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Flair Cub

Second Hand Model

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Cuban813/12/2018 10:57:03
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Posted by Andy C on 13/12/2018 10:20:38:

I built one as my first venture into RC first time round 25 years ago. Was easy to build and flew great but I crashed it due to no knowledge etc. I would love another now that I know what I am doing to experiment with fun improvements such as fly-navy also did. If anyone has one to move on let me know. 😀👍


I wish I could understand what Flair are doing with their "restructuring excercise" (their words). It seems to be dragging on and is far from their "once famous place in the model market" (their words again). Their products are in demand and modellers are waiting to get their hands on the kits again, especially the 'Scouts', used tidy examples of which are quickly snapped up for good money. Unstarted kits command the full retail price plus a bit more sometimes. Just had a very quick look at a few model shop websites, Flair are either out of stock or simply not listed. A pity.

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Richard Cosburn20/05/2019 17:57:45
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I am listing a part built one on ebay - Item number: 333204586786

Mike Etheridge 102/10/2019 17:14:09
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Not had a good year for model flying. Due to weather mainly and other commitments I have only been flying five times and on at least two occasions the weather was not ideal, so eventually I retired all my planes to the loft a few weeks ago so they were out of sight and mind. However today I had not got much on so I decided to see whether I could fit my spare unused SC 52 four stroke in the Flair Cub. With a bit of cutting out of the ply cowling the engine sat on the wood bearers OK . The existing throttle linkage is not suitable for the SC engine but would be OK for my Enya 40 SS I have removed from my Super 60. However, I think I will stick with the SC 52.

Routing of the fuel tubing does not appear ideal, and the circular section fuel tank which was presumably included with the kit is missing. I will need some new servos and propeller and spinner, so a trip to the model shop is on the cards. I should be able to get the plane ready for flying next year, but hope it does not become a one flight wonder model like a number gathering dust in the loft.

Anyone know the CG location ?.




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Mike Etheridge 104/10/2019 17:25:53
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Yes with the SC 52 upright the throttle linkage arm is above the top of the cowling . I have not checked but can the throttle arm be inverted ? Also the carburettor would appear too high tor an acceptable fuel tubing link. As a semi scale plane it would look daft with both the throttle linkage and fuel tubing above the cowling so I must do some more investigating and perhaps revert to using the Enya 40 SS which was too powerful for the Super 60 ?

David Davis04/10/2019 17:34:09
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With every Japanese or Japanese-clone four-stroke I've ever owned you can turn the throttle arm through 180 degrees. Simply slacken off the cross-headed screw which holds the arm to the carburetter. You will have to reverse the actuation on the transmitter.

That said, my Flair Piper Cubs both flew very well on an Enya 40 SS. My post on Page 1 refers.

Denis Watkins04/10/2019 17:35:38
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You can invert the throttle arm Mike

And if required, a spacer and longer centre bolt can be substituted, to move the arm for the away from the motor

Where it can move more freely

Edited By Denis Watkins on 04/10/2019 17:36:00

Mike Etheridge 104/10/2019 19:24:19
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Thanks for the responses chaps, it looks as if I might be able to use the SC 52. I did try the SS 4O and it fitted without any issues. It is of course lighter than the SC 52 so that might be a problem ?

Paul Marsh04/10/2019 20:02:16
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I've had 2, one was given to me and flown it so many times and was so tatty gave it away, but got a kit one recently, and built that.

Original has a MDS40 in it and the new one has a OS40LA.

flaircub (2).jpg

Mike Etheridge 105/10/2019 11:23:19
1543 forum posts
429 photos

The new Cub looks great Paul !

Mike Etheridge 107/10/2019 16:17:28
1543 forum posts
429 photos

Having located the plans and instructions it would seem that a 40 size engine is about right for the Cub although it seems smaller engines could be used to give a more scale appearance and performance. So on the strength of that I think my SC 52 is physically too large and too powerful, so it seems to make sense to use the Enya 40 SS. I was also influenced by the responses given, and noted that most have utilised 40 sized 2 stroke engines. As far as the Super 60 is concerned I can try an unused PAW 29 RC for power.

