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which is cheaper,IC or ELECTRIC?

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SONNY MONKS27/11/2018 18:48:53
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I have asked this question at my local model shop in Leeds,and they tell me it works out the same,i am starting to favour electric,especially in the winter months,im finding IC a bit of a drag,wiping the model down afterwards,i suppose some will agree/disagree,each to the own!

john stones 127/11/2018 18:56:16
11456 forum posts
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How longs a bit of string.

Frank Skilbeck27/11/2018 18:57:55
4685 forum posts
101 photos

I'd have to agree with the Modelshop, plus it all depends on how many batteries (i.e. flights per session) you need.

I fly and enjoy both.

RC Plane Flyer27/11/2018 19:01:37
712 forum posts
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Hi Sonny you may have opened up a large can of worms here lets see how many replies you get

My self I love the IC route and don't think costs come into the build unless you wont to start reasonably low in electric with a foamy. I have to admit I have had various electric models and now I am down to two favourites an Easy Street converted with undercarriage and an electric pylon racer. Otherwise its the Wot 4, Acrowot Cap21 and just buillding my third Magician over winter

Jon - Laser Engines27/11/2018 19:04:05
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You can work it out in so many ways that there is no correct answer. If you work it out using hobbyking motors vs an OS engine electric will be cheaper. If you compare a chinese engine with Jeti motors etc then its not going to look so good.

Personally the cost is not something i really care about. I find electric models boring and soulless to fly so will always use IC on my fixed wing models. I also find electric too much of a hassle on the battery side so my electric heli's have not flown in some time. I just like engines and for the stuff i fly its 4 stroke or nothing. 

I take your point about winter though. I have gone to clean down a model only for my cleaner to freeze on top of the oil. Needless to say it didnt clean very well so i just left it dirty until it warmed up.

Edited By Jon - Laser Engines on 27/11/2018 19:05:42

Don Fry27/11/2018 19:06:48
4557 forum posts
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Don't clean it.

But a bit more serious, electric, within limits , is a much easier technology to live with, if you can't do the other.

Edited By Don Fry on 27/11/2018 19:11:06

SONNY MONKS27/11/2018 19:16:16
269 forum posts

I once did that don,with my old boomerang,and the fuel started to lift the colour on the covering! it actually states in the bmfa manual,clean the model down with a mild detergent,it sometimes takes me longer to clean it down,than it does to take it up on a flight lol!

SONNY MONKS27/11/2018 19:18:07
269 forum posts

I would of thought an engine would last far longer than a motor!

Adrian Smith 127/11/2018 19:22:56
2433 forum posts
1235 photos

Sonny, Jon is right there is no correct answer. As a user of both large scale I/C and electric (totally now) the results are subjective. Intuitively I would say there doesn't seem to be much difference in overall costs up to a point. I just like the simplicity and cleanliness of electric and the issues in cold weather that have already been mentioned. That said anything over 60cc equivalent you are better advised to go with I/C as the cost and duration of lipos to power these aircraft start to get really prohibitive and inadequate respectively. I do believe though that it won't be long before we see battery/motor technology take another big leap forward to make the very big electrics much more attractive, affordable and efficient.

Bob Cotsford27/11/2018 19:24:46
8393 forum posts
463 photos

I used to love my IC models, the sound, the smell, the engineering - the whole shebang. Limited mobility caused me to reassess how I do things and I can assure you that electric modelling is so much easier in terms of no fuel proofing, less vibration to rip structures apart, less field kit, more telemetry options (ever tried to put a fuel guage on an ic model?), no oily cleanup but you do need to remember to charge your batteries the night before. You also need to select your airframes for easy battery access or be prepared to hack away to make a hatch. Modern electric setups allow for well powered models and good duration, especially for .40-.60 two stroke equivalent models.

I miss ic motors, but I don't miss carting the kit about or the cleaning before packing away at the end of the day.

Edited By Bob Cotsford on 27/11/2018 19:25:31

SONNY MONKS27/11/2018 19:29:29
269 forum posts

Totally agree with you there adrian and rob,my local model shop told me IC id definately on the decline,fuel is creeping up in price,i suppose that will be the lack in sales,i dont know.

