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How to set flaps on a Futaba 10J Transmitter

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Rocker09/02/2019 17:13:17
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I am having problems setting up flaps on my Futaba 10J tranny .I have selected switch E ( do not like the VR switch ) and the flaps work OK on switch E but I want to adjust the flap setting on switch E so I have less movement on the 3 way switch but do not have a clue how you do this ,At the moment there is too much movement and I would like to make the flaps and bit less .Anyone know how or if you can do this ???

CARPERFECT09/02/2019 17:54:08
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Because you have it on the 3 way switch, are you wanting two settings?. if they are just moving two much, just change the end point. I have mine on the 3 way switch. switch at top = no flap. middle half flap and down full flap.

cymaz09/02/2019 18:56:26
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I’ve looked in the manual...and on line. I couldn’t find what I wanted. The flaps are on channel 6. You can change the switch position in Aux channel menu. I have a 9c with flaps on a 3 position switch but that won’t help you much I don’t think.

Steve Hargreaves - Moderator09/02/2019 21:28:02
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Can you not simply adjust the ATV of the flap channel to get the amount of movement you want?

CARPERFECT10/02/2019 07:57:27
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Yes you can Steve. Adjusting the flap channel movement is no different to any other channel. plug servo into channel 5

Rocker10/02/2019 09:29:27
351 forum posts

OK what is the ATV

Denis Watkins10/02/2019 09:36:08
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Despite ATV, or VAT or COD Rocker

You can adjust the travel on channel 5 as suggested earlier

Rocker10/02/2019 09:38:53
351 forum posts

One other thing On my Futaba T10J Transmitter it came with a 4.8 1200 mah battery .If I do a lot of flying the Transmitter the low battery warning comes on .I think this is because it only has a 1200 mah battery in it .Could I put a 2000 mah 4.8  battery in the T10J transmitter to give me more flying time without doing any damage to my transmitter ?

Edited By Rocker on 10/02/2019 09:42:47

MaxG10/02/2019 10:28:10
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I have a Turnigy Nanotech LiFePO4 2100 6.6V Tx pack in mine and it works very well. The only problem I have is that I need to take it out to charge.

It keeps its charge very well but I guess if you went for an Eneloop type pack that would be just as good and you could leave it in to charge.



CARPERFECT10/02/2019 10:36:42
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NO ROCKER. The low battery alarm will come on if the battery is getting low. But you need to read the manual, the battery alarm can be set. Depending which battery you have in it. it wil take 4 cell 5 cell 2/3 size and life . we used to fly all day on 500/600 mah batteries in the 80/90`s

. Have you got the manual ?

CARPERFECT10/02/2019 10:38:57
504 forum posts
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MaX G. why do you take it out ? I have the same battery. i remove the back to connect the balance lead. and plug the charge lead in the side charging port

CARPERFECT10/02/2019 10:41:51
504 forum posts
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Max G the balance lead is only short. so i bought and extension lead . that stays put in the balance sockets on the charger

MaxG10/02/2019 10:45:58
179 forum posts
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I guess because I have a suitable charger lead to connect to the plugged in lead but not one for the balance lead.

Thank you for the thought though.


gangster10/02/2019 11:28:32
1041 forum posts
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I have always thought that Futaba deserved a good slapping for the battery’s on the 6j and 8j but it sounds like the 10 is not much better. When I bought a 6 j together with what I was told was the genuine rechargeable pack from a reputable dealer I was told that to fit it I had Tom ululate the battery box lid. Shortly afterwards I sold it and bought an 8j and discovered the battery pack was no more than a TX pack with no other options. This was in total contrast the the Spektrum DX8 which had the optional lipo with the ability to charge it and only needing charging every leap year. As has possibly been already suggested check that the alarm is in fact set to 4 cells Unfortunately the manual of the 6 and 8 is so vague on this point mixing up dry cells with the lower voltage rechargeable. Having said that my 8j runs for ages on a standard rx pack

CARPERFECT10/02/2019 11:30:01
504 forum posts
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Ok Rocker. Battery alarm Settings. turn on, go to menu, go to parameters, scroll across to page 3, battery alarm. should be set to 4.6v for your 4 cell 4.8 v battery

Rocker10/02/2019 12:53:42
351 forum posts

That is interesting ,think you might have found the problem CARPERFECT my was set on 5.0 ,I have reset to 4.6 and hopefully that might have been the problem

Frank Skilbeck10/02/2019 13:09:18
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BTW Rocker no issues with replacing the 4 cell 1200 mah Nimh battery with a 2000 mah one using the same physical size cells. But one thing you may want to do is remove the existing battery pack and give it a couple discharge/charge cycles to check it's still providing the rated capacity. But yes 5v alarm setting is on the high side for a 4 cell Nimh.

MAD Dave10/02/2019 13:27:29
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Slightly off piste but still 10J. I am left handed and have always flown Mode 3; ie mirror Mode 2. I recently acquired a 10J, Tx arriving as expected set to Mode 2. Removed the back and (carefully) rearranged the mechanics to Mode3. I now find that ex-throttle/new elevator stick exhibits a servo offset at stick centre position. Have I been unlucky with my specific purchase or am I missing something? Have checked all offsets within the menus I can find and they are all zero. I am able to get things to where they should be with a stick trim offset of 32. Anyone else have experience of Mode 3-ing a 10J Tx?

Re Tx batteries, I have flown many years on a couple of sets of x4 Panasonic 2050mAh AA NiMh cells in my 6J; never had a problem. Intending to employ them with my 10J.

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