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Hobby King's Web site ????

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Rocker01/01/2019 15:27:19
351 forum posts

Tried to find a replacement retract for my Durfly Vampire on the Hobby King web site .Had to give up it baffled me .????????????????? signed in then it kept saying I had an illegal e mail adress ,but it had just excepted the email adress when I signed in .Confused .Gave up and went else wear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denis Watkins01/01/2019 15:55:49
4541 forum posts
123 photos

You need to get back in Rocker

And change your password

As this may already have been hacked

Rocker01/01/2019 16:03:00
351 forum posts

OK thanks

Former Member01/01/2019 17:01:56

[This posting has been removed]

Erfolg01/01/2019 22:06:31
11781 forum posts
1340 photos

There appears to be an number of issues with their site at present.

Just today I placed a very small order, with the currency set in £. I went to the check out using Paypal and the cost had gone up by appox 60p. I placed the order using a card, then the cost returned to the original value.

At present the site is very clunky, assembled searches poorly and is also painfully slow.

The site is becoming unuseable.

Ron Gray01/01/2019 22:24:04
2235 forum posts
978 photos

HK sent out an email just before Christmas from their new boss. Seems like one of the first things they will be doing this year is redesigning the website (again!!!). They could do a lot worse (well they have) than going back to like it was 3 years ago.

Don Fry02/01/2019 06:56:44
4557 forum posts
54 photos

The latest evolution of the site irritates.

I live in France. My account settings were Euros and English. Now the language defaults to French, even when logged in. Sub GCSE standard errors on a professional site.

Piers Bowlan02/01/2019 08:37:37
2167 forum posts
53 photos

I bought the kit version of the Durably Vampire that came without the retracts but with the fan. I figured that flying off the slope as I do and with a pretty rough landing area, retracts wouldn't last long. The up-side is that I fly it with a 3300mAh 4s battery without any additional weight penalty, so plenty of performance and longer flights. I filled the landing gear bays with foam which makes for a cleaner airframe too, so that the model slope soars well too. I only mention this Rocker as I thought you might like to try it instead of buying a replacement retract set.

I am sorry you are having trouble logging into the Hobbyking website, very frustrating. The Hobbyking search engine is pretty slow and doesn't work too well at searching! However if you type in 'Hobbyking' and the product you desire into Google you can usually find what your are looking for. In other respects I find the site to be excellent, particularly the number/quality of product photos, videos, lengthy descriptions and specifications. If you click on 'files' you sometimes find the product instructions, how many websites do that? This might account for the high number of orders I have placed with the company over the last ten years.

Piers Bowlan02/01/2019 08:44:27
2167 forum posts
53 photos

This is what you're looking for Rocker, sadly out of stock but if you click on 'Alert me' you will get an email when they have them again, hopefully. Good luck getting your login sorted out.

Geoff Parkes02/01/2019 09:01:54
112 forum posts

We have many H.K. vampires in our club, mine is about 4 years old, mad Thrust 4000kv fan with 3750 4s 65-130 battery, I put extra cheat holes in the bottom of the fus. just in front of the existing ones to help the fan to breath, balances spot on, very fast, so fast infact I painted in the target tow yellow / black bumble bee finish to help my old eyes, no retracts ever fitted, hand or bungy launch and land on its belly, only thing to check is that you have not picked any debris off the strip when landing,also with this set up its impreative you strengthen the bottom of the booms and accross the front edge of the tailplane with thin carbon fibre strips available from H.K. I say dont bother with retracts they fly better without them.

Paul C.02/01/2019 09:14:10
661 forum posts
159 photos

I managed to lock my account some how and could not find a way to log in. The on line help sorted it for me in a matter of minutes, it's worth a try.


Don Fry02/01/2019 09:48:57
4557 forum posts
54 photos

Ditto no retracts. Flys better without the weight, and without the anxiety of wondering if you are going to break a leg on every landing. Used to be a hanger queen when it had an undercarriage.

Brian Hammond02/01/2019 09:57:28
351 forum posts

I clicked on the did you find what you are looking for and said no and within minutes had a reply from the ceo to say they are going to improve the website this year and get more stock in the UK warehouse,we shall see!

Nigel R02/01/2019 10:30:44
3986 forum posts
721 photos

About time!

The previous iteration of their website was quite usable. This one seems to have, as mentioned, schoolboy errors on the side of things us mug punters get to see. Fixing the search would go a long way.

With respect to the exchange rate using Paypal, I always assumed that is down to differences in the rate that (e.g.) Hobbyking use internally, and the rate charged by Paypal - complete assumption. Also, if Hobbyking charge via a card they may use their own rate, and Paypal may use their own (and/or then add a small 'admin charge' out of the goodness of their hearts).

Dave Hess02/01/2019 10:36:11
303 forum posts
18 photos

If it says that you have an illegal email address, it's probably because you typed it incorrectly. It does that when you do things like spell gmail as gmall, miss out the dot or mispell .com as .con or similar. Illegal means not legitimate.

Don Fry02/01/2019 11:31:09
4557 forum posts
54 photos
Posted by Brian Hammond on 02/01/2019 09:57:28:

I clicked on the did you find what you are looking for and said no and within minutes had a reply from the ceo to say they are going to improve the website this year and get more stock in the UK warehouse,we shall see!

With respect to the CEO, if you ever speak to him again, suggest to him he wants to get his website people together in the same room as users. And then listen to the exchanges, write it down, do a BF in diary, to check it's been done. It his job, tell him. Not selling one retract unit to a customer who can't find it on their site.

And CEOs tell us they command high saleries because they are worth it.

The Vampire is still a nice plane. It does a lovely curling low pass.

Erfolg02/01/2019 11:47:15
11781 forum posts
1340 photos


Reading your comments with respect to Paypal, gave me cause to think about a recent transaction.

At around the Christmas period I purchased a kit from RBC, the price was quoted in Euros. I converted this price on a on-line tourist currency converter. It came out at pretty much spot £200. I choose to pay on the sites options via Paypal, the cost had risen to £208, which I paid.

It was only after that I wondered why such a significant difference of about 3.5%. I am guessing that Paypal are the issue, applying quite a large conversion charge, even though they will be getting a interbank currency rate.

Apologies to HK.

Ron Gray02/01/2019 12:06:00
2235 forum posts
978 photos

PayPal's conversion rates are never what you think they should be, they always seem to be less (in other words, you lose out).

Roger Adams02/01/2019 14:50:31
68 forum posts

With my last HK purchase I altered the PayPal transaction to pay in dollars which removes the paypal conversion charges. I then used my Halifax credit card to pay PayPal. This is the card that Martin Lewis recommends for foreign transactions because there is no conversion charge. This was an experiment on a very small amount but the effect was that the debit amount on my account was about 2% less than the PayPal estimate. Bit better than Erfolg’s 3.5% inflation.

Anthony Scott 202/01/2019 17:00:30
102 forum posts
9 photos

I too use a Halifax Clarity card, a definite saving.

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