the black cars to draw the flies away.

(I'll be amazed if that is right!)

john stones 105/08/2018 11:57:42
11513 forum posts
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Flies/bugs like yellow/orange,

Maybe it cooler near the black car, less reflected heat/sun.

Martin Dance 105/08/2018 12:03:04
207 forum posts
33 photos

I suspect the sheep can see their reflections better in the black car, sheep are a flock animal so are attracted to more of their own kind.

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator05/08/2018 14:09:21
15748 forum posts
1460 photos

Love these ideas!


Denis Watkins05/08/2018 14:47:48
4436 forum posts
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It is true about the bugs attracted to very dark metallic paint jobs

In this heat, they land on just this colour and then are deceased.

The one car at my patch attracts all the bugs

Devcon105/08/2018 15:13:08
1411 forum posts
493 photos

Many years ago we had customer who when ordering a new VW Golf insisted that the car be kept in it's factory delivery wax covering,(not sure cars are delivered waxed anymore), when he collected it.

He was a gentleman who travelled up to one of the wild and open Scottish islands for periods of time and simply told us it reduced or stopped the occurrence of particularly aggressive rams at the wrong time of year from seeing themselves in the reflection and butting themselves/the car. He was fed up with the consistent damage, how successful who knows but thats what he wanted.

We didn't charge him extra and I remember checking with VW group or VAG as it was then that it wouldn't compromise his warranty.

Kim Taylor05/08/2018 16:13:03
317 forum posts
55 photos

I think it's because the silver one looks too much like the butchers van!!wink


Dave Cunnington05/08/2018 16:26:17
172 forum posts
58 photos

12/10 for that one Kim !

Let's not start again about little black bugs and yellow or white planes, they're all out ( the bugs that is) at Retford today


David Davis05/08/2018 16:37:31
3754 forum posts
716 photos

It's certainly true about flies being attracted to yellow. I have in my time painted houses for a living. One lady wanted her front door painted yellow. I explained that flies would fly into the paint before it dried and that the door would look awful. In the end I went round to her house at first light, we removed the door from its hinges, and painted it in the garage on a couple of trestles, refitting it at the end of the day. She lived in quite a remote location so it was not obvious to local burgulars that there was no door on the house for over twelve hours!

McG 696905/08/2018 16:43:09
3243 forum posts
1230 photos

Never heard about it being the case in BE... but if black cars are 'cheap' in the UK, that could be a logical reason... surprise



J D 805/08/2018 16:53:03
1492 forum posts
84 photos

A Billy goat got into our local Land Rover dealers compound just after delivery of a batch of new Range Rovers. There were a lot of rivals for Billy to sort out. Over a 100k of damage.crying

Former Member05/08/2018 17:27:18

[This posting has been removed]

Mike Etheridge 105/08/2018 17:55:35
1552 forum posts
430 photos

True in my experience that insects are attracted to yellow. A few years ago whilst flying models at Croydon airport we noticed a hatch of ants which started to swarm over a large power glider's yellow wings. The glider owner launched the plane and flew it at top speed with loops and rolls. On landing the plane we were all amazed to see that some of the ants had stayed on the wings. Things then got worse as we were all attacked by the ants and had to 'make a run for it' and strip off our shirts to rid ourselves of the biting ants. God knows what species of ants they were, they were larger than the standard garden black or red ants?.

cymaz05/08/2018 18:03:22
9252 forum posts
1195 photos

Is the white van carrying mint sauce?

Don Fry05/08/2018 18:59:39
4557 forum posts
54 photos

Nah, black car drivers don't reverse without looking, and a need for mint gelly.

Former Member05/08/2018 21:05:16
724 forum posts

[This posting has been removed]

cymaz05/08/2018 21:12:22
9252 forum posts
1195 photos
Posted by supertigrefan on 05/08/2018 21:05:16:

Maggot farms used to paint the walls of the 'Blow rooms' yellow.

Edited By supertigrefan on 05/08/2018 21:05:39

To attract sheep?

Former Member05/08/2018 22:38:23
3577 forum posts

[This posting has been removed]

Geoff S06/08/2018 00:30:15
3664 forum posts
26 photos

When I worked at RR (the real one not the one that BMW own and badge engineer ) I heard the story that company rules stated that company cars had to be black. At the time black cars were not in favour so it cost quite a lot for them to be resprayed from new. Then it turned out that rule was very old and dated from the time that many cars were black and other colours were at extra cost - so the reason for choosing black was to save money but, because it was adhered to blindly, ended up costing more.

Now I have no idea if this is true but it's a nice story and fits in with my experience of working for big companies (all private I might add - it's just that all big organisations end up the same public or private).

I sometimes wear a yellow cycling jacket or top and they definitely attract flies. Don't know if the extra weight affected G Thomas's climbing speed adversely or if their synchronised wing beats contributed to his 2 mountain top victories in the recent Tour de France, but it's a thought


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