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Guillows P40 Warhawk 16 - RC conversion!?

What do you do when waiting for parts for your main build?

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Simon Knight22/09/2018 18:53:59
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So, I am waiting on some cylinders to top off my Baronette and of course for the weather to be more maiden flight friendly. But I can’t sit in front of the TV all afternoon and I need to do something productive.

I did think about trying to repair my small foamie Sbach 342, but it’s had enough repairs. I then remembered I had a Guillows kit left from last year and dug it out.


Would it be possible to take the electrics out of the Sbach and install them successfully in the Guillows P40? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I did manage to convert a Guillows kit 4 years ago but it didn’t end well after the maiden landing (crash). That can be found on YouTube by SKippy307.


SO this afternoon I made a start and here is a thread for anyone who is interested. Album also created for more pictures. It may go well or may get curtailed if it gets too difficult. Of course, if any of you have achieved this then as usual, any comments gratefully received. These kits go together well and with CA you can make good progress. Decided to use solid balsa sheet for the control surfaces as they will be easier to add control horns to and hopefully be stronger.


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Stephen Jones22/09/2018 21:09:12
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Hi Simon,

I to did a Rc Conversion of a Guilows kit many years ago that was successful and i still have it a very nice scale model but only fit for calm weather.

And now with modern light weight radio gear even more viable now then ever before.

So i would say yes go for it. The tail plane and fin could be done in depron sheet.

Keep us posted thumbs up


Simon Knight23/09/2018 23:24:48
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Thanks Stephen, I've ordered some Depron to have a play with and see what I can do for the future and maybe now too.

This afternoon after our meeting about the future of our Club, I decided to do a little more on the P40. Wing time. Built the standard wing:


Strengthened it a little and cut out the ailerons:


Made the ailerons:


And then fixed the wing together. Didn't go for the full 15/16" incidence as I want the ailerons to work so halved it:


Then I stripped out the electronics from the Sbach (will definitely never fly again now):


The next step is to see if I can fit it into the fuselage and wings. The feeling is it will be tight and not pretty. Also today I bought the paint for the cylinders when they arrive to complete the Flair Baronette.

Alan Thorpe24/09/2018 00:46:02
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Looks great Simon! This was my 2nd ever balsa build....its a great looking model the p40. I put a tiny motor for freeflight in it, but really flew it just a few test glides in the house!! Keep up the good work and enjoying your progess so far!!
Simon Knight07/10/2018 09:54:14
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Sorry for the delay. It was at the stage of wing building I realised that the wires from the servos will be too short to reach the fuselage so i needed to order some; delay in build. 3" extensions required.

Therefore tom t try and it the servos into the fuselage. This was a real faff as space is very tight. trying to get an angle for the wires that would work too was difficult and how t bend them and fit into the fuselage was even more frustrating so this built in more delay otherwise it would have gone in the bin! Decided to mount them on top of each other using a small servo tray for each. Nice and in line and the wires were not too meandering. Did need o bend them in situ though which was a bit nerve racking as the balsa around made painful noises against the pliers. End result looks ok and just hope the throws actually make a difference.



The extensions arrived and I was able to start on the wigs again. Cut a small slot in the upper ribs to feed the wire and covered the underside fist so that I could attach the servos. Did a dry fit and seemed to have the right length with spare so good to go.



Simon Knight08/10/2018 08:14:35
216 forum posts
408 photos

o I covered the underside first so that I could then affix he servo and wiring prior to covering the topside. Does mean that if the servo fails the wing will have to come apart but that is the nature with these small models i guess. Servos fitted n nicely and the wires fed through the notches. Then covered the topside.



Whilst this was drying I fitted the stringers to the fuselage and decided how to secure the battery in place. Just by leaving the stringers to the front of the nose and creating a removable hatch looks and feels like it will work. The battery its snuggly in one half and as I don't anticipate doing mad aeros with this if she does fly, all should stay in place. I do have some small magnets but I'll do a test flight before working out how to use them easily.



As you can see above, I also made a small motor mount that permits enough clearance through the formed plastic nose.

36 As she is taking shape, i decoded to fit the tail feathers and see what the trim may be like. Not too bad but does feel heavy.

Nightflyer08/10/2018 13:24:11
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This looks like a really good little project and got me thinking of modifying a Typhoon I was building for electric round the pole. The P40 looks nice already.

Simon Knight10/10/2018 18:14:28
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Well progress has been made, and it isn't pretty, but it does the job for standoff. Its a shame that when you use tissue and dope with spray paint that the finish isn't better; it's too fragile and thin i guess.


Used my usual base grey paint and then added Sand/Earth and Azure Blue from Lifecolor.


