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RCME June 1994.

With Chilli Breeze plan/article

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Stuart Quinn-Harvie 114/01/2019 21:37:24
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Evening all. Anyone have this mag they would be happy to sell? I was going to build the larger Chilli Wind, model but decided the smaller version would be more practical and ordered a secondhand copy. Turns out it had no plan/article in it.

very happy to pay a decent price.

Many thanks

kc15/01/2019 12:25:45
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Well Stuart I am sorry if my info on this seller caused you to buy a copy with missing plan and article. It certainly said ( and still does ) "Plan included" so you should be able to complain and get a refund. But of course you want the plan and article. I have the mag but I won't sell it as I keep a collection of many RCME& RM. But I would scan the article and let you have it by e-mail. If that helps end me a Private Message with your e-mail address.

But hopefully someone will have a copy of the mag they don't want..........

One thing that might help is the knowledge that the smaller ( Breeze) version does not have individual ribs shown just tip and root template. So you might just as well have the larger ( Wind ) version printed at a reduced size rather than buy a Breeze plan. Actually I did the reverse and prepared a larger plan by printing the Breeze main items at an increased size to make a Chilli Wind. There is a very slight difference I think but not much. Considering the advice about visibility of the small model this may influence your decision.

Cuban815/01/2019 12:32:38
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Sarik can supply you with the plans.

Edited By Cuban8 on 15/01/2019 12:36:27

kc15/01/2019 12:38:19
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A further idea.....why not consider printing the Chilli Wind plan out at ,say, 90percent to get an intermediate size at about 52 inch span or whatever you choose. Might be easier to see yet small enough to suit.

Stuart Quinn-Harvie 116/01/2019 06:15:06
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KC - no worries It did say that the plan was included - the reciept cunningly says that the missing material was noted on the advert - I beg to differ. Still it's not the end of the world.

I am going to order the plan now - and yes I was after the article - I would really appreciate a copy of it - I shall PM you

Thanks again

Stuart Quinn-Harvie 116/01/2019 06:17:05
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81 photos

Hmm, I cannot send you a PM, I am afraid. My email addy though is stuartqhATgmailDOTcom


Nigel R16/01/2019 09:16:55
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"There is a very slight difference I think but not much. "

The designer stretched the Chilli Wind tail by 1-1/2" - 2", after the design was published.

That extra length was already reflected in the Chilli Breeze.

Otherwise, they were of identical outline.

will -016/01/2019 09:37:15
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Good luck with the build

FWIW, i ended up adding weight to the tail of mine with an ASP32 up front.

kc16/01/2019 10:19:18
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There was an item in RCME which said the Chilli Wind FUSELAGE ( not the tailplane) was stretched.   It was 3 inches in tail moment and 1.5 inches in the nose added by the designer Mike Delacole and anyone interested in a 60 size version could contact him.( RCME Aug 93 )   It was not clear whether this stretched fuselage was just the 60 size version.

Stuart I can confirm that the website said plan included & I didn't see anything which said the article was missing!

Edited By kc on 16/01/2019 10:34:35

Edited By kc on 16/01/2019 10:39:20

eflightray16/01/2019 10:28:24
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The 58" span Chilli Wind plans (RCM&E 1991 --



Piers Bowlan16/01/2019 11:43:19
2120 forum posts
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Stuart, if you click on the Outerzone link in the post above and then click on the 'download' link, you will have a link to the article as well as the plan. I don't think the article is that useful but perhaps nice to have and add inspiration to your project.

kc16/01/2019 11:51:37
6425 forum posts
173 photos

Of course Stuart wanted the Chilli Breeze article not the Chilli Wind! I have now scanned the Breeze article for him. Nigel mentioned the Wind becuse it was thought the Breeze was just a reduced version but it seems it's not quite - the Breeze was possibly stretched a bit.

Nigel R16/01/2019 13:52:45
3750 forum posts
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Just dug out some measurements I did a while ago.

Chilli Breeze fuselage, nosering to rear of rudder, 44"; Chilli Wind fuselage, nosering to rear of rudder, 50-1/2"

If you directly scaled the Chilli Breeze wing up to the Chilli Wind size, a corresponding fuselage works out at 52".

I would surmise the 3" stretch was applied to the 60 size model. Either way, it will make little difference to us mere mortals! The 60 size model would probably have been matched against the typical sizes of a F3A model of the day.

Stuart Quinn-Harvie 116/01/2019 19:29:43
108 forum posts
81 photos

Thanks everyone Especially KC. It's so nice when people are helpful like this, I really appreciate it.

David Foley16/01/2019 20:25:46
63 forum posts

Have a "60" size Chilli Wind in build at present, Just measured fuzz at 641/2 ins

nose ring to rear of rudder. Mr Delacole gave us some great airplanes.

Nigel R16/01/2019 21:28:35
3750 forum posts
587 photos
David, what's the wingspan?

And yes, he did some very good designs which were thoroughly debugged and tested. A cut above.
David Foley16/01/2019 22:19:16
63 forum posts

Nigel, It's 671/2 ins. I also flew his Rival, a great "go to" model.

kc17/01/2019 08:32:05
6425 forum posts
173 photos

David, where did the 60 size Chilli Wind plan come from? Was it a privately produced plan or published in some magazine? I am sure a build blog or just some photos and comments would be well received on the forum.

The Rival seems a forgotten gem A 55 inch span high wing sports model with 15 percent thick wing section for a 40 to 46 engine. Plan No RC 1721 from RCME August 1993. Also an ( unpublished?) version called Cyclone which used a Chilli Wind wing which of course is tapered rather than the simpler straight wing on the Rival.

Nigel R17/01/2019 08:40:08
3750 forum posts
587 photos

Nice one, thanks David. That confirms - at least by my maths - that the 3" stretch was on the 60 size.

Another Mike Delacole design was Big Easy, a larger version of Rival:

My dad flies a Rival, has done for a few years, really likes it. The problem the Rival had, was the Wot 4 being widely available in kit form and then later in ARTF of course.

His earlier Jetta was also a superb looking model. They're all in my bucket list of things to build.

Does anyone know of any other Delacole designs?

Edited By Nigel R on 17/01/2019 08:41:29

kc17/01/2019 12:07:53
6425 forum posts
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In the article about Rival the designer - Mike Delacole- mentioned his Quick Flash design for Irvine 25 which was kitted by Ben Buckle but it       "experienced copyright problems posed by a British kit manufacturer although I never quite understood what for "

Seems clever use of words to me!


Jetta was a .40 aerobatic plan for RCME plan no RC1412 and seemed to be kitted at one time ( Leicester Model Centre perhaps?)

Nigel - what about a separate thread on the Rival with a photo or two which might encourage others to build this worthwhile design? Always high on my to build list but never quite got around to it ...yet


Edited By kc on 17/01/2019 12:12:46

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