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Which Radio Gear?

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Dave Hess21/08/2018 09:02:04
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Posted by Ron Gray on 21/08/2018 07:09:36:

Interesting comment. / statement from DaveH, ‘the Frsky system is extremely complicated’ I would argue that it is quite the opposite especially when using the wizard to setup basic models. Unfortunately Dave bought the wrong Rx to go with his Tx and that is where he has encountered problems. The main advantage of Frsky kit is that it can expand as your requirements expand and it is fairly bullet proof! Oh, almost forget, value for money second to none!

Just wanted to make sure that a balanced view was given for the kit.

Everything is easy when you know how to do it!

What I say next isn't to bash Frsky. I just want to point out my own experience of how it is for someone that hasn't used it before.

You get virtally no instructions with a Frsky transmitter or receiver. I would bet that a guy with average RC experience and no Frsky experience couldn't even find the page with the basic settings, like how to set the time on the transmitter, without spending a whole evening trawling through Youtube videos.

As well as knowing what to do, you have to know what not to do. In my case, I bought an Frsky receiver that's not compatible with my version of the transmitter. There's no mention on any listings of these compatibility issues. The transmitters don't come with receivers, so how could any noob avoid ths situation.

Here's what I did last night. I wanted to connect the transmitter to my PC in an attempt to remedy a wrong software message I get wenever I switch it on. The transmitter has a USB socket, but there's no instruction or simple logic how to actvate it. I spend about an hour trawling through Youtube trying to find out how, until I found one. I copied what the guy did, but it didn't work. I only got a blank screen, and I don't know why. He had an X7, and mine's an X7S, so I figure mine must be different and spend another hour searching Google and Youtube until I found a Hungarian video that showed the X7S. I copied what he did, but I alwas got a blank screen, while as he got a screen with settings. After about 15 minutes experientation, bewilderment and frustration, I find that the length of tme you press the on button is critical. Too short - nothing happens. Too long - you get a blank screen. Just right - bingo! Nobody expalined that.

Maybe you get these sort of problems with other makes. Maybe I'm just a dunderhead, though I was an IT and electronics teacher before I retired.

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The Wright Stuff21/08/2018 09:05:06
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Roger, bear in mind that the user manuals for the various systems on offer are all on line and downloadable as .pdfs. A quick look through is likely to tell you whether or not the user interface is likely to be intuitive to you or not.

Roger Dyke21/08/2018 09:25:13
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Dear all,

Wow, what a response. I thank you all for your very informative and prompt replies. Fantastic.

Brian: Spektrum DX6. I will certainly have a look at that. Thanks.

Cymaz: I know people have their favourites. I suppose we stick with what we are comfortable with. I will have a look at the Futaba 2.4 6exa as you suggest. My old club has kindly invited me down for a chat and to have a look around. I will take them up on their kind offer.

Richard: The TX I have now is an old Futaba Challenger FP-T6NFK. I wouldn't have thought it updatable but I'll have a look. Another vote for the Spektrum DX6. I will have a look at it with the 7 and 8. I don't think that the Taranis system is for me.

Percy: I will have a look at the HiTec Flash 7 and the Graupner Hott series.

Stuart: Thanks for the tip. I will have a look into the FrSky modules.

BEB: Yes, the Taranis is not for me. Will look at the Spektrum 6e as recommended.

Jeff: Thanks for the tips reference the FrSky modules. I don't think that my TX would be suitable but will have a look. No problem with fitting as I am a retired electronics engineer.

Supertigrefan: Just fancy moving along with the times I suppose. I know that need to really (at the moment).

Dave: Thank you for your very valuable information. I shall bear it in mind whilst doing my looking.

Nigel: Thanks for the info.

Ron: Thanks for your valued opinion. Appreciated.

Percy: Interesting. I shall keep my ear to the ground on that one.

Ikura: No comment. Thanks for your reply.

Percy: No comment. Thanks for your reply.

Peter: Thanks for the information reference the Spektrum DX8. Interesting.

BEB: Thank you for your guidance.

Ken: Thank you for your advice. I will have a look.