Have allowed the natural process of poor application to give it that aged weathered look. Decided to use the Guillows decal but was very disappointed with them. They are quite thick and when applied do not conform to the actual surface on which applied. As a result, a couple seemed very brittle and broke.


So I decided to Google the type and find some ideas for an RAF model. I found something suitable and went about the process of creating them on the PC to print onto decal paper. I've applied them this evening and will wait until tomorrow to give a coat of varnish to seal them on. Once that is done, it's fit the prop, charge a battery or 2 and hope we have a lovely calm day like today again soon.




Hopefully I will get my usual maiden flight video and add it to the thread once achieved. If you look in my albums, I have a much more complete photo gallery for this build. Thanks for following and I hope if some of you do a similar conversion let me know how it goes. My lesson is that if I do one of these again, it will be with a bigger model!

Stephen Jones10/10/2018 20:33:38
2904 forum posts
1657 photos

Hi, Simon

What is your AuW ?.

My 28" P51 came out at 306g. I had no problems with the supplied Decals.


Stephen Jones10/10/2018 20:33:39
2904 forum posts
1657 photos

Double Post face 10

Edited By Stephen Jones on 10/10/2018 20:34:59

Simon Knight10/10/2018 20:46:56
216 forum posts
408 photos

Hi Steve, having just weighed her, she comes in at 83g. Not sure if that is good or not for a model this size, but the prop seems to have some pull with it so I’ll find out when I let her go for the first time. frown

Stephen Jones10/10/2018 21:25:55
2904 forum posts
1657 photos

Under 100g is good for a model of that size. So i don`t think you will have any problems,

Good Luck for the test flight, Best to do the 1st one outside on a flat calm day with long grass to cushion any landing.

Steve thumbs up

Simon Knight10/10/2018 21:48:24
216 forum posts
408 photos

Thanks Steve, she isn’t quite as refined looking as yours but as long as she doesn’t look worse after the first flight I’ll be happy. wink

Steven S10/10/2018 22:58:20
371 forum posts
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Hi Simon - it looks pretty nice going by the photos of the finished project. Looking forward to the video of the test flight.

Nightflyer11/10/2018 12:49:44
207 forum posts

Having seen the progress on the P40 and now a P51 I am definitely going to have to give the Typhoon a go. I have got a Guillows B25 Mitchell kit that was going to go RTP that might be even better converted to RC.

Stephen Jones11/10/2018 22:27:19
2904 forum posts
1657 photos

I have seen a 18" Typhoon done and it did not fly too well, Now that may of been the fault of the builder or heavy radio gear, And i think it is fair to say some Guillows models fly well and others don't.

But i must admit the enjoyment of building them as just a scale model is a sheer pleasure in its self. And seeing it fly just tops it of for me.

In fact i have a Guillows Cessna just begging to be done, So you have just given me the Bug to get this one converted for indoor flying.


Simon Knight11/10/2018 22:39:45
216 forum posts
408 photos

I’m glad we may see more Guillows kits flying free after this thread. I mentioned at the start that I did one a good couple of years ago, the Aeronica. A little video as you can see. She flew nicely but I wasn’t used to 3Ch and she was quite fragile so only really had the one flight in the end. Never got round to finishing with paint or decals.


Sorry don’t seem to be able to embed from an iPad.


Edited By Simon Knight on 11/10/2018 22:44:57

Edited By Simon Knight on 11/10/2018 22:45:22

Nightflyer12/10/2018 12:28:06
207 forum posts

Interesting comment from Stephen Jones about the Typhoon I shal look carefully at that. I have to admit I suspect the B25 Mitchell would lend itself very nicely to conversion after all the plans show it for rubber or Cox.020 power or CO2 power, and it was going to have been used for electric RTP. So electric rc should be a doddle.

Stephen Jones13/10/2018 11:07:46
2904 forum posts
1657 photos

I would say success largely depends on the size of model chosen the skills of the builder and light well balanced radio gear. Google does show a fair few of these models flying. i bought my models before laser cut parts sad

Now where did i put that Kit........... dont know


Stuphedd13/10/2018 14:45:54
736 forum posts
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dscf6608.jpgdscf6607.jpgdscf6603.jpgdscf6601.jpgJust found this thread and thought I might add my effort to the cause ,

I found a box , photo enclosed , that contained a very few bits but a proper plan with to scale drawings of parts so that you could fabricate your own kit , But the main fact was there was a cowling in there ,

I have put UMX bits into it and I am wondering about going to AS3X as I have quite a few bits and planes to rob .

At present it with a friend being covered as he is far better at tissue covering that myself ,

And then a very calm day , ( not like today )


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