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World Models Pilatus Porter P6

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Stearman6510/02/2019 07:27:58
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Posted by Andrew767 on 10/02/2019 00:29:34:

Coming on really well Eric....I'm enjoying this thread.


Thanks Andrew.

While I was putting the AV shows together, I noticed in the fuselage cartoon the door hinges where hidden. As the screws in the hinge pack were round heads, I assumed the hinges were external, which is why I split one of the mounting blocks. So it looks like it wasn't the block fitter who boobed, it was the screw packer. May have another go at fitting them which will mean cutting out the blocks I fitted in the door & sourcing some small c/sunk screws. Ah well onward & upward. blush




Edited By Stearman65 on 10/02/2019 07:32:41

Stearman6510/02/2019 12:50:48
769 forum posts
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Supposed to be a day of rest today! Couldn't resist having a go at the incorrect door hinges. Firstly, I must apologise to the WM block fitter & screw bag filler. The fuselage side blocks were correctly fitted & the screws are c/sunk, not roundhead. I managed to remove the blocks in the door I'd fitted incorrectly with a razor saw & scalpel, then glued them in correctly.

While waiting for the glue to dry, I tried my action camera in various positions. At the moment, leaving one of the blurred side windows out seems favourite & would allow a free flow of air through the fuselage. The forward view would mean replacing a section of the windscreen but do-able, will decide nearer the time.

Back the the door, after fiddling around with the hinges, I finally got them into the position they are supposed to be. Opened the pre-drilled holes in the fuselage blocks & dry fitted them, may have to trim the door slightly to allow for the covering. That's it for today, may have to delay the LMS trip tomorrow until I find what PF are doing with the Fieseler kit.









Stearman6511/02/2019 14:39:11
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Got up early to see if PF had emailed or sent a letter about the DW Fieseler kit, no such luck. Had to wait until after 8am & rang their local depot. Eventually I was able to pay the £21 duty to get the order delivered.

It was laundry day today, so no trip to LMS, during a laundry lull I had another go at the door hinges. Finally decided it was impossible to tighten 8 screws in slack holes & make the door fit. Decided to use neodym magnets all round & do away with the hinges. This will allow me to leave the door off when using the camera.

During another lull, I tried the acrylic paint I bought on line to paint the interior grey. I followed the instructions & shook the bottle, removed the seal & dipped in the brush, if that was black I'm a Dutchman. Once I started I had to finish the door. Looked online for some Tamiya light grey FX66 I think it was & ordered a bottle.

The Fieseler is supposed to be delivered tomorrow by PF, don't have a time yet, if it's early enough, it will be a LMS trip also.


Stearman6512/02/2019 16:32:02
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Just back from my LMS (Steve Webb's) £70+ lighter & I didn't get everything I needed, need some spray can paint to match the Oracover 5524020 red, but don't need it until the final stages. Got some balsa & ply to sort the flaps out, that will be tomorrows job.

Stearman6512/02/2019 17:15:46
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Posted by Stearman65 on 12/02/2019 16:32:02:

Just back from my LMS (Steve Webb's) £70+ lighter & I didn't get everything I needed, need some spray can paint to match the Oracover 5524020 red, but don't need it until the final stages. Got some balsa & ply to sort the flaps out, that will be tomorrows job.

Just done a search & it looks like Oracover don't do spray cans? Looked at various options & the red from Wilko looks pretty close. Ordered one for delivery to my local store £4.

Stearman6513/02/2019 16:42:20
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Not a suitable day for modelling, wife's blood test & Ocado food delivery this morning, podiatry clinic this afternoon.

Despite that I managed to cut off the section of one wing that will become a flap & add a false leading edge & something for the flap hinges to sit in. Not my best day at the board, but I'm progressing.

You don't get a lot for £78 these days?







Stearman6514/02/2019 16:14:02
769 forum posts
893 photos

After completing the first flap yesterday, I decided to try a more simple method, After cutting off the section of wing for the flap, I shortened the ribs by 1/4" & added a sheet leading edge to the flap. In between flaps the post arrived with the 6 metal geared micro servos I ordered from Banggood, £2 each, haven't tried them yet. Then added the 1/4sq' strip for the hinge mounts & left it to dry as it's the social gathering in the lounge this afternoon. Just needs shaping & the hinges adding tomorrow.







Stearman6515/02/2019 13:27:03
769 forum posts
893 photos

Did a little finishing on the flap getting it ready for the hinges. I used a combination of a straight scalpel & my chisel shaped scalpel blades to cut the slots for the hinges. I had come back with 2 sizes of hinges from my LMS, after weighing things up I decided the smaller J Perkins hinges would be sufficient, so I marked the wing & flap where I wanted them. Because I was using the smaller hinges I used 4 per flap. Unfortunately when I opened the packet it contained only 6 so I need another packet. After cutting the slots, I dry mounted the hinges & added the flap. I was reasonably pleased with the result, I just needed to widen the slots so the wing skin didn't bulge at the hinge positions. Next, after deciding to use 2 of the £2 BG metal geared micro servos, I marked a position at the centre of the flap, then I realised this would foul the wing tubes, so I moved it to the next bay. I cut a rectangle out of the skin ready for some form of mount.