Bob Cotsford27/11/2018 19:30:47
8393 forum posts
463 photos
Posted by SONNY MONKS on 27/11/2018 19:18:07:

I would of thought an engine would last far longer than a motor!

Now that would depend on whether you choose cheap Chinese or quality Japanese/European motors, ic or electric. There are the oddballs too, I ran a few OS61SFs until I got fed up with replacing bearings seemingly every year. My cheap HK electric motors do seem to get a bit noisy after several years use too laugh

cymaz27/11/2018 19:41:32
9197 forum posts
1186 photos

You may start WW3 with this thread wink

Its personal perference, air frame design.........6 of one, 1/2 dozen of another

Stephen Smith 1427/11/2018 19:46:45
208 forum posts
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 27/11/2018 19:24:46:

(ever tried to put a fuel guage on an ic model?),

Edited By Bob Cotsford on 27/11/2018 19:25:31
Denis Watkins27/11/2018 19:49:40
4335 forum posts
104 photos
Posted by cymaz on 27/11/2018 19:41:32:

You may start WW3 with this thread wink

The OP was trying, and succeeded in WW3

Rocker27/11/2018 19:51:50
348 forum posts

I have always preferred IC but I have just order 4 gallons of glow fuel @ £26 a gallon .Last time I order the same fuel it was £ 19 a gallon ( why has it gone up so much ) so I am thinking maybe Electric might be the cheaper option .But like Jon I find electric a bit boring . The price of glow fuel has nether bother me ,it just something you have to put up with  but now it has got me thinking .I have 2 option .Option 1 just pay the price and shut up .Option 2 Convert to petrol .I suppose I could go over to the dark side but it will always be ic for me what ever the cost ,to a point !!!!!!!!!!

Edited By Rocker on 27/11/2018 19:54:29

Bob Cotsford27/11/2018 19:52:36
8393 forum posts
463 photos

Yes Stephen, they are available but I've serious doubts of their ability to work reliably in an aerobatic model and never seen a positive independant report on them. Electric consumption on the other hand is easy to achieve and reliable for most telemetry capable systems.

Chris Walby27/11/2018 19:54:10
1200 forum posts
299 photos

How about looking at from a different direction.

Buy a good quality IC engine and use some fuel and it will last a very long time

I consider the motor/esc and battery as the equivalent to the above so for 4 flights over a couple of hours I would need 3 or 4 lipos, cost wise in favour of the IC, but lets say its the same.

Use the model as your "favourite" and you will need to change the lipos every 3 of 4 years, perhaps less if you keep using full throttle for long periods!

Electric has its place, but IMHO you can't beat a fast low pass with an IC warbird smiley

PS - Cleaning has a benefit you check the model over, bunging your electric model in the back of the car risks you finding the problem next time you go to fly it...

Dave Hess27/11/2018 20:17:06
303 forum posts
18 photos

Electric is definitely cheaper if you do it right. I can see that buying stuff from a model shop brings the cost closer together, but you can buy a motor, ESC and battery for around £17 from China or Ebay, which is less than half the price of the cheapest IC engine. That's without the tank, engine mount, servo and pushrod that you need as well.

My entire plane that I flew yesterday cost me around £45 with everything new. It flew like a pattern ship and was really fun and exciting to fly, even though it has a 600mm wingspan. I can't see myself ever going back to IC engines.

Electric brings so many more possibilities to flying too.

john stones 127/11/2018 20:29:38
11456 forum posts
1516 photos

Ah go on then I've nowt better to do. wink

This bit of strings getting stretched in all directions again I see. Cleaning your models, it's a pain, so's sat wet nursing your charger, in case owt go's wrong.

Cheap Chinese or quality ? Been pretty happy with my Chinese stuff, you's had a different experience ? my tx, rx's, engines, motors, lipos, escs, models, film, leads, king prawn curry, egg fried rice,etc etc all been fit for purpose.

Soul less, just like a real un, they're toys, go have some fun.

My Dads bigger than yours, he prefers football , rugby.

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