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The Future of the Mass Build

How do you want this to go?

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Chris Jones 722/09/2018 21:49:50
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The only mass build I’ve done was the Atom. The reason for this was it was a different challenge flying wise and still taught me a bit about building in balsa. I can get, a trainer, a spitfire etc etc ARTF. If the objective of the mass build is to encourage me to build then offer something that I can’t get elsewhere. For example, this year I’ve had a hankering for a free flight model. Plenty out there you say? That’s true but the security blanket of having others to build alongside would encourage me to have another go at the MB. Unfortunately if it’s another sports model/ trainer or somesuch then I know whatever I can buy will be better built than what I can build.

Paul Marsh22/09/2018 22:27:04
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Posted by kc on 22/09/2018 18:16:55:

People wanted to build over the Christmas period and not wait until Jan 1st. It's because that's when they have holiday time at home -they don't have long holidays well into the New year like university people. Short days, dark evenings and possibility of snow etc make building a winter occupation and that's when people like to start new models.

As for trawling through endless pages to find the important info - the Model Boat forum has Masterclass section where the info and photos are locked and the chat has to go on a separate section. We could do the same.

I have to say the Mass Build idea has worked well at my club - we bought 10 kits and got a good deal on the postage with a discount price. All the models are under way, some finished in a couple of weeks. Half of the modellers were new to RC building. Expect a swarm of wasps - the E2K type - soon.

That's what happened to me, I started the build before the start date and all hell broke loose! I only have time off at Christmas and starting it on Jan 1st would be inconvienant.

As a result, I got annoyed with comments and the model got smashed up and burnt and totally lost interest of ever doing another MB again. Shame, but now I build for myself and do what I want to do.

Flyer22/09/2018 22:40:51
509 forum posts
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I started in PSS by partaking in the 2016 A4 mass build. The advantages, as I could see, was that there were so many variants available that you could build your model to be individual, whilst learning new skills that you may not have attempted by a mere plan build.

I was ambitious, and changed my A4 to the two seater variant, which on reflection, was possibly not the best idea I've had. However, the wealth of assistance on this forum helped my achieve a model that finally flew at the PSSA meet a few weeks ago, I know I'd missed the 'deadline' for the build, but I have achieved my goal which was to build a reasonable scale model which does fly. I have learnt so much that I have almost completed this year's mass build, which was the Hurricane. Of which, 21 models were flown off the Orme a few weeks ago. My model will fly when I've completed it, although I know I've made a better effort on this one to the A4.

The only thing for sure is that the encouragement I've received has made this possible. Perhaps less of a competitive aim and more of a 'make a version that you want to make' will encourage more people to build.

It is extremely satisfying to see your model with air under it's wings. I was still grinning on the Sunday morning. It has also encouraged me to build a few more this winter ready for next year's flying.

A suggestion would be to chose a model that there are several variants; that way people could do a simple model or push themselves to make it a little more scale like.

And, we must remember that the reason we put ourselves through all this is to have fun!!

My two pennerth (adjusted for decimalisation and inflation)


Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator23/09/2018 12:01:45
15748 forum posts
1460 photos


OK having taken the temperature of the water as it where - and taken your views on board - we've put our heads together and come up with a plan! See the new board and thread here.

Obviously we will be working to please as many people as possible - but we also accept that what we choose may not be everyone's "cup of tea"!

Thanks for all your comments and suggestion, they were very helpful. Here's too the 2019 Mass Build! beer


kc23/09/2018 16:50:31
5871 forum posts
168 photos

The important point about start date for the Mass Build is that it is a date that suits the majority of participants. I cannot see any reason for 1st March being chosen - unless it just suits the Moderators! Will a date in the longer daylight hours flying/gardening/ DIY season produce more participants than a Boxing Day start? I have my views but they are not important - it's the views of the potential builders that should be sought.

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator23/09/2018 18:44:21
15748 forum posts
1460 photos

Well kc, it is what it is, so time to move on as I say above.

If you don't like the set up you do not have to participate - no one is making you.

In fact I expect that you won't, because looking back through the previous 8 years of Mass Build records I find something quite interesting. Every year you are most vociferous; holding forth on the topics of model selection, when we should do things and what we shouldn't do etc. But do you know what? I can find absolutely no record that you have ever, in those eight years, actually participated. I don't think you have ever built a Mass Build model or worked within the framework - but you are happy to criticise those that do!

Surprise me this year - join us, commit, walk the talk and build the model. I'm not holding my breath though!

If not, can the rest of us now get on please?


kc23/09/2018 19:21:23
5871 forum posts
168 photos

I don't think you looked quite hard enough BEB ===== look at Prima Ballerina.

Actually I am concerned that the Mass Build suits the masses not me. I remember that previously there were many people who wanted to start over Christmas rather than wait for the 1st Jan. That's why I brought it up again. Lets see what the majority prefer.

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator23/09/2018 20:59:35
15748 forum posts
1460 photos

Oh - my apologies, you have build one, in eight years! Well that make you an expert then doesn't it!

I am so sorry you feel unable to join us mere "masses".


McG 696923/09/2018 22:09:59
2469 forum posts
976 photos

If I'm allowed, I don't see this thread as supposed to become an 'invective game' between two opposite minded modellers.

But then KC, it remains a fact that being 'destructive' each time the subject arises, isn't going to resolve things regarding the best for the annual MB. frown

So, apologies in advance KC, but BEB is quite right in his retrospective analysis. You had a lot of posts and interjections even before the start of Peter's Ballerina MB. Not really necessary if your own participation resulted in just a few posts with no further action... and when you stopped posting, John S asked for some progression with your build, but you never even desired to answer his query... no

Of course it's your proper right that it can "suit the masses, but not you". No need then to be constantly destructive about projected innovating ideas. Only new ideas can become an even unexpected success story.

Get on with it, BEB.



ps > if my words seem to be in opposition to the forum's CoC, please Mods, just delete them.

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