RC Plane Flyer: That’s good news. Thank you for the benefit of your experience.

BEB: Thanks for your moderation.

Dave: A very interesting article. Thanks for the info.

The Wright Stuff: That’s very good to know I will have a look. Thanks.

My thanks to you all for your most welcome and informative replies.

Kind regards


Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator21/08/2018 09:39:21
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Dave H - please read your PM's - now!


jeffrey cottrell21/08/2018 10:02:26
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Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 21/08/2018 08:57:37:

I've asked nicely - now more forcably! This is not the place for fight over radio systems. If you can't give the OP some informed positive advice then its best not to bother!

One post deleted so far - we'll close it if this carries on.



Thanks for that, needed saying. This was developing into a bash this, bash that thread. get enough of that on Helifreak.

Might be an idea to ask Roger what he actually needs.

So, Roger.

I think someone asked a while back why you need to go 2.4. I am still using 35 on a lot of models, and very reliable it is too. Only reason for me to go 2.4 was difficulty in accomodating that long aerial on a small helicopter.

Second, what type of models do you fly? That would define how complicated a software you need. As an example I have a couple of JR 2610 and 2720 tx's in my collection.

I think everyone would agree these are definitely last seasons fashion, but the point is they can do everything I need. I fly aircraft and helicopters on these without issue, and really don't want, or need, anything more complex.

This is one of the benefits, for me, of the headlong rush to 2.4. Means everything 35 is available dirt cheap. I have four of these JR transmitters, all came from E-bay, and none cost me more that £30.

which leads us on to question 3

What sort of budget do you have?

Think it's time we focussed on what you need, rather than what everyone else flies.


john stones 121/08/2018 10:40:59
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You never learn some of you, poll on the right hand side of the page telling you what people use, good luck with your choice, I've had a few makes ALL been trouble free.

J Moyler21/08/2018 10:49:48
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Going back to the original question. My advice would be to go along to the local club and see what is being used there and talk to them about radios. If you need help at some stage it would be best if the radio you choose is being used at the club you decide to join.

To be honest all the major makes will do the job.

All the new members at my club use Spektrum and there has not been any problems.


Don Fry21/08/2018 11:03:07
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Well said BEB

Roger Dyke21/08/2018 12:33:53
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Hi Jeff,

To answer your questions:-

1) The reason to go 2.4 GHz is basically to ‘modernise’. I know that I can still use my 35MHZ kit which I probably will initially.

2) I fly fixed wing only and nothing complicated. I still have a 67” wingspan aerobatic ‘Dalotel’ with a 60 engine fitted, a 58” wingspan sport/trainer ‘Sky Rider’ with a 40 engine fitted, and a 1973 Mercury ‘Galahad’ with a 15 engine fitted. All are a bit battle weary. The ‘Galahad’ for which I have a special affection was the first model I made when rejoining the hobby in 1973 after all these years from a lad. It was also the model that I learnt to fly with. I am just finishing it’s refurbishment ready for me to get back in the air once again. It is only 3 channel but will be good to ease me back in.

3) My budget certainly would not be to go headlong into the top gear. At the same time not right at the bottom either. I was thinking about sub £200 for Tx and Rx.



Edited By Roger Dyke on 21/08/2018 12:35:26

Roger Dyke21/08/2018 12:37:20
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Hi John,

Thanks for your info.


Roger Dyke21/08/2018 12:41:57
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Hi JM,

I've have been in touch with my local club and have been advised to attend the club field on certain afternoons as most times there may be no-one there. Also I have had a kind invitation from a committee member to meet with him and for him to show me around and have a chat. This I am going to take up.

Thanks for the heads-up on the Spektrum.


Former Member21/08/2018 17:00:12
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[This posting has been removed]

jeffrey cottrell21/08/2018 17:00:24
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Hi Roger

Thanks for the info, gives us a place to start.

Looking at your fleet (Galahad brings back happy memories) looks like you will need nothing more than what the companies call 'Entry' level.
Anything higher gives you too many software options which you will never use. There are some entry level 4 channel ones still around, but I would suggest you start with 6 channel.
This could come in handy if, for instance, you want to equip the Dalotel with separate servos to use aileron differential and/ or flaps.
So, looking around t'internet produced ideas from all three major players.