Finally for today, I cleaned my work area with the vac. This afternoon it's a trip to M&S to collect their Valentines £20 meal deal offer.











Stearman6516/02/2019 12:11:39
769 forum posts
893 photos

Brief summary today. Collected the red spray can from my local Wilco yesterday. Compared it with the Oracover red & I think it will do for a sport scale model, maybe a tad lighter. Fitted the flap hinges & cut the servo recess for the second wing, hopefully, I will give the "new" scroll saw an outing next week to cut the servo mounts, horns & motor mount. Error in picture text, should read port wing.




Edited By Stearman65 on 16/02/2019 12:14:58

Stearman6516/02/2019 23:00:32
769 forum posts
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As my wife seemed content to knit, I snuk into the "w/shop" & dug out the motor I'd bought from 4Max. Measured the firewall to the cowl front, added a few mm for clearance & got a figure of 11cm. Then I fitted the mount & driver to the motor, measured the distance from the back of the motor mount to the face of the driver with my digital mike, deducted from the cowl to f/wall distance to give me the size of ply box I need to mount the motor to the f/wall. Forgot the prop washer that sits on the driver, added that & re-calculated. I will probably get the scroll saw out I got from Shep on Monday & cut some wood.





Bob Cotsford17/02/2019 11:01:29
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Posted by Stearman65 on 16/02/2019 23:00:32:

... Forgot the prop washer that sits on the driver, added that & re-calculated. I will probably get the scroll saw out I got from Shep on Monday & cut some wood.

Surely you don't include the thickness of the prop washer in the motor length as that should be fitted in front of the prop, not behind it?

Stearman6517/02/2019 11:16:09
769 forum posts
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Posted by Bob Cotsford on 17/02/2019 11:01:29:
Posted by Stearman65 on 16/02/2019 23:00:32:

... Forgot the prop washer that sits on the driver, added that & re-calculated. I will probably get the scroll saw out I got from Shep on Monday & cut some wood.

Surely you don't include the thickness of the prop washer in the motor length as that should be fitted in front of the prop, not behind it?

Hi Bob, Yes I've been thinking about that too. I haven't drawn anything on the ply I bought from my LMS last week so I want to cut as accurately as possible. The kit supplied with the 4Max motor is the cruciform mount for the back, a washer with serrations which at first I thought went in front of the prop. Then I thought about it & wondered is the prop was supposed to back onto the front shaft / mount. The fixing nut supplied is a mini spinner, which I won't be using as I will be using a 3 blade prop for which I bought a very nice ali spinner which has its own backplate & fixing nut. I've just settled my wife down to watch The Voice which I recorded last night, so I have an hour or so to go & have another ponder & take more picks, hopefully I can solve the conundrum.

Stearman6517/02/2019 13:39:50
769 forum posts
893 photos

Well, it took longer to set up & edit the pictures than decide the fitting sequence. The serrated washer obviously fits in front of the prop & the spinner backplate directly against the motor shaft / fixing boss for the want of a better word.

So for those interested in figures, the firewall to front of cowl distance is the same at 11cm or 110mm. The overall length of the motor from the spinner backplate is 58mm, say 3mm clearance 61mm so the ply box needs to be 55mm, say 56mm to allow for sawing irregularities, I hope. Epic picture sequence to follow. Forget the numbers on the pictures, those I've just written are correct.














Stearman6518/02/2019 14:06:04
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No physical work today, what with ordering the weeks shop, laundry & a meeting in the lounge this afternoon, haven't got down to any.

Still pondering what size to make the motor mount box, then I remembered there was a fuselage plan!! Got that, the motor & the cowl out, did some more measuring, found the cowl was 5mm longer than shown on the plan****

If I make the box to suit the cowl as it is, the motor will be 5mm further forward. As the model has an overly long nose to start with, this will IMO make it even more nose heavy. I'm using the maximum sized lipo the manufacturer suggests, so I may have to add weight to the tail end. I can't shorten the cowl as it won't fit, as that is quite tapered.

Oh calamity, as I think Robertson Hare used to say. More pondering needed.




Stearman6519/02/2019 14:44:59
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Late start this morning, Doc's this afternoon.

Got the ply out from my LMS, measured a 52mm strip, then unpacked the scrollsaw I bought from Shep, God it's heavy. Set it up on the bench, then tried to fit a blade. As usual the manual was for younger eyes. Resorted to Aldi's web site to see if there was a PDF manual, no such luck. Eventually found the paragraph on fitting the blade, much simpler than my old Dremel.