I have ordered a couple of Futaba servos for the Cub and have located a couple of new ones in my spares box. I have also ordered a 6oz round section tank and have a spare 2.4 GHZ receiver, so baring any cosmetic work I could have the plane ready for flying in no time.

Robert Parker07/10/2019 18:18:33
965 forum posts
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Hi Mike,

Just came across this thread.

I have a cub which I originally had an OS 25 LA in it and it was under powered, it flew but only just. I now have an Irvine 40 and it suits it just fine, if that's any help to you.



Mike Etheridge 107/10/2019 19:22:43
1543 forum posts
429 photos

Thanks Robert , that confirms what others have suggested. It's a shame the SC52 is really unsuitable but I could fit it in my KK Falcon which has a Merco 49 fitted at present. However as a 70th birthday present I was given an OS 61 four stroke so that could also be fitted to the Falcon.

Paul Marsh07/10/2019 19:47:01
3955 forum posts
1182 photos

The SC 52 will fly it ok, just needs less throttle. I have a L4 cub with a 52 four stroke, and that goes really well.

See here:



Mike Etheridge 107/10/2019 21:24:47
1543 forum posts
429 photos

Looks better with the radial engine mounting Paul.

Mike Etheridge 114/10/2019 16:24:02
1543 forum posts
429 photos

The tank from Slec has arrived and also the Futaba servos, so I have all I need to complete the refurbishment. I removed Postman Pat from the cockpit but decided I could not live with the yellow interior. I managed to remove the front canopy celluloid without damaging it , and also managed to remove the glue on the celluloid which reminded me of Evo-Stick contact adhesive now banned. I have re-painted the front of the cockpit with some white Hammerite paint and will give it a second coat prior to re-fixing the celluloid. After that I think I can finish off the fuselage but will need new control horns as one has fractured. Following that I will make a decision on the wings and the ghastly gaps on the ailerons.



Mike Etheridge 116/10/2019 12:40:33
1543 forum posts
429 photos

The white covering on the top of the fuselage as I mention before had been put on in the wrong order, it should have gone on last, and it is /was particularly wrinkled. I am not sure what the material is but it took a lot of heat application with a hot air gun to get most of the wrinkles out. My feeling was that if it punctured then I would replace it. It is just about be OK but you can see how the material edges have attracted a dirty residue of oil from the engine. The aircraft's front needs at least a tidy up if not a complete nose job, not a big task.




Mark Stevens 118/10/2019 03:20:16
146 forum posts
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You could still tease those wrinkles out a bit more with the heat gun, they'll come out but don't overdo the heat.


Mike Etheridge 103/11/2019 12:16:38
1543 forum posts
429 photos

I have just got the wings out of the loft with a view to correcting the aileron /wing gaps and remove the existing hinges with minimal if any damage to the plane. It only took a minute or two to remove the hinge axles on one side of the wings by prising them out with a small screw driver. I was then able to twist the torque arm to remove the aileron from the wing. I will paint the existing pin /nails with Solarlac to avoid any damage to the wing and aileron, and will re-hinge the latter with Kevlar strips fixed with 5 minute Epoxy glue. Apart from carrying out the same exercise on the other aileron,I need to check how the wing fairs on the fuselage top as a bit of re-shaping of the front of the cockpit might be necessary.



Mike Etheridge 103/11/2019 12:59:06
1543 forum posts
429 photos

Second aileron now removed from wing and left index finger injury repaired with Super Glue following a small screw driver slip!

As I suspected the cockpit top needs a bit of balsa added and a re-shape prior to re-fixing the celluloid cover . The wing will then fair better with the top of the cockpit.




Mike Etheridge 105/11/2019 09:55:46
1543 forum posts
429 photos

Just to confirm the hinges were secured with nails rather than pins and some of the nails which had been cut to a length projected right through the trailing edge of the wing causing bulges in the red Solarfilm (or similar ?). I have therefore removed these nails but could not get all the nails out and there is therefore a bit of making good to do. One of the ailerons will fit perfectly back on the wing with Kevlar hinges but not the other. It's a bit of a puzzle as both ailerons and the wing trailing edges are straight.

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