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club drone ban

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rcaddict07/01/2019 22:38:11
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just wondering if it would be a good idea to ban drones from our club to avoid unwanted interest from the authorities in light of the recent announcements

Bob Cotsford07/01/2019 22:53:21
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You do realise that ALL r/c flying models are officially classed as drones don't you? A ban won't leave any of you with much to fly.

cymaz07/01/2019 22:56:20
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Try FPV or quadcopters

rcaddict07/01/2019 22:57:27
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we all know what i meant

Steve J07/01/2019 23:09:34
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Martin Harris08/01/2019 00:20:19
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Alternatively, allowing their use might mean members of the public see those devices that most of them (and us) perceive as drones being operated responsibly and give us an opportunity to educate those interested in operating them to fly responsibly and within the law.

Nigel Herron08/01/2019 00:33:12
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I fly drones I also fly rc planes, instead why don’t you and your club support the local drone community and offer free training with the responsibilities that go with it as suggested by the CAA packs are available on line if you had bothered to look it might also be a revenue kick starter for what I think modellers and flying clubs need there's more to this hobby and we are not getting any younger.

Yes I do consider that those responsible should know better and I don’t condone it, you can legislate all you want it only takes one irresponsible person to cause mayhem I believe there was malicious intent with the last episode and it just goes to show how easy it is to cause havoc in the sky's. legislation and technology are already there it needs to be enforced to stop irresponsible flyers.

Banning drones is not the answer educate, educate educate. or try flying a drone and take some photos.

Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 08/01/2019 09:17:49

Peter Jenkins08/01/2019 01:05:57
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Posted by oldgit on 07/01/2019 22:38:11:

just wondering if it would be a good idea to ban drones from our club to avoid unwanted interest from the authorities in light of the recent announcements

In a word NO.

Firstly, as already pointed out, model aircraft are classed as drones so you probably mean quad copters. However, fixed wing aircraft with cameras fitted are also classed separately from non-camera equipped aircraft. Sticking a Go Pro on your bog standard club aircraft puts it in the same league as a quad copter with camera. This is separate from FPV equipped aircraft.

The BMFA has a special interest group covering FPV racing and its stance is to encourage Clubs to welcome "drone" fliers. Clubs that have done this have found, as pointed out above, that their membership rises and that some "drone" pilots then become interested in the other aspects of RC flight.

As regards getting new "drone" pilots up to A Cert, all Club Examiners are allowed to administer any A test. They will need to read and understand what the test is about and find out about issues that are peculiar to quad copters. This is no different for a FW Examiner carrying out a Heli A test. If as an Examiner you are not prepared to do that then you are not fulfilling all your role.

trebor08/01/2019 07:34:41
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Here we go ...... again crying

Mark Woodroffe08/01/2019 07:36:26
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I would see that move as being a bit of a traitor to be honest.
Frank Skilbeck08/01/2019 08:38:21
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I was prohibited from flying my Atom Autogyro at one club as they had a ban on all rotor craft.

Jon - Laser Engines08/01/2019 08:45:01
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Nigel, wind your neck in mate. No need to be rude.

Pete B - Moderator08/01/2019 09:21:20
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I've edited a post above to remove the personal element. It is an emotive subject but you're still expected to post within the spirit of the C of C.

Keep it civil,


gangster08/01/2019 09:24:10
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Surely we should accept other types of aircraft and not be anti just because we dont want to fly them The only restriction should be suitability of field due to crops neighbours etc which could make certain types of model unacceptable

gangster08/01/2019 09:36:02
1035 forum posts
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Hi Drones or quadcopters have possibly opened up a hobby, which frankly is dying, to a whole new group of people and with models which are possibly more suited to our little island which is getting more houses all the time. I can see a parallel here with the CB craze of the 70s. There was a number of radio amateurs who had a very arrogant and snobbish attitude to CB operators. Sure it was a dogs dinner at the start with all the issues and anti social behaviour of a few CBers. The craze died down and a large number of the previously illegal operators had the introduction to amateur and joined the Ham fraternity and gave it the shot in the arm the hobby and the trade needed. So many of us remember there was an LMS in every town with the scale spitfire hanging up which inspired new comers . Where is that introduction to come from now. Shun the quad and kill the hobby

rcaddict08/01/2019 09:45:25
530 forum posts
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Shun the quad and kill the hobby

i would say shun the quad in order to save the model plane - and for the record i own a quad and a heli

alex nicol08/01/2019 10:02:02
388 forum posts
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If it flies it should be welcomed and responsible use encouraged.

Cuban808/01/2019 10:02:31
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My club does not accept new drone flyers. We have taken that stance since the word go, as we feel that as an aeromodelling club, flying photography from a multi rotor doesn't fit in. Drones have had, and continue to have a bad reputation (mostly undeserved, although with some spectacular idiocies) and having an increasing number of them on our field risks, drawing attention to ourselves and worrying our landlords. We have a few members flying drone racers away from the main patch, but they remain at low level and are not a nuisance to anyone. The novelty is wearing a bit thin though, as it's just about racing, so does get a bit boring.

Thankfully, many people can tell the difference between the hobbies, both users and officialdom.

trebor08/01/2019 10:04:06
1938 forum posts
216 photos

I saw this last week, could be a sign of things to come laugh

Edited By trebor on 08/01/2019 10:04:44

Gary Murphy 108/01/2019 10:04:16
434 forum posts
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Are quads really in the same class as " rc aircraft" ?

"rc aircraft" look like "actual" things. they can be flown scale like or acro, you take the risk of crashing on take off and landing pretty much every time, no "gyro/stabilizing" . Then the building of the model,not so much now ,granted. To me that is RC flying/modelling.

Would the main RC shows get the attendance if only quads were there flying?????

Perhaps quads should have separate clubs, a fair few clubs don't allow helis and that never really caused issues.

Just my opinion

Edited By Gary Murphy 1 on 08/01/2019 10:05:02

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