Note, all of these are within your budget. Looking at the specs seems even the entry level now has extensive programming options. Guess you can't get away from them.

Have to say I have no axe to grind. I have not used any of these, but I am sure members here have.

Other than that, couple of other thoughts.

Good that you have a local club on call. Certainly talk to the members, see what they are using, although I guess you will get as many different recommendations as there are makes.
However it might also be worth checking if anyone has any second hand equipment they might want to sell. I have bought second hand many times, and never been disappointed.
Normally I wouldn't suggest you do as well, but if you buy from another club member at least you will know something of it's history.

That's my thoughts so far, keep us in the loop.


David Mellor21/08/2018 17:10:43
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Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 20/08/2018 21:43:12:

Despite the fact that I am dedicated OpenTx/Taranis user I wouldn't recommend it for you. If you don't like computing, programming etc. and you are only an occassional user you will never get to grips with it.

Try a look at least at a Spektrum 6e, simple to use very user friendly etc. Does most of the set up for you!



I will say precisely the same thing as BEB. I too am a dedicated Open Tx/Taranis user and I used a Spectrum 6i before that.

The Spectrum will do all you want it to. The Taranis is overkill and will drive you crackers if you aren't a fan of unusual programming logic. Personally I love the Taranis.... but won't recommend it.

I also agree with supertigrefan - if you have a system that works now, why change at all?  

Edited By David Mellor on 21/08/2018 17:21:20

jeffrey cottrell21/08/2018 17:22:11
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Hi supertigre fan

Very good point, and well made. However, IIRC roger has a Futaba Challenger, which is getting a bit long in the tooth by any standards.

What I would question, however, is why you suggest going 2.4 if you want to fly electric. I have a whole fleet of helicopters, all electric, and at least half are on 35 Mhz.

Add to that 4 electric fixed wing including my latest Limbo Dancer, also on 35 and zero issues with any of them.

Can't see that as a reason to go 2.4


Former Member21/08/2018 17:30:32
724 forum posts

[This posting has been removed]

cymaz21/08/2018 17:42:35
8309 forum posts
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Posted by Roger Dyke on 21/08/2018 12:41:57:

Hi JM,

I've have been in touch with my local club and have been advised to attend the club field on certain afternoons as most times there may be no-one there. Also I have had a kind invitation from a committee member to meet with him and for him to show me around and have a chat. This I am going to take up.

Thanks for the heads-up on the Spektrum.


Good man....sounds like a club that is friendly and welcoming. I will stay out of the Tx war of have my thoughts laugh

Roger Dyke21/08/2018 18:07:20
146 forum posts
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Hi Supertigrefan,

You make a good case for staying with the 35MHz. My Futaba Challenger is probably 24 years old. In saying that, it seems to work fine apart from failing batteries (which I would expect). The reason I was thinking about 2.4GHz comes from once upon a time me being on 27Mhz before it was hijacked for CB Radio and my thinking was that at some point soon maybe 35MHz will also be pulled. I am not desperate to change but if I am to start spending money on my old 35MHz kit I may as well be putting it towards a 2.4 kit. I don’t know whether to take a punt on some new batteries just to see how it initially pans out. My local club uses both 35MHz and 2.4GHz. I might even go all electric sometime in the near future but that’s running before walking. I’ll have to see.


Roger Dyke21/08/2018 18:12:54
146 forum posts
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Hi Jeff,

The 'Galahad' is amazing. It almost flies on it's own with it's outrageous dihedral. When I first learnt to fly with it, it used to take me a week to repair it again ready for another lesson the following week. I have just removed all the covering to give it a full inspection and repair in readiness for it's new covering.

Thanks for all the useful information. I will follow that up.


jeffrey cottrell21/08/2018 18:16:55
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....just that it's claimed that 35Meg is more susceptible to interference with electric motors than 2.4 Gig.

Hi supertigrefan

Common misconception, but in my experience simply not true. What is needed is a little thought as to how to route the aerial, and that is true of 2.4 as well, maybe more so.


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