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SE5a - dogfight double

Build thread for sept 2003 RCM&E plan

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Dad_flyer11/01/2019 22:11:20
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Very little progress this week. Strut holes cut in lower wings. Wing tips blocked up, and one shaped.


Blocked up, but my 12mm balsa is actually 9mm, so needed an extra bit on top.


Rough shape with a razor plane.


One tip shaped. Corners will be rounded a little in the end.

Dad_flyer18/01/2019 11:03:20
76 forum posts
78 photos
Little time to progress recently, and I have been trying out finishing methods. Tissue and dope for tail and fuse, Easycoat for wings, which are open underneath. I have not done iron on before. Test pieces are now ok, so on to the real thing next session.

What servo torque do I need? the parts are, so far, heading for a flying weight which will be under the design weight of 24oz/680g. 9g plastic gear 1kg-cm will be plenty? Will 5g servos at 0.6kg-cm be big enough? The smaller servos would allow a full depth cockpit for an alternative pilot who fancies a go.
Dad_flyer22/01/2019 22:03:24
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78 photos

Sanding sealer done all over. Some of the tissue done, but not had much good weather to do that outside. The article in this month's RCM&E was useful for techniques of covering solid areas.

More time spent on the film covering, but I am still very slow, so not much to show for it.



I have a job lot of cheap yellow Easycoat that was on offer. It will all be painted.

There was a small twist in the wing, I had re-glued the leading edge to the ribs when I saw it was not quite stuck down, after taking it from the board. Not a great idea. Luckily I saw a method somewhere of holding it twisted back past straight and re-shrinking the open underside. This seems to have worked. I shall keep an eye on it to see if it slips back before I fix the wings.

Marc ROCHE08/05/2019 08:53:25
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nice plane!

What kind of Lipo and ESC do you use?

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Dad_flyer08/05/2019 09:05:36
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78 photos

The build has stalled rather with the twisted wing issue, and work. The plan is 3s Lipo. A 2200mAh will be overkill, but the weight should be ok. If possible I am trying to avoid specially getting smaller Lipos just for this model, but we shall see how the weight goes.

Marc ROCHE09/05/2019 09:49:34
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16 photos

Do you resolve the twisted wing?

Dad_flyer01/06/2019 08:26:11
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Back on this build after a bit of a break.

Good news is that the wings look OK. There was a slight twist after I made them, and I tried to get that out by twisting back when shrinking the covering. I did not think it had really worked, but I checked them over after they have been sitting around for a few months and they are fine. Time to move onwards to the tail and control.

Dad_flyer01/06/2019 13:14:23
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Decided to use ply control horns, the plastic ones just did not look right. Cut-down versions of the FliteTest laser cut horns


Fitted to slots cut in the rudder and elevator, covered with tissue and dope.



Elevators joined as well.

Dad_flyer01/06/2019 16:00:39
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78 photos

Continuing the updates of work over the last week.

This was my first try with real sanding sealer and real dope, rather than water-based alternatives. It is so much easier to use, apart from the fumes. I particularly like that you can re-activate with thinners, so mistakes seem less final.

On to the servo position and control run. Decided on 4-Max 9g servos. Metal gear for the rudder as it looks as though it will be on the ground on landing. For the rods I decided in the end to use snake outer, but piano wire inside as it is nearly straight and it seems to run smoothly enough. For adjustment I am going to try to solder 2mm threads on the end for small ball links. Z bend on the servo end. The 2mm thread will slide back through the snake to get the whole rid out if I want to.

Run designed and tubes in. Servo position found.


Extra holders added, and servo screw positions backed up with spruce spare from the struts.



Back rest triangle and the head rest fairing also attached.

Dad_flyer01/06/2019 16:06:44
76 forum posts
78 photos

The lipo may need to go forward into the cowl for balance. I have tested getting it in and out and the hole was not quite big enough. Also I plan to put the ESC in the front rolled deck, with a balsa plate under to keep it up away from the battery. That means the battery needed to be a little lower. So made the firewall hole bigger downwards, and also enlarged the hole for the ESC wires so that it will take all three connectors together. With the wing on it would be hard to thread them through.


Nick Cripps01/06/2019 17:39:33
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If you haven't already glued the snakes in place, you might find easier to get a smoother run by crossing them over before they exit the rear fuselage.

Dad_flyer01/06/2019 18:39:17
76 forum posts
78 photos

Snakes are not glued yet. I did think about crossing them and tried it. That makes it straighter in the fuselage, but seemed to be more of a bend at the end to be straight on the rudder/elevator. They will be slightly straighter than in the photo when properly pushed in to the exit holes.

Dad_flyer02/06/2019 21:35:02
76 forum posts
78 photos

Made a complicated shape


To separate the ESC and battery


but it was probably a waste of time. The battery is then a really tight fit, and so is the ESC. I shall put it to one side and see if I can get fingers in to velcro the ESC to the rolled deck instead. Easy with the wings not on yet, but it needs to work after the wings are attached.

Dad_flyer03/06/2019 21:36:27
76 forum posts
78 photos

The comments from NC had me looking at the control rod runs again. A little more work with a round needle file and the run is almost straight. Still in a good direction to meet the horns. Now glued and an extra brace to hold where they exit the fuselage.


Also soldered threaded rod to the ends of the pianowire and put z-bends at the servo end. Now, if only I could find the bag with the spare horns and the little screw. I have one, but not both....

Next I need to join the tail surfaces on and do the bottom decking. For that I need to paint first, as the rudder is a different colour. While waiting for paint to dry I painted up the top wing gun. Also tried working out a more scale exhaust. The plan calls for 9mm half round, which is a bit big, and the full size is separated from the fuselage. This is using a bamboo skewer:


I think it will work, when I get that far.



Dad_flyer05/06/2019 21:35:07
76 forum posts
78 photos

Rudder painted. I got some proper Tamiya modelling masking tape. I have only used standard and cheapo masking for decorating before, and never got a good result - always some paint creeping under. This went on easily and gave a really nice edge.


The bit that looks wobbly on the red edge is glint where there is a dip in the surface, the masking worked perfectly across that. Right tool for the right job 😀.

I also found the missing bag and screw.


As all servos apparently use different screws, finding spares seems impossible.

Dad_flyer07/06/2019 21:05:48
76 forum posts
78 photos

Roughly connected the controls and the throws were far too big. Moved in a hole on the servo arm, but then the servo is not in line with the snake tube. So I have moved the servos apart as that was easier than moving the snakes. I shall then use shorter horns so that they don't hit the sides.


Also trimmed the snake tubes back.


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Dad_flyer08/06/2019 18:31:58
76 forum posts
78 photos

It feels as though the build is getting somewhere now. Now I am happy with the control rods I added and shaped the bottom decking. I put it on cross-grain.



Then  a coat of sanding sealer, and covered the whole  fuselage with tissue and dope. I used white tissue so no point in a picture, you can't see it.


Edited By Dad_flyer on 08/06/2019 18:35:41

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