Cut a strip of ply using the medium speed, the high speed nearly bounced it off the bench., then, cut 4 rectangles for the sides & one for the front. Glued & clamped it together using aliphatic & left to dry overnight. Will add some screws & cut the holes tomorrow.

You can't beat having the correct tools.








Stearman6520/02/2019 15:04:06
769 forum posts
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Got my Dewalt battery drill out this morning, guess what, both the batteries were flat. I've been nursing it for a while when I discovered the batteries were failing. So I put one on charge, but the quick flash said it wasn't charging. So out with the other one & left it for a couple of hours. Then I drilled 5 x 25mm lightening / cooling holes in the mount, screwed on the motor & checked it for size, bit short, needs a 3mm packing & it will be perfect, so much for digital verniers.. Have to fathom how to cut oval holes for the dummy exhaust stacks, that can wait until tomorrow. Postman came with the 3mm ply I'd ordered from ebay as my LMS didn't have any, Also gave me a card to say they were holding a package with a £3 under payment, so I had to troop off to the sorting office, pay the £3, then back home to blast the ebay seller who'd sent it with insufficient postage. Small pot of Tamiya light grey acrylic, £3.49 inc postage, he won't be making much profit from that as I had already complained as it hadn't arrive from the 9.2.19, He said he'd sent a replacement, but if that arrives with underpayment + the £3 refund he owes me*********.






Stearman6521/02/2019 13:58:33
769 forum posts
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I retired in 2001 & by now would have expected to have slowed down somewhat, MMMMMMMMMMMM.

Switched on the PC about 7.30 this morning, there was a reply to my query about receiver aerials location & an invoice from EBay. Checked the invoice which was for £19+, with insertion & selling fees for the Ka8b that still resides in my bedroom. I cancelled the sale as the buyer wanted to impose his own conditions not those on the add. Eventually I refunded the payment & received bad feedback, the first in 7 years.















Stearman6521/02/2019 14:02:44
769 forum posts
893 photos


So my first job was to tackle Ebay over their incorrect invoice. I hung on the phone on their help line for 10 minutes & was eventually disconnected. Next I tried getting them to ring me, 2 mins later they did, a young lady with the usual mechanical sounding voice, listened to my query, asked for the item No' which luckily I had on the screen. She eventually agreed I had refunded the payment & would have to transfer me to their accounts. 5 minutes later, an irish sounding man came on, & confirmed I should not have been invoiced for the transaction & would cancel the invoice.

yesyesyes First time in over 15 years dealing with Ebay I have been able to prove them wrong.

The day had started well. After breakfast, I decided to fit the exhaust stacks to the cowl. I had stuck some masking tape & drawn around the stacks the night before, so I dug out my mini drill, a 1/8th drill & the sanding drums & arbours bought some time ago.

Then the bell went, it was parcel force making an unannounced delivery, it was the HK CG stand ordered a couple of days ago. Curiosity wouldn't let me leave the parcel alone so I un-packed it & removed the contents,. On face value it looks a bargain, however there were no assembly instructions. It didn't look to difficult, but again curiosity made me look on HK's site for the comic. Nothing, just a video on YT, which I watched then downloaded, but still no assembly instructions, just how to use it. Back to HK's site, checked the item's feedback, good & bad with a few saying, "no instructions" but a couple of tips about holes being too small. So I got out my rat tail file, eased the holes & eventually, got it together how I assumed it went. I was left with 2 black plastic stick on discs  & no idea what to do with them.

Now where was I? back to the cowl. I drilled a series of holes around the inside of the outlines I'd drawn, then using the drill as a file joined them together. Removed the drill I fitted the smallest sanding drum, cleaned up the holes & removed the masking tape. Next I took 2 scrap pieces of balsa, & tacked them with SG over the holes on the inside of the cowl. Refitted the drill & drilled the balsa sufficiently to admit the sanding drum & sanded the balsa to the outline of the holes in the cowl. I then fitted the stacks, posed for a final shot before setting it aside until tomorrow to epoxy the stacks & balsa in place. Social event in the communal lounge this afternoon.

Retired, who's retired.wink

Edited By Stearman65 on 21/02/2019 14:04:47

Stearman6522/02/2019 15:35:53
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Only half a day modelling today, visited Ormskirk hospital this morning for an assessment, will be under the knife in 4 to 6 weeks, better get a move on.surprise

The self tappers I'd ordered from Ebay arrived this morning, so I c/sunk the holes I'd drilled in the motor box & reinforced that. Then I mixed some epoxy & finished off the dummy turbo exhausts. Made a mental note to get some less viscous next time, this one runs everywhere. Finally, made a packing piece for the back of the motor box to give the spinner to cowl clearance. Left that to set overnight.






Stearman6522/02/2019 17:25:12
769 forum posts
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Trial post to see if thread shows?

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